Online Blackjack India - Top Blackjack Casinos & Guide

Online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games available at almost every online casino. Blackjack also referred to as ’21’ is the classic casino game of luck and strategies. In this detailed guide, we have covered everything you need to know about playing blackjack online.

Learn how to play online blackjack in India, claim blackjack bonuses, and win real money using the best blackjack strategies. In this online blackjack India guide, you’ll find the best blackjack sites in India where you can play blackjack for free or real money.

Best Online Blackjack Casinos In India 2023

What is an Online blackjack?

Online blackjack is also referred to as 21. It is a strategic card game of cards. The aim of blackjack is to get a higher hand value than the dealer. 

If your hand value exceeds 21, this situation is known as busted. That means you lose the  blackjack game.

And, if your hand value is the same as that of the dealer, it is called a push situation.  Your bet will be refunded.

Online Blackjack Rules

  • Each player has to place the bet before the cards are dealt in each round of blackjack online game.
  • Two face-down cards are dealt with all the players & the dealer himself.
  • Blackjack Dealer has to reveal his one card.
  • Ace can be counted as 1 or 11, depending on the situation.
  • King, queen, jack & 10 are valued as 10 points.
  • 2,9 are counted on their face value.
  • Hit to receive more cards or stand to play with original cards.
  • Split to place two separate bets

Online Blackjack Table Layout

online blackjack tables has been designed in semi-circle shape with many circular spots reserved for different players. All you need to do is click on the betting interface to move the chips or place the bets on blackjack online table. In the live blackjack version, the dealer moves the chips for you.

blackjack table layout

How to start playing online blackjack?

Online blackjack is an easy-to-understand card game. Many versions of blackjack are available at different online casinos in India. Once you have learned the blackjack rules, you can play online blackjack anytime & anywhere. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to get started:

  • 1

    Step 1: Register on the best blackjack casino

    Select a casino that is licensed and regulated by top gaming authorities like MGA, Curacao, and UKGC. Make sure the blackjack casino is based out of India to avoid any legal repercussions.

  • 2

    Step 2: Make an initial deposit

    Always deposit in online blackjack casino using Indian payment methods that you are already aware of, such as Paytm, G-pay, Credit/debit cards. All these deposit methods use 4-layer SSL encrypted technology.

  • 3

    Step 3: Claim your online blackjack bonus

    The sign-up or welcome bonus is automatically credited to your account once you have fulfilled the minimum deposit requirement. You can also use this bonus to play blackjack online for real money.

  • 4

    Step 4: Place a bet

    Start placing bets on the blackjack table whenever you are ready. We suggest you start from low-value bets, set a time limit, and manage your bankroll.

  • 5

    Step 5: Receive your online blackjack cards

    Now, the blackjack dealer distributes cards to the players & himself. Each player on the online blackjack table is dealt with two face-down cards, whereas the blackjack dealer has to shows up one of his cards.

  • 6

    Step 6: Choose if you want to double your bet

    It’s optional in online blackjack games; you can double your bet before taking the hit/stand action. Opt for split action if you have two cards of the same value.

  • 7

    Step 7: Decide if you want to hit or stand

    Taking hit action in online blackjack allows you to add more cards, whereas stand lets you play with the existing cards. If the hand value exceeds 21, players lose the game default.

  • 8

    Step 8:Know when the dealer will reveal his hand

    The online blackjack dealer usually hits when they have 16 or lower hand value. They won’t hit if the hand value exceeds 17.

  • 9

    Step 9: Evaluate your blackjack online cards

    Now, it's showtime. Compare your cards with the blackjack dealer. You win if your hand value is greater and lose if it’s lower.

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Different versions of online blackjack

It becomes really hard to choose a single blackjack game when plenty of options are available online. The online blackjack rules may slightly vary depending on the version and blackjack casino. 

Presenting you some of the most popular blackjack versions available on different casinos. The house edge in online blackjack has been kept low whereas the winning odds, and payouts are far better than other  casino games. Take a look!

Double Attack Blackjack

An interesting blackjack variant that allows you to double the initial wager once the dealer has revealed one of his cards. One can also opt for a blackjack side bet. The size of the payout in blackjack online depends on the total hand value of the dealer. That means how much it goes over or below 21.

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Super Fun 21

One of the most popular online blackjack versions among professional players. This blackjack game offers the opportunity to play more hand before taking hit/stand/split action. Players are allowed to double down on any number. And split the hand value into 4 bets. You can also opt to surrender half of your bet if odds are against you.

Blackjack Switch

Almost similar to classic blackjack. Instead of one, two hands are dealt with each player. The bet size  in this blackjack version should be the same on each hand. Online blackjack fun-to-play game allows you to switch one of your cards each from 2 hands dealt. Chances of winning are better as players can split the hands to 4 times.

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Live Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack with a live dealer is way more entertaining, fun, and exciting than RNG-based blackjack. You get to interact with a real blackjack online dealer and other live players. Live blackjack table is streamed directly from:

  • HD- live dedicated casino studios or
  • Land-based casinos 

One can place live bets on blackjack table simply by clicking on the betting interface available on your devices. The dealer will move the chips to the online blackjack tables for you.

