Discover the top live baccarat casinos online

Live baccarat casino gaming is thrilling and one of the most lucrative and most straightforward gameplays for gamblers’ loads.

The beauty of seeing the game take place in real-time makes gamers feel more comfortable when wagering. In the same degree, the possibility of deciding which version and the live dealer you play with adds excitement to the game.

Top Live Baccarat Casinos Online

Now, how well do you know about the live dealer baccarat game? Do you know the benefits you can get when wagering?

Okay, if you start playing the game at any of our recommended brands today, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees, depending on the amount of cash you deposit.

Still, you will have a chance to join the site’s loyalty program, which will give you redeemable points that you can use to wager and possibly win more cash.

Today, we want to help you discover more about live dealer baccarat. We will loop you into how to play baccarat online effectively and leave you knowing all the details around the game.

And if you are a novice wishing to start playing the live version of baccarat, we will make everything digestible for you.

But before you scroll down to read more, we would like you to pick one of our top recommended sites below that you can use to play this game and scores of others!

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Why you should play live baccarat game?

Live Baccarat Casinos Online

Are you wondering why you ought to play live dealer baccarat games? Well, there are loads of nice things for Indian gamers. Here are the benefits you will enjoy.

Number one: convenience

No experienced gambler can underestimate the convenience of being able to play online casinos without leaving their homes.

Preparing yourself and traveling either by road or air to wager on baccarat in a land-based gaming house is tiring and time-consuming.

Yet, when you create a gaming account on a site like any of our top ones, you will quickly get all the extravaganza. The smartly dressed live dealers, the lighting, the bathtub-shaped tables, and cameras will be present.

You simply forget the hassles and enjoy yourself while making money!

Number two: transparency

No gamer wants to be denied winnings. More so, when playing casino games, the site you use can dictate what you see on the screen, which may not be what is taking place.

Still, it would be best if you were keen to observe how the dealing of cards takes place. That doesn’t imply online casinos cheat in games.

But when you play with a live dealer, you don’t have to worry about any dubious activities on the game since everything from start to finish happens in real-time. Your biggest job will be to click on the mouse of your computer.

Number three: play with human being dealers

Being able to see a game unfold and real person deal cards arguably make gamblers feel like they are playing the real thing.

Ideally, when a site’s software does the work of dealing cards, collecting wagers, and giving out rewards, confusion can often arise.

Luckily, live dealer baccarat solves the problem. The banker (the live dealer) on the game always has a headset and a microphone to communicate with gamers. And assuming you have concerns or questions, the dealer will be readily available to help you.

Number four: selecting your dealer

Online casino games dictate how you receive cards or chips to wager. But in the live version, you can choose a dealer you want to oversee your game.

Unbelievably, you can pick a male or a female dealer, both of which will ensure you enjoy the game like you are in a casino house somewhere in LeoVegas.

How live dealer baccarat works?

Luckily, playing online live dealer baccarat is easy. But first, the game takes place on a table with one to eight decks of cards. Still, the higher number of decks used, the higher the house edge becomes.

That aside, wagering requires you to stake on the banker bet, the tie bet, or the player bet. In the same breath, you should land a total card value of 9 or something closest to 9 to win the game.

Unlike in blackjack, where your hand should be closest to 21. Therefore, you should decide the amount of money you will wager and on one side before the dealer deals cards.

After the dealing of cards, the player hand plays first. The dealer will then play as the banker. Yet, if a player’s hand is less than five, they receive a third card.

On the other hand, the Banker (live dealer) gets the third card if their hand is two or less. If a player’s hand is an 8, the banker will still get a third card, assuming their hand is 3.

But if the banker’s hand is 4, the player will receive a third card if their hand is anything between 2 to 7. Overall, if the player bet wins, the reward will be a payout of 1/1.

If the tie carries the day, the prize will be 10/1. In the same breath, assuming the banker bet wins, the prize will be 19/20. Nevertheless, a 5% commission goes to the house or the site you use to play.

How we review the live dealer baccarat casinos?

Our reviewing process for live dealer baccarat casinos takes into consideration some crucial aspects. We know the importance of wagering at a high-quality platform. Here is what we check.

Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos


Looking at a platform’s reliability, we dig deeper into the game’s providers and customer support framework.

In the same vein, we check whether the site allows wagering with rupees and the number of cash transaction methods available.

Hence, we ensure the brands we promote only provide live baccarat from renowned software developers such as Playtech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Extreme Live Gaming.

On the other hand, the sites should have a reachable customer support team that responds to queries timely. The brands ought to have a dedicated email address or phone number that gamers can use to get help 24/7.


No online casino should provide live dealer games to Indians without it having an audit certificate. But again, gamers often fall prey to fly-by-the-night sites that manipulate the game.

As a result, it MUST prove it offers fair gameplay for a platform to appear on our site. More so, it should have an audit logo from TST, eCogra or any other equivalent body.

And to be honest, that is a sure way to affirm the brand uses natural structures to award gamers in the baccarat game.


The licensing of a gaming site is paramount. It shows that the brand meets all the requirements to do business.

So, we check the type and source of licenses before promoting or allowing a platform on our website.

Some of the licensing bodies we look out for include the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or a Curaçao Jurisdiction License.

Mobile compatibility

We understand the convenience of being able to access live dealer baccarat anytime. As a result, we scour for casinos offering the game not only the desktop interface but also mobile and tablets.

Thus, whether you are an Android or iOS user, be sure to enjoy a streamlined gaming experience on your device through mobile browsing or using a smartphone app.


As you may know, there is a significant boost in gamers’ winning chances and growing their bankroll when they wager with freebies.

So, when we review live baccarat gaming casino sites, we look at the size of their welcome bonus and other giveaways.

