How To Play Craps Game In India?

Craps is one of the most underrated games in India. This is because it requires no skill or technique to play. It’s a game whose outcome is expressly determined by chance. 

While craps game is without skills, there are strategies that players can deploy to get the best out of the game on any crap casino.

This is why this guide on how to play craps is coming at this time. It’s with intent to help you win big in the game. 

And of course, you’ll not only learn all about the game so you can have a better chance of winning, you’ll also get to know the best international online craps casinos.

We’ll leave them in a table, where you just select the one you like by clicking on it, visit their website, create an account, claim the registration benefits and start having fun.

Top 8 Sites To Play Craps Game In India

What is online craps?

Mind you. It’s not ‘Crap‘ but ‘Craps‘!

Craps is a game played with two dice. It’s a simple game that any kind of bettor can play as it’s as easy as tossing a coin.

To win, a player must shoot the dice to produce an outcome of 7 or 11. A player loses automatically if the outcome of his throw produces a loss value.

In craps game, the numbers 2, 3, and 12 are loss values. By implication, if you throw any of these numbers, you’ve lost to the house.

In a land-based casino, the game is played on the ‘craps table,’ a platform where players can wager using chips or checks.

Rules guiding craps

If you desire to play craps and win, your first port of call is to understand the basic rules that guide that game. Interestingly, the game is played simultaneously by many bettors.

As such, playing real money craps comes with a sense of collective responsibility. That is, all players that wagered on a winning outcome win altogether while all those who throw any of the loss values lose together. 

Although the game of dice is simple to play and understand, having a mastery of its rules is one step further to get the best from the game. Find below some fundamental rules that govern the game:

  • The game is built around the pass-line gambling style. It uses a table with specially designed layouts
  • Players can only wager using chips or checks which are to be placed on the pass line by them or a dealer provided one is available
  • The sequence starts on the pass line with the first roll. Any player rolling the dice is referred to as the shooter
  • Bettors can either punt on the ‘pass,’ which means a right bet, or on the ‘don’t pass,’ which means the wrong bet
  • The game is played in rounds, and each round features the ‘comeout‘ phase and the ‘point‘ phase
  • All pass bettors win if the outcome of a shoot is 7 or 11. This is regarded as a natural come out
  • If the outcome of the roll is 2, 3, or 12, all pass bettors lose. Also, if the outcome is any other number aside from the winning values or loss values, it is counted as a point for pass bettors. As such, they are given another opportunity to play again
  • A player who shoots a point number in the first roll or the comeout would keep rolling until the same number appears again or until he loses with a 7
  • For as much as ‘point‘ has not been established, bettors can bet on either the pass or don’t pass. But if the point has been established, they can only place a bet on ‘come‘ or ‘don’t come’

How to play craps game online?

The game is thrilling and interesting. Still, it can be boring and confusing if you are a newbie. Online craps are the same as craps played in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The only difference is that online crap bets are played in an online casino, and the game is virtual.

While you can hold and throw the dice yourself at a live casino, you cannot throw a dice online, except the game is virtually simulated. Instead, you can throw the dice using button clicks.

A major downside with online casinos in India is that most of them are rigged. This is why you should opt for only tested and trusted casinos where the fairness of gaming outcome is guaranteed. 

And in this sense, this is one more reason to just sign up at any of the casinos we recommend. They are legal, safe and reliable sites with international licenses such as MGA and eCogra certificates.

Remember, the purpose of this guide is to help you get a hang of the game and understand its intricacies. For this reason, we bring you how to play craps for beginners;  

Understand the rules of the game

Venturing into something you don’t understand can lead to nasty consequences. For instance, the possibility that you’ll lose all your wager is high.

So, the first thing you should do as a beginner is to understand the nitty-gritty of the rules. In the section above, some online craps game rules were stated, take time to digest every word. 

Register at an online casino

The beauty of gambling is that it helps you to win cash by doing the things you love to do. So, if you desire to play the dice game, head to a good casino online to sign-up.

Don’t be in a hurry to stake your hard-earned cash in any casino. Instead, do your research so that you can get a good one. When selecting an online casino, there are certain criteria to consider. 

You must ascertain that the casino you have selected is licensed and regulated by a recognized body, offers casino bonuses and rewards, has high payout and swift deposit/withdrawal payment methods, and offers varieties of games, including lottery games.

Also, confirm that its customer support team is reliable and responsive. To make your registration easy, you can download the crap app of the casino of your choice. 