Benefits of playing live blackjack online game

  • High success probability 
  • Better & bigger payouts
  • Get exclusive cashback offers on different casinos.
  • Special prizes on live blackjack tables on Sundays.
  • Get a similar experience of playing in a land-based casino.
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  • Impressive library of 400+ games
  • Live casino powered by Evolution Gaming
  • Good variety of customer support options

Mobile Online Blackjack: Download casino apps for free!

Want to play online blackjack or live blackjack on your smartphones? Internet & technology has made it easier for casino players to access blackjack casinos any time & anywhere. So. how to do it?

  • Either access the best online blackjack sites in India through your mobile browser.
  • Or, download the online blackjack app on your iOS  Android devices.

Check out the criteria our experts followed to make sure the mobile casino experience is equally good.

Instant deposits & withdrawals.

Wide range of online blackjack games.

Excellent web-user betting interface.

User-friendly features

Device compatibility

“We suggest downloading any of our suggested casino apps on your mobile devices for the best betting experience in online blackjack or live blackjack.”

Jeetplay casino
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  • Offers Live Dealer & Mobile Games

How to win an online blackjack every time?

Did you know? Online Blackjack is the only game where winning is guaranteed if you follow the rules and strategies. Though other factors like the selection of blackjack casinos matter a lot.  Below are some of the winning tips that can help you master the online blackjack games. Take a look!

Hit only

Hit only

if the blackjack dealer has 8,9,10, or ace.

Always hit

if your total hand value is less than 8 or 8. Or, the blackjack dealer has 8,9,10, Ace.

Never stand

Never stand

First if your total hand value ranges between 12-16. Second, if the blackjack dealer has a total of 7 or more.

Never split

Never split

if you have pairs of 4s. 5s or 10s.

Insurance bets

Insurance bets

These blackjack side bets are a waste of time and money. You won’t get anything better.

Surrender only

if you have 16 in your hand or the blackjack dealer has Ace, 9,10.

Always Split

Always Split

if you have pair of aces.

Double your bet

Double your bet

When the blackjack dealer has 4,5,6, or you have Ace, 4 in hand.

Top #3 Casino Apps for Playing Blackjack Online


Learn The Basic Online Blackjack Strategy

The essential thing to do before you try luck in real money blackjack game. This online blackjack strategy improves your winning odds. It is a online blackjack strategy chart that tells when to:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double down
  • Surrender
  • Split based on your hand values.

How to count cards in Online Blackjack Game?

The counting cards strategy works best in online blackjack. No doubt it is simple but takes time to master. Let us tell you that counting cards in blackjack game have nothing to do with memory.

It works best for the blackjack players with more aces, face-value cards, and 10’s. So, it is more about keeping track of low cards & high cards. Mathematically, you can say:

Let’s learn how to count cards in real money online blackjack game in 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Assign a value to each card. (+ 1) for 2-6, 0 for 7-9& (-1) for Ace-10.
  • Step 2: Track the running count by adding/subtracting cards dealt.
  • Step 3: Calculate true count=  Running count cards remaining.
  • Step 4: Keep changing the blackjack bets with the rise or fall in true counts.

Why Trust Our Recommended Online Blackjack Websites?

Our casino experts put a lot of effort and time into reviewing and rating online blackjack casinos. We verify and self-test each online blackjack casino from the sign-up process to withdrawals. Let’s see the factors we consider to list the best online blackjack sites in India!

  • online blackjack casino should be based out of India.
  • Follows the FEMA guidelines.
  • To check if the blackjack casino site is licensed and verified.
  • It offers a wide range of real money online blackjack games.
  • Easy deposit methods like G-pay, credit/ debit cards, and so on.
  • Accepts Indian players & Indian currency(INR).
  • Smooth navigation & top casino software providers.
  • Device compatibility & Casino App availability.

For hassle-free deposits & withdrawals, register today at any of our licensed & verified online blackjack sites. Enjoy the leverage of exclusive bonuses & promotional offers!

Online Blackjack FAQS

It has become a lot easier to play online blackjack in India. Pick any of our shortlisted blackjack casinos on this page like betway, royal panda, lucky days, etc. to start betting on online blackjack right away.

Yes, playing online blackjack is absolutely safe and legal in India. You need to take care of two things:

  • The online blackjack casino must be based out of India.
  • It must accept Indian currency.

 As PGA, 1867 does not hold any control over international blackjack casino sites that are licensed and entertain Indian players.

  • Sign-up on the online blackjack casino .
  • Make an initial deposit (Optional).
  • online blackjack bonus is automatically credited to your account.
  • Now use this bonus to play online blackjack.

Of course, you can! Select the licensed online blackjack casino site, make a deposit and start playing online blackjack for real money.

Numerous variants of online blackjack are available on different casino sites. Spanish 21 blackjack, Free bet blackjack, and online blackjack switch are some of the popular blackjack variants offering the highest payouts.

The house edge in online blackjack ranges from 0.4-0.5% which is lower than any other casino game. The payback percentage is around 99.5%.

That’s all. Ready to beat the online blackjack casinos?

This page is a scoop full of every detail that you need to know before playing online blackjack in India. We guarantee if you can master the counting cards and basic blackjack strategy, no one can stop you from winning. 

Remember, choose your casino wisely to play online blackjack or all your efforts will go in vain. We recommend starting with our expert verified and licensed blackjack casino sites. You can also play free blackjack games online by claiming generous bonuses for new and existing players.   All the best!

Now, for the last time check our list of #5 best online blackjack casinos in india!

Most Popular Online Blackjack Casinos In India