Blackjack tips – How you can win blackjack online in 2022

Looking for blackjack tips? Playing and winning in blackjack gameplays requires skills. As a result, gamers must use different strategies to boost their chances to bag a reward.

But most important, gamers must forget about any superstition or winning myths and focus on the numbers in the game.

And to be honest, using any blackjack strategy and winning the game depends on a player’s understanding of logic and math.

But again, you can play loads of blackjack variations with bonus cash in any of our recommended casino brands and still win massively.

In fact, if you register a gaming account on any of the brands suggested today, you will get a jaw-dropping welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees from depositing funds. Likewise, you will have a chance to join the site’s loyalty club by wagering frequently.

Right now, we want to equip you with the best tactics you can use to play online blackjack. But as you get excited to read on, we would also like you to check out our other recommended brands below that have freebies to help you gamble risk-free. Pick one of them and use it to stake your next wager!

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Top 10 online blackjack tips for Indian gamblers

It is no doubt that every Indian gambler wants to make profits when playing blackjack for real cash. On the flip side, not all gamers know all the tips to use.

Luckily, we have put together some of the top ten decent tweaks to help boost your chances of winning quickly. Here they are:

Find the right online casino to use

Playing blackjack at a reputable site with legit licenses and numerous bonuses is the first step to making handsome returns. Ensure the platform you join has approvals from globally renowned bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Likewise, counter-check the size of the freebies to affirm they are significant and with reasonable wagering terms. Any of our recommended platforms offer you friendly wagering requirements and a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees.

Set a budget

Setting a budget boils down to managing your bankroll and outlining a fixed amount of cash you will spend on a game on a specific period. Ideally, it would be best if you walked away from the playing table as soon as you deplete your wagering cash. Remember, winning and losing in blackjack is as perennial as the grass. Chasing losses can bring detrimental financial consequences since you may end up bankrupt.

Know the number of decks in the game

Indian gamers should find out the number of decks used in a game’s variation to keep track of the remaining cards in the box. That is so since it is impossible to count cards in online blackjack games.

Pay attention to gameplay features and rules

Not all the basic strategies and rules apply to all the different blackjack gameplays. More often than ever, the rules, the number of decks, and the pay-outs vary. That makes it vital for Indian gamers to master gameplays they choose to play since blackjack versions come from different software developers. The rules and number of decks dictate the wagering limits and house edge.

Choose 3:2 over 6:5 pay-outs

Notably, different gaming brands have dissimilar rewarding structures. Yet, not all payment policies are ideal for Indian gamers. As a result, you should always favor playing at platforms with regular 3:2 pay-outs instead of those with 6:5 pay-outs. Essentially, read the paytable before playing for real cash.

Use bonuses

Playing online blackjack games with free money and keeping the winnings at the end of the day gives gamers an edge against casinos. And considering bonuses have wagering requirements, Indian gamers should ensure they use their giveaway money fast. Thus, before you embark on using your real cash, exhaust your welcome bonus, cash deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and any promotional bonus right off.

Pick the right blackjack variation

Blackjack comes in over 900 variations. That’s amazing, right? But, not all the versions are popular or have friendly house edges. In consequence, scour and play gameplays with low house edges and with numerous participants. Achieving that will help you bag a significant reward, assuming you win, and enjoy more, thanks to playing against multiple players.

Use a strategy card

Strategy cards are crucial tools for online blackjack gaming, in particular if you are a new gamer or forget easily. It contains one of the soft hands, one of the hard hands, and one for a pair of a specific blackjack variation. And despite them not outlining how much you should wager, they provide information on how you ought to play against a dealer’s face-up card, depending on the hand you have.

Practice the games

Playing the blackjack demo versions of the casino games you want to wager with real cash helps you gain more familiarity with the gameplays. Regardless of how well you think you know the game or the strategies you have, testing your skills enables you to master your proficiency and wager effectively. If you play the demo versions and use the strategy cards, you will become a pro in blackjack games without risking your money.

