Sic Bo online game India with playing tips

Sic Bo is a dice game coming from China. This game is played at a super-fast pace, and the Indian fans of any casino game, especially roulette, should find it quite appealing.

Sic Bo means “dice pair“, but it’s played with three dice, actually. Other names for this highly popular game are Dai Su and Tai Sai.

Right now, we will provide you with a complete guide of how to play Sic Bo, certain strategies, and much other exciting information regarding this dice game.

Including the global Sic Bo Casinos Online, like any of our recommended gambling sites brands, where you can play Sic Bo in total security.

Also, most of the casinos out there offer a live experience, where you can play and feel like you are at a land-based casino. How? Because you can try your luck with a live dealer!

Read our review carefully, and you’ll be able to conquer the game of Sic Bo in no time! Without further delay, we’ll begin,  but first, explore our recommended Sic Bo Casinos below!

How to play Sic Bo online to earn real money?

The concept of the game is quite easy. You have to place a bet or bets on the table of the Sic Bo game, wait as the dice rolls, and if you’ve won anything, you collect what you’ve won.

There are tables of different graphics and designs, but on all of those tables, you’ll be able to see the betting area. To start playing Sic Bo, you have to place a bet on a particular area of the game’s table.

In that area, your outcome is going to be listed. When everyone places their bets, and the dice stopped rolling, certain parts of the table are going to light up to show the winning areas of the table.

If you placed a bet and you’ve won, you’ll be rewarded according to the paytable of Sic Bo. In a case when you place a bet and lost, those bets are removed, and the game starts all over again.

The next steps will help you to play Sic Bo:

  • Your first step would be to check out the betting limits.
  • Then you should go and purchase some chips.
  • Once you do that, place a bet, or multiple bets.
  • Wait for the dice to stop rolling and see what it will show.
  • Then, if you’ve won, collect the winnings.

And those are the steps of how to play Sic Bo online. This goes for every online casino game out there, and to be in a position to play Sic Bo on the Internet, you should first pick an online casino where you can play this game.

The vast majority of online casinos offer Sic Bo in their game lobby. Among them, some of the most reputable are LeoVegas, 22bet or maybe all the gambling sites in our top-listed table. Check their exclusive Sic Bo Bonus.

There are many advantages of playing Sic Bo online; one of them would be that you can choose when you can play and how long.

You can also pause the game, so you could look for the best possible strategy on search engines such as Google. The rules don’t differ from the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Also, playing Sic Bo online rather than at a traditional casino, would be more beneficial, because you will have better chances of winning.

Types of online Sic Bo bets for Indian gamblers

To give you a better understanding of how the game of dice works, here are the different types of bets you can place at any online casino.

Be sure to pay special attention to each one so you can build a strategy and bear in mind that some may not be available depending on the type of Sic Bo you choose.

The total bet

In terms of complexity, this is definitely the easiest type of bet. You place a bet on three dice, in total. This bet has a range, and it goes from the number 4 to 17.

Regarding pay-outs you can get from these bets, they are different. The bets are based on the chances of every possible score. For instance, a total of 4 will pay somewhere around 60:1.

Single bet

This means that you place a bet on one number on all three dice in the game. The pay.out you’ll get from this bet depends on how much is your number going to show up on all dice.

In a situation where your number appears on only one dice, you will get paid 1:1. If it appears on two dice, your pay-out will be in a 2:1 proportion.

The best possible outcome for you would be that your number appears on all three dice because your pay-out would be in a 12:1 proportion, which is phenomenal.

Double bet

This means that you place a bet that two numbers will appear on all three dice in the game. For instance, if you pick the number 4, then you would win if the dice show 4,8,4.

You have the freedom to bet on any double from numbers 1 to 6. The pay-out that you can get is in a 10:1 proportion. Players can also bet on as many doubles as they wish.

Triple bet

This type of bet is when you place a bet that all of the three dice are going to show a number of your choosing. You have the liberty to place a bet on any triple of your liking, but only from 1 to 6.

The pay-out you can get if you place a bet on any triple is in a 30:1 proportion. On the other hand, if you bet on a certain triple, your pay-out will be in an incredible 180:1 proportion.

This pay-out happens to be the biggest one that you could get in the game of Sic Bo. The odds for not getting a single triple is 216:1. So, if you make this kind of a bet, then you’re definitely a high-roller and a big risk-taker.

Big & Small bets

If a gaming enthusiast decides to place big and small bets, he will win more often. A small bet is when you place a bet, and you predict that the total sum of numbers is going to be somewhere between 4 and 10.

A big bet is when you place a bet, and you predict that the total sum of numbers is going to be somewhere between 11 and 17.

For the big bet, the pay-out is in a 1:1 proportion, meaning that you would get a smaller pay-out with this bet, than with the small bet. But, with the big bet, you have much bigger chances of getting a win.

The combination bet

This is when you place a bet on two particular numbers. For instance, you place a bet on a combo from 1 to 3, and if you get 1,2,3, you’re going to win. Regarding the proportion of pay-out, it is 6:1.

Most of the Indian players are choosing to play online, usually are divided between different options. The most famous out there are European online casinos and Asian Casinos.

What does it mean? When you want to play live Sic Bo, for example, will have the possibility to choose your table.

Each table have a different lady, if you open an account in Fun88 or 22bet, most of the ladies will be Asians, if you sing-up at Spin Casino or JackpotCity, for example, most will be from Europe. The choice is yours!

