Best Live Casinos In India 2020

Live casinos are becoming more popular as the days go by. The enjoyment and reward are arguably the top reasons loads of gamblers prefer wagering in the live gameplays. As it is, Spin Casino gives a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees to new gamers. Such an amount is good enough to help you grow your bankroll and wager more. Tap here to claim your 100,000 rupees at Spin Casino

Now, we want to tell you more about live casinos in India. But before we go any further, we would also like you to check other recommendable brands below. You will get jaw-dropping giveaways and play hundreds of live games. Create a gaming account in any of them and use it to place your next wager after reading. 

Independent Spin Casino Indian Review 2020

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Online JackpotCity Casino With Reviews 2020

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Online Betway Casino Reviews And Buying Guide 2020


Payout Speed: 1-2 Days
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Royal Panda Casino Reviews 2020

₹10,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 1-2 Days
Win Rate: 97.59%
Best Deposit Methods

Lucky Days Casino Reviews 2020 For Real Money


Payout Speed: 3
Days Win Rate: 96.71%
Live Dealer games

Yeti Casino Review 2020 With Playing Tips

₹24,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 4
Win Rate: 96.43%
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LeoVegas Casino Reviews 2020


Payout Speed: 2 Days
Win Rate: 97.45%
Live Dealer games

22bet Online Casino Indian Reviews 2020

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Payout Speed: 2-3 Days
Win Rate: 96.35%
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What Is Live Casino, And How Does It Work?

Live casinos are online versions of casino games. More so, players play with other gamblers and live dealers, also known as human overseers. The primary objective of live casinos is to provide a gaming experience like what is present in land-based casinos. The most exciting bit about the games is they take place in real-time and can accommodate numerous players. 

On the other hand, the games’ outcomes are 100% fair, thanks to the utilization of Random Number Generators (RNGs). Gamers wager under multi-angled cameras that ensure a clear view of what is taking place. A player can communicate with the live dealer and other players using a chat panel on the gaming interface. That makes gaming lively. 

If a game has the live version and you know its drill, you are good to wager. As it is, you will need to create a gaming account, assuming you don’t have one, deposit some cash, and whoa! You are ready to face the live dealer. Luckily, you can ask the overseer questions using your computer’s microphone and listen to instructions via earphones. 

Despite live gaming being more realistic than the computerized gameplays, live casinos are accurate in issuing payouts. Ideally, gamers receive winnings electronically. And in case of a problem, the live dealer always informs players. Additionally, video transmissions are always in ultra HD, which ensures gamblers see every happening clearly. 

How To Choose The Right Live Casino To Play In India

Before you can start playing, there are a few aspects you should first consider. Notably, playing on the right platform will make gaming enjoyable. Below is how you should qualify a live casino:


There are list of top casino games on the internet today. As a result, you should ensure the platform you pick has gameplays you love to play. Some of the most popular live casinos include baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Remember, these games come in different variations. Therefore, the best way to know the available number of gameplays is by visiting the casino site’s lobby. 


The biggest attraction for live casinos is the promotions and bonuses they give gamers. As it is, there are different types of freebies a gambler ought to get. However, the offers will always have terms and conditions. Consequently, it would be best to choose a site with enormous bonuses and reasonable wagering requirements. Some of the bonuses to look out for include a welcome or sign-up bonus, cash deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, among others. We will talk about them in detail later in this writing.


The exciting bit about live casinos is you can interact with the live dealer and other players, assuming you play a multiplayer game. That makes it worth finding a site with nifty features that support seamless communications. Consequently, confirm the video feed you see is top-notch, and the live dealers are responsive. Achieving that will help you wager in a breezy environment and avoid making mistakes in bets.

Customer support

An excellent live casino ought to have a readily available customer support team that works around the clock. To the same degree, it should be reachable through different channels such as email, live chat, or phone call. The staff should be professionals and able to solve gamers’ glitches timely. And assuming you want a casino that will be available to respond to your queries in the Hindi language, 22 Bet is the best match for you. Tap here to sign up at 22 Bet now!


All live casinos should operate with licenses from renowned providers. More so, regardless of the bonuses and games a site offers, if it lacks legit documentation, using it can land you into problems. Always confirm the brand has certification from bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, or the Curacao Jurisdiction License. 

Top 3 Highly Recommended Live Casino Sites For Indian Gamblers 

Frankly, some casino sites are better than others in different ways. More so, those that meet the cut have legit licenses, offer reasonable terms of the bonuses, and accept wagering in rupees. Below are our top three highly recommended sites you should consider using to play live dealer games.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas casino site offers loads of live casino games and a 100% welcome bonus of up to a maximum limit of 80,000 rupees, depending on a  gamer’s first deposit. The minimum amount of cash you can deposit is 750 rupees or an equivalent of $10. The site’s licenses are from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGT) and the UK Gambling Commission. Most bonuses have a wagering limit of 14 days. 

But again, all live casino games have 40 times wagering requirements. Loading funds into your gaming wallet on the site is 100% FREE. Similarly, the customer support staff is friendly and reachable via email, live chat, and phone call 24/7. On the other hand, gamers can transact cash through credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and wire bank transfer. Click here to play with Leo Vegas!