Get saved from the stress of having to fish for one by yourself by signing up at any of our top-tier casinos listed below:

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Try your hand on the free version of the game

Playing free crap games can help you to attain a mastery of the game. This is a game you’re ignorant about. Even if you have gone through some tutorials, you can’t be sure about your success at first.

So, you should play the free version of the game repeatedly until you build enough confidence to wager with your real bucks.

Fund your account 

Without funding your account, you won’t be allowed to play crap unless the casino gives no-deposit bonuses, which you can use to play without depositing.

If that is absent, then you have to deposit to be able to play your favourite game.

Crap bet types

There are different bet types you have to get familiar with if you desire to make it big in this game. They are what you’d have put your stake on at some point in the game.

It’s better to know them by heart. We have pointed out some of these wager options below:

Pass line bet

The game is basically about the pass line. This is where the shooter’s come-out determines if the game is a win or a loss. The 7 and 11 outcomes for winning and the 2, 3, and 12 comeout for loss are determined by this bet. If other numbers are played, then a point is established. Once the point is established, a throw whose comeout is before 7 wins, while if the shooter shoots a 7, he loses the game. You see, the game is quite tricky.

Don’t pass bet

If you wager on this, you are saying that the shooter would roll a seven and lose out in the game. It’s the opposite of the pass-line bet. If the outcome is 2 or 3, which comes before 7, bettors win; however, if a shooter hits a 7 or 11, the bet has been lost. Where 12 is played, then the bet is neither won nor lost.

Come bet

You can only wager on a come bet after the initial roll of the dice on the pass line. It’s played establishing a point. When making the come bet, you are expected to place your chip in the ‘come layer.’ Natheless, before you play the come bet, ensure that it is acceptable. Mind you, it can only be accepted if they pass line has been determined. Remarkable, the come bet follows similar principles like the pass line bet.

Don’t come bet

They don’t come bet is synonymous with the don’t pass bet. However, it can only be placed after a point is established. For the bet to win, the shooter must have a comeout of 2 or 3. It’s an outright loss if a 7 or 11 is rolled out.

Multi-roll bets

You can have a multi-roll bet if the come out is not settled in the first roll of the dice. So, the shooter has to keep playing until he sevens out of the game. Let’s quickly point out that you must look into the crap casino rules of the casino you’ve selected to understand what obtains about the bet types.

How to make profit on online craps?

Let’s emphasize again that the game is hinged on luck as it is a game of chance. There are no magical approaches to winning from the game.

If there were, we are sure a lot of people would have turned millionaires and billionaires overnight. Still, there are strategies that you can use to minimize loss and maybe, win at the game. Here are some trusted ones:

Opt for money management cues 

Don’t blow your cash to the dust by getting emotional at the table with your loss. This is why you need to deploy money management strategies to effectively handle your bankroll.

You should have broken your bankroll into smaller bits. For instance, if your budget for gambling is 1,000 rupees for one month, you should break it into 50 places so that you can use the little amount to wager 50 times at most with that period.

Don’t get greedy! Remember, the game is only for entertainment. So, you should never wager what you cannot afford to lose. 

Know when to call it to quit

Instead of getting emotional, especially when you are on a losing streak, you should know when to opt out from the game.

You may not win at that point, but leaving allows you to come back again to claim your prize. Don’t bet to the point of going bankrupt. It’s unideal for you. 


If you are the shooter, your roll must produce a comeout of 7 or 11 for you, and others like you who have wagered on the pass line win. If you play a 2,3, or12, you lose on the spot. 

There is a handful of reputable casino sites where you can play the game. We recommend you choose from our top brands, which include Fun88 casino, Jeet play casino, Spin casino, Leo Vegas casino, and Betway casino. All these casinos are open to all Indian players. 

No, you cannot open two betting accounts. It’s against the rule of all casinos. If you violate this rule, your betting account may be suspended. 

Yes, you can win the game of craps. However, the probability of winning the game is low. What guarantees your winning is luck. However, you also need to wager on a good casino that operates with Random Number Generators (RNG). This software helps to ensure that the outcomes of your games are not rigged. 


Who says you can’t win big in the game of craps? You only have to get yourself ready for the game. You should consider doing the needful so that you can expedite your winnings.  Craps was created to be enjoyed, don’t miss out on the excitement offered by the game. Wager on any casino on our brand listing to get started now!  Keep in mind, though, that we are not an expert council. So all your actions and decisions are at your own risk.