More so, we affirm the welcome bonus is at least a 100% match of the gamers’ first deposit. We again check for no deposit bonuses, cash reloading bonuses and loyalty promotions, like what is available in LeoVegas.

Tips to play live dealer baccarat casino games

Regardless of whether you are playing live single player baccarat, multi seat baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat Controlled Squeeze, or Mini Baccarat, you need some form of strategy to wager.

That is the only way you will boost your chances of winning the game. Here is what you SHOULD do.

Avoid the tie bet

Many Indian gamers assume that wagering on the tie bet offers a better chance to win. Well, the truth is, tie bets have high house edges of about 14.36%.

In other words, if you win, the online casino you play at deducts the percentage from your profit. That makes betting on it somehow worthless.

Wager on the lowest house edge

The most decent way to wager with a live dealer is you stick to the player bet or the banker bet. That is so since the banker bet has a house edge of 1.06 and the player bet has 1.24%.

Ideally, the two have reasonably lower house edges than the tie bet, with staking on the banker offering the best rate.

Bet on one side and with fewer decks

Betting on one side requires you to wager on either the player or the banker consistently. On the other side though, set a limit on the number of times you will stake and the amount of cash you are willing to lose before changing the side.

A decent way is you switch your bet after at least three consecutive losses

Reliable Internet connection

To be honest, a weak internet connection can cause glitches in live dealer baccarat. More so, you should ensure the internet you use is either 3G or 4G.

Achieving that will help you receive high-quality video feeds from staking, dealing of cards, and winning a prize.

Adjust stakes regularly

Of course, the more cash you use to wager in live baccarat, the more your rewards can be. On the flip side, wagering more funds means you are also risking more and increasing the money you can lose at the end of the day.

More so, if you want to play responsibly and mitigate losses, stake one bet, followed by three, then two, assuming your first two wagers fail to yield winnings, or four if on a winning strike.

What bonuses you can get while playing live casino baccarat?

Reputable platforms offer a bunch of freebies to help Indian gamers wager risk-free. The giveaways are crucial to help you glow your bankroll quickly. They include:

  • A welcome bonus: this is the first giveaway you will get after creating a gaming account and depositing the first bunch of cash. In fact, it will come as not less than 100% of the money you load into your gaming wallet in all our recommended brands. And assuming you are a fan of slot machines, you will get it together with free spins.
  • A cash deposit bonus: this bonus is only available after depositing cash for the second time onwards. More often than ever, it will be less than a 100% match of the first deposit (welcome bonus) but is still lucrative for gamers seeking to wager risk-free and win more.
  • A promotional bonus: Indian gamers get this giveaway for playing regularly and being loyal customers. Ideally, the bonus comes as coupon codes that you should activate by keying the digits or characters into your gaming cashier. The killer bit about this offer is that it can come as a special invitation to play specific games unavailable to other players.

Play live baccarat on mobile

The good thing about live baccarat is you can play it in almost all types of smartphones. That will include Android, Windows and iOS phones.

You can still download a gaming app from a site like any of our recommended brands and enjoy more convenience while wagering on the go.

As a result, you will relish close-up imagery of the dealing of cards and a reasonably broad view of the gaming table.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about configuring the game settings to match those of your phone. All our recommended sites do the hard work and automatically optimize the app to fit in your phone.

And to be honest, that lets you focus on wagering stress-free. Natheless, before you use a mobile to play baccarat, ensure you log into your gaming account with a trusted Wi-Fi connection.

If you are using bandwidth data, keep an eye on how much you have left to avoid unexpected bills. In the same breath, before you start playing, see to it that your phone has enough charge to prevent running out of power halfway the wagering session.

Rules to play live baccarat

The rules to play the live game are straight forward. The third card rule is the most crucial one in the game.

Ideally, it determines if the player should receive a third card and what the banker MUST do after card dealing.

Assuming the banker has a hand worth 7, 8, or 9, the player should stand (receive a third card) if their hand is 0 to 7. But if the hand contains cards 8 and 9, the hand becomes seven and not 17.

On the other hand, the player should hit or continue with the game if his hand is worth 0 to 7, and the banker’s hand is 0 to 3.

But again, card number 10 and the King, Jack, and Queen (face card) represent zero. Likewise, if the total hand’s value is ten and above, the worth becomes the last number of the sum of the two cards dealt.

Notably, if the cards are 7 and 4, the hand’s value will be 1 (7₊4₌11), and assuming the total is 10 (7₊3₌10), the hand’s value will be 0.

Withal, the Ace card is worth 1. But if the third card of a player is a number other than 8, the banker MUST receive a third card.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, the odds in both versions are almost similar, but you can see a wee bit of variation, depending on the site you use to wager. 
It is impossible to rig the games since sites utilize human overseers and encrypt the game’s data with top-notch security systems. 
Well, if you play on a reputable site with an audit certificate, don’t worry about anyone manipulating the game. 
Notably, it is hard to count the cards since their production utilizes a live dealer to shuffle and deal the cards.
Well, that will vary from site to site. On some brands, you can wager with as low as 50 rupees. 
Well, that is highly unlikely since the live game uses a human overseer that must be paid. However, you can play the online version if you want a free game. 


You now have a solid knowledge of how live dealer baccarat takes place. The road to the game’s rewards begins if you confront your fears head-on and go a notch higher into wagering with real cash.

Are you ready to try your skills today? If so, create a gaming account now at any of our recommended platforms. To be honest, they will give you lucrative freebies to help you wager risk-free as you master the gameplay.

Don’t just sit there while you have all the information to help you play effectively and win. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

More so, put your best foot forward by depositing a significant amount of cash right off to get a reasonable bonus. Where? at any of our recommended casino brands! You just have to sign-up for free using our referral link and deposit a bunch of cash!


Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here