Spin Casino

Online Spin Casino boasts over 600 online casino games, with some being playable with a live dealer. The minimum allowable deposit stands at 750 rupees or an equivalent of $10. Again, the welcome bonus goes up to a whopping 100,000 rupees, but gamers get it in three phases: 40,000, 30,000, and 30,000 rupees. The site’s licenses are from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Gamers get 20% cash backs on Thursday while depositing cash for free. There is also a loyalty club for regular gamers. Click here to play at Spin Casino!

Leo Vegas

Betway online casino offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to a maximum deposit of 60,000 rupees. The Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission license the site. The wagering requirement is 50 times and lasts for 7 days. The platform’s loyalty program awards 5 points for every 750 or $10 you spend and are redeemable once you accumulate 5000. Depositing cash is free, and the minimum amount you can load into your gaming wallet is 750 rupees. Cash transacting methods include debit and credit cards, wire bank transfer, and e-wallets. Click here to play with Betway Casino!

Why You Should Play Live Dealer Casino Games 

A lot of gamers wonder why they should play live games while they still have the computerized versions. Well, here is what you will relish if you prefer the live dealer way: 

Number of games

Frankly, online casinos offer more live dealer gameplays than conventional casinos. That is so since numerous live games providers are competing to take over the market. As a result, you can play different live versions of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat in the comfort of your house. In the same breath, you can switch games at will.

Play in real-time

Often, being able to witness what is taking place in a live game makes the process authentic. In other words, it instills confidence in gamers since they can observe what the dealer does and follow the gaming session with ease. And considering the overseers are professionals, players can get assistance when wagering and confirm the game is properly taking place. 


Playing casino games at a brick and mortar gaming house has the limitation of when you can wager. But when you play online live games at a site like Royal Panda, you can stake while anywhere and anytime of the day or night, provided you have a stable internet connection and cash in your gaming wallet. The best part of it is you will play over 50 live games and get a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. Click here to play at Royal Panda


Live gaming providers are in constant competition against each other. They strive to improve their live casino games at all costs. Ideally, the games’ developers utilize innovative technology in the video quality, data protection, and identification of regular gamers. As a result, a player’s credentials are always safe. Still, loyal gamers get special invites to games that are often unavailable to other gamblers. 

More fun

Frankly, nothing beats the excitement of playing a game with friends and relatives. More so, live gameplays take gamers into an immersive environment, where they can wager against other players or friends. Additionally, considering gamblers can communicate in a live game using the chat panel, gaming becomes more fun than playing the computerized version. 


Well, getting cash bonuses with friendly terms is every gamer’s wish. It helps you stake in live games risk-free. Consequently, playing live gameplays can open access to promotional bonuses that may be unusable to other computerized games. 

Popular Live Casino Games

There are loads of casino games, but we have zeroed down on some of the best you can play with a live dealer. Below is a brief review of each:


Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is a card game that requires a gamer to get a total card value of 21 or something closest to 21 without going overboard to win. The game can have multiple players and utilize more than one deck of cards, depending on the variation. However, regardless of the version, card numbers 2 to 10 are worth their numeric values. On the other hand, face cards that include the King, Queen, and Jack are worth 10. The Ace card is equivalent to 1 or 11.

At the start of a game, players stake, and the dealer issues two cards to each facing up. The dealer again deals two cards to themselves, but their second card faces down. Then, each player should decide whether to request a third card or not. Afterward, the dealer reveals their second card, and whoever has the highest hand wins the game. Some of the popular blackjack live variations include American Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and French Blackjack. Playing live blackjack with Betway is safe and fun that has over 30 classic live blackjack versions that will ensure you to deliver real gambing experience online. 


Live Baccarat

Casino game takes place with six or eight decks of cards, depending on the version. Additionally, it has three bets gamers can wager, which include the Banker, the Player, or Tie. Winning requires a player to get a sum of cards values of 9 or something closest to 9. If the total cards’ value is above 9, the hand becomes the hand’s last digit. In other words, if the total 12, two becomes the hand, and a player needs to add a third card to boost their chances to win. 

A gaming session begins with a live dealer issuing two cards to each player. However, any gamer whose hand is below 5 gets a third card. Card number ten, King, Queen, and Jack count as zero. The Ace is worth 1, while the others are worth their corresponding numeric values. Some of the best live dealer versions include Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat Control Squeeze, Baccarat Dragon, and Knockout Baccarat. 


Live Roulette

has different live versions that include classic, virtual, and modern. The popular live variations are European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette. The game takes place on a rotating wheel with black and red pockets for the numbers and green for the zero. The numbers are 0 to 37 or 38, depending on the number of zeros. The game again has a small ball that players throw on the wheel when wagering and a table labeled with numbers like those on the wheel. 

At the start of a game, a player should select a slot, number, or group of numbers on the table and stake. The live dealer will then rotate the wheel and throw in the ball. After the wheel stops and the ball lands on the predicted spot or number, a player wins. Luckily, Leo Vegas has over 30 live roulette games with numerous types of bets that include Inside bets, Announced Bets, Neighbor Bets, and Outside Bets.