Know your insurance strategy

Most blackjack variations offer gamers a chance to wager on the insurance bet assuming the dealer lands an Ace during the dealing of cards. Ideally, the insurance bet aims at protecting a player from losing the game when the dealer gets a blackjack or natural. Thus, ensure you develop a decent strategy on how you will stake on the insurance wager, or better still, leave it altogether.

What to do and not do While Playing Blackjack?

Despite using the above tips on how to play online blackjack, there are a bunch of other things you should do and not do.

To be honest, you will hardly win if you don’t know when to split, stand, hit, or double your hand. Here is how to go about the two aspects:

The do’sThe don’t s
Split your hand if you receive an eight and an Ace: the two form a hand of either 9 or 19, which by splitting, you may end up getting two better hands, hence more winnings.Don’t wager on the insurance bet: the wager has high chances of losing, and the dealer will always have greater odds than the player.
Spit a hand of twos, threes, sixes, sevens, and nines if the dealer has anything apart from 7 or higher.Don’t stick to the dealer’s rules since they must hit with a hand of 16 and stand on 17, but if you both bust, the dealer will win the game.
Double down with a hand of 10 or 11 but not when the dealer has an Ace.Don’t play when intoxicated.
Hit when you have a hand of 12 and 16 if the dealer has a seven or higher.Don’t chase losses since you may end up losing more.
Hit when you have a soft hand of less than 17.Avoid distractions since the game requires a lot of calculations.

Few things that you need to remember while playing blackjack

Blackjack has crucial things you should remember when playing, in special if you are to use real cash. Ensuring their details are at your fingertips will allow you to have a great time and mitigate your chances to lose money.

Always have your strategy card

Having your strategy card whenever wagering is a decent way to ensure you make the right decisions. And considering that the dealer will not see you when you play, there is no reason you should hide or keep the card far away.

Know when to quit

Playing blackjack is enjoyable, and loads of gamers forget to quit the game or increase their wagers, in particular when winning. Withal, no winning streak lasts forever. Therefore, remember to take a break when the game turns against you and possibly withdraw your winnings immediately.

Play at your own pace

Playing at your own pace ensures you don’t make mistakes. More so, regardless of the skills you have, never be hasty to hit, stand, spit or double your hand. Take time to analyze your hand and calculate your chances against the dealer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, most blackjack variations have free versions. However, there are no free blackjack live dealer gameplays since a live game takes place with a real person that must be paid for overseeing a game.

Of course, you can play both the free version and real cash games on your mobile browser or gaming app the same way you would do it on a computer.

Counting cards is hard when playing online since casinos use Continuous Shuffling machines (CSMs) to shuffle cards. 

No, playing for free is only aimed at helping gamers hone their skills. But again, if you use bonuses to wager and you win, you will receive real cash as the reward. 

That will depend on the variation you pick. For example, if you play European blackjack, you will be using six decks, while in other blackjack versions, you will use one deck or even eight.

Well, that will depend on what you prefer to win and wager. But again, consider gameplays with low house edges such as Blackjack Surrender, European Blackjack, and Pontoon Blackjack that have about 0.17%, 0.39%, and 0.36% house edge, respectively. 

The house edge can be as high as 1% or 2%, depending on the gaming site and the rules of the game. 


The crux of the matter about the tweaks you use is to ensure they correspond with the blackjack variation you pick to play. Otherwise, you may be unable to achieve the results you so desire. The number one priority is you practice the game regularly to hone your skill. In the same breath, try different free versions to zero down on those that best suit you. Don’t forget to have fun and play while sober! After all, the primary purpose of wagering in blackjack is to enjoy your free time while making some extra cash. Overall, wager in reputable sites like those on this page. Are you ready for having a ton of fun playing blackjack online? Then go and discover what can offer each casino we recommended you and pick the best that suits and cover all your needs! That said, bear in mind that everything is your responsibility. We are here to inform you, but we do not take responsibility under any circumstances.