List of free video poker game online in 2023

Fellow Indian gaming enthusiasts, would you like to play poker on a digital platform? If you do, you can do that thanks to online casinos. But don’t confuse this game with Texas Hold’em Poker. The casino game, video poker, has some of the best odds amongst other casino gaming categories. The gameplay is similar to the online slot machines, and you have the chance to get a big jackpot, and the odds for getting one are 5x bigger when compared to the online slots. But if you want to win, you would have to learn how this game works and pick a trusted casino like any of the brands we recommend here.

So, we’re here to help you increase your odds of winning video poker games by providing you with the proper way to play it and a list of some of the top video poker casinos accepting Indians! Keep reading, and you’ll get familiar with the game of video poker very fast! Without further ado, let’s begin!

List of Top 8 video poker Casinos In India 2023

How to play online video poker in India?

Now, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps on how to play video poker in India. First, you’ll get five cards that will be at your disposal.

  • Then you have to decide what cards are you going to keep. To do so, you have to tap the images on the playing screen, or you can click on a button when you play on the computer.
  • The next step would be to press the draw button, and the cards that you have chosen not to keep will be substituted by other cards.
  • Gaming enthusiasts will win if they manage to get two pairs, a straight, and so on. The pay-out you’ll get, if you consider your winning hand, solely depends on the paytable that you’re playing on.
  • Some of the best jackpots for this game can be found at any of our recommended casino brands in the side table of this article.
  • For instance, here’s a regular paytable. It has five columns because the amount of money that you’ll win is going to depend on how much coins did you play (one, two, three, four, or five).
  • In a situation where you get the Royal Flush, besides getting a pay-out, you’ll also win a bonus on top of that.
  • This means that instead of getting 1,250 coins; you’ll be rewarded with four thousand coins, which is simply incredible. The important thing is that you play with 5 coins because if you win, you’ll get the biggest possible pay-out.

Pick the best paytable

One of the biggest advantages that you have when you play video poker is that you can know the possible payout of the bet you take, even before you begin to play. Basically, you couldn’t compare the game of video poker to any other online casino game, because there’s no other casino game that will give you a possible return of your money before the game even starts. With this being said, it is highly recommended that you find a variation of video poker that will offer you a fantastic paytable and that you deposit money online in honest casinos. For you to understand how things work with video poker, you should know that every time you play this game, the casino has a profit of a minimum of 3%. The profit that casinos get on every play is called the house edge. So, the online casinos get a 3% profit, and you, as a player, will get a 97% return. Understand the point? You can make a lot of money. But this varies with every possible paytable.  Gaming enthusiasts should pick the video poker machine and the paytable that will get them the highest return possible.

And the highest possible return these days is available at LeoVegas Casino if you prefer the European Touch, or with Fun88, if you want to to go for an Asian experience.  Don’t forget that casinos pay rich bonuses, up to ₹100,000 sometimes.

To make things more clear, we’ll give you an example assuming you received a bonus and decided to go with one of the casinos that we are presenting you. You boost your probabilities to win at video poker if you pick a variation of poker that has a paytable of 99.66% return instead of choosing a game that has a paytable with a 96% return of the money you’ve placed on video poker.

So, when you pick a paytable that has a 99.66% return, the house is going to be 0.34%. Meanwhile, if you choose the paytable with 96%, the house edge is going to be 4%. The point is that you should pick a paytable with a smaller house edge, so you can increase your chances of winning and getting more money.

Types of online video poker games for real money

Right now, we’ll give you a short summary of the best video poker variations you can play at the vast majority of online casinos.

Once you get to know these variations, the only thing that’s left for you is to download a video poker game and play it.

Jacks or BetterJacks or Better

In terms of variance, this one has the lowest of all video poker variations. The smallest pay-out gaming enthusiasts can get a pair of jacks or better. That pay-out is in a 1:1 proportion. With this variation, the pay-outs lean to the small hands. This means if you take smaller risks, you’ll get a smaller payout. But, if you’re more of a high-roller and decide to place the maximum bet, you could be rewarded with four thousand coins, which is quite impressive. The best version of Jacks or Better is the 9/6 Jacks or Better. The average house edge at Jacks or Better is somewhere near 0.5%, meaning that this is one of the most lucrative video poker variations in terms of the return you get.

Pick’ EmPick’ Em

This game is very different from the other variations, and it is very entertaining to play. Gaming enthusiasts get two pairs of cards at the beginning. One pair is on the left side, and the other is on the right. Players have to pick one of the cards that are on the right side of the playing screen. So, the card you’ve just pick will show up and be added to the two cards that are on the right side, and then you’ll get two more cards. That way, you’re dealt with five cards. One of the best versions of Pick’Em video poker is definitely Pick’Em Poker Deuces Wild.

Wild CardWild Card

When you compare this variation of video poker to the others, this one has the most risk involved. Three of a kind is the smallest payout gambling aficionados could get, and it is in a 1:1 proportion. Pay-outs are quite low, but with the help of these wild cards, players have a better chance to get some big winning hands, which is a major plus for this video poker variation. With Wild Card Video poker, you’ll always be entertained and on the edge of your seat. Deuces Wild, as well as Joker Poker, are some of the best-rewarding versions of Wild Card.


You have the liberty to play multi-hand on many variations of video poker, and Deuces Wild are some of them. When you compare this to Deuces Wild, there aren’t many differences, except for the Draw button. The majority of video poker games will deal your draw only one time, but in this case, you’ll be dealt with three to fifty hands at once, which solely depends on what video poker machine you chose. The pay-outs are the same as in the regular versions of video poker.