Live Casino Strategies To Win Money

Playing and winning money in live casinos boil down to the strategies you use. And despite the games being enjoyable, a gamer can make significant losses in a short time. To be on the safe side, below are strategies you should consider using moving forward.

Increase your wager skillfully

In any live game, the outcomes are always random. That makes it utterly crucial for any gamer to be extremely keen when increasing a stake. A decent way to go about it is to adjust bets based on the streak you are playing. If you are winning, you can increase the stakes in bits. If losing, reduce the amounts of cash you wager.

Play while sober

Of course, playing online live games is fun, especially when you involve friends. But again, when playing with real cash, seriousness becomes a necessity. Ideally, wagering, when stressed or under the influence of alcohol is unwise. It can lead to making wrong decisions, especially on card games. Therefore, always ensure you play while in your right senses. 

Manage your bankroll

Some gamers assume staking huge amounts of cash increases their chances of winning massive rewards. That is untrue. Winning in a live game depends on luck. As a result, don’t risk all your money in a single bet, regardless of your playing streak. In the same breath, don’t stake more than you are willing to lose. Instead, know when to increase or decrease your stakes, and take a break from the game if you exhaust your wagering cash. 

What are the best live casino software providers in India? 

Notably, there are numerous live casino software providers. But again, not all standout or offer excellent gameplays. Here are the giants live dealer games’ developers. 

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is an award-winning company with over 3000 live dealers and 700 games’ tables. Its success is mainly seen in the cutting-edge technology used to create live games. Similarly, live dealers provide gamers with a unique and personal gaming experience. All live games are accessible via live stream 24/7 from anywhere worldwide using Android, iOS devices, or computers.


Playtech boasts employing some of the industry’s best staff. Its list of live games is impressive and dedicated, ensuring gamers enjoy maximumly. Ideally, all gameplays utilize the HTML5 coding framework, enabling a gambler to play even when on the go. Again, thanks to the exhilarating 3D graphics and features, gamers view crystal clear imageries. 

Live Casino Bonuses

As aforementioned, casino sites offer bonuses. That ensures gamers don’t always spend their bankroll to place wagers. Here is a sneak peek of the perks you should expect from the site you use to play live casinos. 

  • Welcome bonus: It is also known as the sign-up bonus. Gamers get it after creating a gaming account and depositing cash. Its amount can be a 100% match or even more of the first deposit.
  • No deposit bonus: This is a rare but lucrative giveaway. Gamers get it without loading cash into their gaming wallet. Its amount varies and may often be deducted by the providing site after a player wins. Again, it can come as free bets instead of free cash. 
  • Deposit bonus: This is a cash discount gamers get for loading funds into their gaming account. The amount a player gets is subject to wagering requirements. However, the best thing about the deposit bonus is that a gamer can get it numerous times, unlike the welcome bonus. 
  • Cash backs: These are giveaways gamers get as consolation for losses. Notably, some casino sites give cash backs on specific days or games. Again, for a gamer to qualify for it, their gaming balance should be below a certain amount, having wagered with real cash, not bonuses. 
  • Promotional bonuses: These giveaways are mostly available to regular gamers in specific games. The incentive can be an invite to a live game with high odds or cash boosts on winnings. In other words, a gamer can get a promotional bonus as additional money to a reward or stake.

What Are The Terms And Conditions To Play With A Live Dealer?

Well, each gaming platform creates unique terms for playing with live dealers. Nevertheless, some guidelines cut across the board. Gamers should: 

  • Not upload, post, or email threatening, harassing, hateful, vulgar, or unlawful content. 
  • Not aid minors to join or play live games.
  • Not forge information to gain access to the games.
  • Not upload or post unauthorized advertising material.
  • Not transmit any material containing viruses, files, or any program interrupting the gaming software’s normal functioning. 
  • Always respect and adhere to all the set policies, requirements, and regulations. 
  • Never disclose other gamers’ information or data to third parties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most live games utilize a human dealer that must be paid, making it impossible to provide one to oversee free games. If you want to play free games, you can do so with the computerized demo versions. 
Yes, if the site and game you pick use HTML5, you can play gameplays seamlessly like you would on your desktop.
Well, the house edge varies, depending on the site you use and the bets you stake. However, some games don't change their house edges altogether. 
Yes, if the live casino site uses audited RNGs, the games' outcomes will always be fair. 
Yes, they are there, but they depend on the site's rules you use and your gaming status. Ideally, some players with a VIP status may be allowed to stake with huge amounts than others. 


Well, that is all there is to live casinos. Now, it is undoubtedly you are informed to start playing live games. But first, you need to create a gaming account in a legit casino site with nice bonuses, terms, and house advantage. From there, deposit cash into your gaming wallet to get the welcome bonus. Luckily, the whole process will arguably take you less than ten minutes, and you will be ready to try your luck in live games. Register your gaming account at any of the sites we recommend to start enjoying live casinos.

Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here