Sic Bo strategies to win real money

We will present to you three different Sic Bo strategies, and if you implement any of these strategies in your style of play, you will most likely win many times in Sic Bo.

Sic Bo casino gaming strategy for newcomers

All the types of bets that we explained above are ideal for the rookies because they could see how much will they win or lose in the game of Sic Bo.

That way, they could make a strategy with which they could limit their financial losses. Once you get more comfortable with the game and you no longer declare yourself as a beginner, you could try out the high-roller Sic Bo strategy, which we will explain very soon.

A disadvantage of playing it safe is that you might find the game to be repetitive. The important thing is before you place larger bets, start with the smaller ones, so you could learn how to be patient and limit your bets accordingly to your budget.

If you feel ready to start right off, your ideal choice is to try out at any of the casinos we recommended you in our top, where your security and game enchainment are at the first place.

A balanced strategy

If you get the feeling that you learned the rules and the proper way to play, then it is time to test out the balanced Sic Bo strategy. Gambling enthusiasts who decide to try out this strategy want to get large wins, but that shouldn’t mean that they will rush things and start being impatient.

If you’re eager to try out this strategy, feel free to do it. This strategy dictates that the best numbers you could place a bet on are nine and twelve. You might ask why? This is because the pay-outs are in a 6:1 proportion, while the odds against winning are only 15:2.

What you have to do is to place a bet on a total of your choice, and then make a combination with three double bets.

If you’re betting on number nine, you should place three units on a total sum of 9 and also two units on the following doubles- 6,5 and 1.

Your pay-out will then consist of twenty-one units if the total of 9 is chosen, while you would get twenty-two units if the double is chosen.

If you bet on the number 12, then you should place a bet with three units on a total sum of twelve, and three of the units on the following doubles-6,2 and 1. You’ll get twenty-one units for twelve, and twenty-two for the doubles.

High-roller strategy

This strategy is more for the well-seasoned players than the rookies. The basic principle of this strategy is to win multiple bets on the same result in the game of Sic Bo.

The strategy recommends the players to bet on a total of 13 an 8. Betting on these totals, you could win up to three times in the same round, which is incredible.

Place a bet with three units on the total sum of 8 two units on doubles-3,2 and 1. The payouts for the sum of 8 is in a 9:1 proportion, while for the double is 6:1. The same goes if you bet on a total of 13 and doubles-6,5 and 4.

Variations of Sic Bo for Indian bookies

For many years, Sic Bo was a game played only in China. The knowledge of the game spread out over the entire world, and today there are many versions of the game of Sic Bo. So, here are some variations of this dice game:

  • 1


    This variation of Sic Bo is named because of the dice cage that is shaped like an hourglass. When you compare it to the classic Sic Bo, it has slightly worse odds than the latter.

  • 2


    This happens to be an American variation of Sic Bo, and it is quite similar to the Birdcage. You can bet on the numbers from 1 to 6. If you get one number to show up, you’ll get 1:1 pay-outs. If two numbers show up, you’ll get a 2:1 pay-out, and if three numbers appear, you’ll get a 10:1 pay-out.

  • 3

    Dai Su

    This is one of many alternative names for this game, which means “Big Small”. In this variation, if you place a triple bet, the pay-out would be 150:1, while the common version of Sic Bo would get you a 180:1 pay-out.

  • 4

    Gran Hazard

    This variation of Sic Bo comes from the UK. The good thing for the rookies is that the table is much simpler than in the classic Sic Bo. The triple combinations are called Raffles, and they will mostly show up in the middle of the table as a column.

  • 5

    Yee Hah Hi

    “Fish Shrimp Crab” is the translation of this Sic Bo variation. This version is mostly played in Macau. What’s interesting about this variation is that there are no numbers or dots. The shrimp, crab, and fish are the symbols of Yee Hah Hi. You can make bets that a certain symbol is going to show up, and you could also bet on the color of the symbol.

  • 6

    Hoo Hee How

    This version is very similar to the previous one. There are also symbols that replaced the numbers and the dots. The symbols you could find in this variation of Sic Bo are:

    1. A fish.
    2. A scorpion.
    3. A coin.
    4. A crab.
    5. A rooster.
    6. A gourd.

You can choose from six available bets, and on every bet, a maximum pay-out is in a 3:1 proportion. And you can choose to play it with a lot of online casinos.

Among them, go for Fun88 if you want a top-notch live Sic Bo experience, try Royal Panda if you like high bonuses then bet with JackpotCity, if between a round of Sic bo and the other, want to try to win a jackpot at a slot machine.

Play Sic Bo online for real money

There are a number of differences between playing live in a land-based casino or online casinos. For example, online casinos have reduced minimum deposits.

This is a big advantage for online casinos because more and more newbies will come to play at online casinos so they can play long hours for a small amount of money.

Another difference is when it comes to playing Sic Bo in a live online casino or play the electronic game, things can get pretty hectic.

There will be bets all over the place, and some players could find this very confusing. Also, if you’re not used to the location of the best at the table, it would be wise to choose to play in an online casino, without the live version.

Anyway, once you get used to how the online casino Sic Bo works, you can go and play it in a live casino.  No matter if you choose to play Sic Bo in land-based casinos or online casinos, with or without the live dealers, you should try and play Sic Bo online!

Final thoughts

Sic Bo is a game of luck but it also involves skill and strategy. As you can see it is easy to learn to play, and you always have the option to enjoy the game for free at any of the casinos we have recommended.

What’s more, thanks to the large number of variants and the ability to play them at almost any casino, you’ll be able to vary the versions and diversify your game to become a pro.