Progressive JackpotsProgressive Jackpots

You can play this version of video poker at most online casinos, but our choice for today are Royal Panda and JackpotCity. This video poker machine is very popular among gaming devotees. In this game poker variation, every bet that the players make will be added to the massive jackpot that only keeps increasing to the moment someone wins this phenomenal jackpot. If you’re the one who won the jackpot, you’ll be rewarded with a huge cash reward. The only disadvantage of the progressive jackpots is that you’ll get really small payouts if you play with smaller hands, so it would be better to play with bigger hands. Be brave, invest your money, and download video poker game, so you could play it on a daily basis! Choose one of these variations, and get started with the best welcome bonuses at any of our top listed casinos!

Tips for playing video poker for Indian gamblers

We want you to get familiar with the game and win fast. So we’re not just giving you the technical details and the best video poker casinos. We’ll also give you some tips that could help you improve your chances of winning money!

Get familiar with the rules

Once you start playing video poker, it is crucial that you know how the variation you’ll be playing actually works.

Like we’ve mentioned, the various versions of video poker are Jacks or better, Pick’Em, Wild Card, Multi-Play, Six Card Video Poker, etc.

Before you begin to play any of these variations, read the rules of the game and how it works. There aren’t two versions of video poker that are completely the same.

So, if you don’t pay attention to the small differences, you can lose many times. So, get to know the game better, and then start playing with real money.

You should play maximum coins

If you play maximum coins, then you’ll get some big rewards. For example, if you happen to get a Royal Flush, your payout will be in an 800:1 proportion.

On the other hand, if you play with fewer coins, the payout for a Royal Flush would be in a 250:1 proportion, which is significantly smaller.

So, from this example, you can see the benefits of playing maximum coins. The probability of getting a Royal Flush is slim, but if you get one, it would be better if you played it with maximum coins.

Go and check the pay structures/pay tables

If you know the structure of video poker, you can prepare for any possible outcome in the best way.

If you see what the paytable has to offer in the variation of the video poker that you’ll be playing, you can make good decisions when it comes to managing risks.

It can be confusing if you don’t know what hand would give how much big of a pay-out.

Practice before you start to play online video poker

Gambling with money on the Internet is approved by the law in many countries across the globe. We wholeheartedly recommend you first play video poker for free, and then you could decide to play it for real money.

Another good thing about online casino video poker is that you’re not limited by time, in terms of how much you could play it for free.

If you practice long enough, you can boost your chances of winning in the future, once you start to play for real money.

Although video poker is a game of chance, if you gain enough experience, you can increase your probability of getting a win. Our suggestion is to play for free with any of the brands we recommend in this blog for Indian punters.

Control your bankroll

It is very important that you manage your bankroll in the right way. If you don’t have enough money to enjoy video poker, then you should go and save some money, and then come back to play.

When gaming fans want to start playing video poker, they should first take a note of how much money are they really willing to spend on the game of video poker.

You could plan the total sum of money that you’re going to spend or certain amounts of money that you’ll place on single bets.

Also, take notes of how many times did you win and lose, so you can’t get carried away. Even if you’ve got consecutive wins, take it easy, and spend your money wisely.

Concentrate and focus to the maximum, and you should be able to manage your bankroll quite successfully.

Become a member of the slot club

Almost every online casino out there offers a slot club membership for the gaming enthusiasts that love to play the machines, especially video poker machines.

If you like to gamble, and you’re eager to spend a certain amount of money on online casino games, then it would be the most reasonable thing that you sign-up for a slot club membership at any casino site.

If you do it, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits. You’ll get interesting promotions and some nice discounts.

Also, if you become a member of this fantastic club, you can choose to play more video poker games, and you’ll also have a better chance to get a win, which is another reason why you should choose to sign-up.

Obviously, before you sign-up, you should check out the various terms and conditions. These clubs are completely legit, and you should definitely become a member so you can enjoy many benefits that will offer to you. Sometimes they close the memberships, but don’t worry, they usually compensate it with a high bonus.

Live casino vs. Online casino

You can find online video poker games at the vast majority of online casinos. While in live casinos, this game is mixed with the slots.

There are many benefits to playing video poker at online casinos. As you understood, one of them is that you can get some large bonuses once you sign-up and make deposits.

On the other hand, land-based casinos don’t offer large video poker bonuses like the ones at online casinos. Playing video poker online is for the gaming enthusiasts who like to play alone in their home, while the live casino is for the gamblers that like to play in social groups.

It doesn’t matter where you play video poker, and the most important thing is to enjoy it to the fullest. So, Indian gaming fans, pick your ideal video poker variation, and play free video poker games online!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes! and that’s thanks to demo versions of the slots game available at many titles.

Sorry, but the answer is no. You cannot win not even a rupee while playing in the demo versions of the game since you are playing with fake money.

The one we recommend YES! All you need to do is sign-up using our affiliate link in the side table of this article, and then you can start enjoying the free version of video slots!

Our final thoughs

Video poker is one of those novelty games that casinos have incorporated to unite the best of the two-game world into one. It is not a slot machine, but it gives you the simplicity of playing this way. And it’s not a classic poker game either, but you can play by its rules to win. Video poker is here to stay. And if you’re a casino gaming enthusiast, you’re going to love it. The best thing is that you don’t need to invest money to enjoy it, you can play for free and have fun in a healthy way! Are you ready to try any of the video slot games, then go and discover the thrill of the game at any of our top casinos using our link!