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You’re probably here because you’re looking for the best casino games in 2021. With hundreds of options, picking out the best online games is undoubtedly going to be an uphill task.

Luckily, we have done all the hard work so you can have a great head start. Indian players can enjoy live casino games, thousands of slots, and unique live games.

This can be done using the trusted online casino games offered by top casinos, where reliable global betting sites are, without any doubt, any of the casino brands we recommend at this blog. Now let’s start rolling the dice!

India’s top online casino games for real money

One of the pressing questions that players have, whenever they visit online casinos, is whether they can play for real money.

Yes! Nearly all renowned casino sites allow you to play for real and using rupees besides other currencies such as USD and euro.

If you have signed up, go ahead and make your first deposit. If you did not, your best choice, with the best bonus is Fun88 Casino with an exciting 10% cashback  bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week! So, if you understood it well, you might be lucky to get an attractive bonus.

The number of online sites offering gambling services is overwhelming. The temptation to try out these games for cash evades few people. Yet, you will need to proceed with caution.

For novices, trying online gambling games for the sake of money isn’t that easy. You will need to know the best games to play and the rules of gameplay. Failure to grasp these rules means you could lose money.

We’ll cover some of the best casino games for Indian players and help you in your journey in the casino industry. In the meantime, if you feel ready to start gambling, here you go! Choose from one of the top Indian casinos below!

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Independent Spin Casino Indian Review 2021

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Betway casino Review and guide


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Royal Panda Casino Reviews 2021

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Lucky Days Casino Reviews 2021 For Real Money


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Yeti Casino Review 2021 With Playing Tips

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Payout Speed: 4
Win Rate: 96.43%
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LeoVegas Casino Review for 2021


Payout Speed: 2 Days
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22bet Online Casino Indian Reviews 2021

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What casino games can I play in India?

The Internet brought more than was predicted. For example, who would have imagined that traditional games such as Jhandi Munda will one day leap online?

Playing casino games online is the trend today. A ton of virtual casinos offer different games. They also provide odds and pay-outs comparable to the traditional casinos. The rules of each game determine the resulting pay-out.

To play online, you will be required to purchase membership slots or use your money directly. You can get these slots in online casinos at any of our top listed.

Some online sites even sell virtual coins that players can use. In other cases, you will simply, as briefly explained, deposit your money, will have it in your balance, and can use your funds to bet online.

Casino games can be broken down into four broad types:

  • Card games such as poker and baccarat that offer live dealers versions too.
  • Wheel games.
  • Table games like roulette.
  • Dice games.

Before you register at a casino, find out how you can play some of these casino games, and also which games offer attractive odds that you can bank on.

The driving force behind online gaming is undoubtedly to make a profit at the end of the day. Casino games for real money do exist.

As you can see in the picture, a player won a jackpot at Betway Casino. Yet, you will need to know the ins and outs for you to win.

You should also know when to walk away from the games. If you intend to make some cash through casino gaming, you should try the following list of casino games:



Hugely popular among Indian bettors, roulette is an exciting game of chance. A spinning wheel that contains numbers is what determines your fate.

You can bet on one or multiple numbers. These numbers have different odds. The more numbers you bet on, the higher your chances of winning. You certainly have to be lucky to win this amazing online roulette game



it’s is another excellent casino game that could earn you money. It’s similar to a lottery. Players wager by selecting random numbers.

A machine then chooses the winning combination. With Keno, you can win massive amounts of cash.



It is an exciting variation on blackjack. It has certain features that make it popular among users who find blackjack daunting.

It has friendlier rules and strategies. With practice, it shouldn’t be had to win some of the hands. It also offers better odds compared to blackjack.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco

This game is quite similar to baccarat. The only difference is that the dealer works with an eight-deck shoe. The goal is for a player or banker to get a score close to eight. Since it’s a game of pure chance, the likelihood of winning might be hard.

Casino brag

Casino brag

It is an entertaining multiple player card game. It can be played online with a standard deck of cards except for jokers. The objective is to get the best three-card hand. With the right strategy, you can make money from this game.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer

This is a popular variant of baccarat, and you can play it online. It has many online game options that present countless opportunities to gamble.

The real bonus, still, is the ability to play your virtual table at your budget. For you to play this game, you will need to understand its regulations first.



Online slot machines are an exciting way to wager. Most casinos provide users with free slots to familiarise themselves with the slot machines.

It’s a game of chance that requires minimal skill. Some operators have jackpots with huge prizes. If your passion is Slots, you can’t go wrong. Open an account at any of our recommended brands and discover a whole world of entertainment.

Super Pan 9

Super Pan 9

This Super Pan 9 card game also resembles baccarat. It uses 12 decks with all the 7s, 8s, and 10s removed. To score a win, you must get close to 9 as possible.

Since you can wager a certain amount and win big, it is one of the top gambling games for real money that should be on your bookmarks.

Play online casino games free – No sign-up required!

Let’s face it. No one wants to lose money. Every player – novice and experienced – wants to play risk-free. The only way to do this is to play free casino game online.

These games can help you hone your gaming skills at the same time, let you have fun. All the games can be played for free, including the casino games we mentioned above.

Not enough? Here are some other and best free games, including live baccarat, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar.  We will discuss these games later and in other sections of the website as well.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards

It is a fun game of chance. Players can scratch off hidden random numbers. If you match the required numbers, then you stand a chance of winning prizes or even money.

There are many online sites in India offering free scratches. You should check them out! Who knows? You might be the lucky one.



If you love puzzles, then you should check out this game. Mahjong is a tile-matching puzzle game that requires some strategy when playing.

It’s freely available online. You match similar tiles, and the goal is to beat Mahjong by eliminating all the tiles.



Blackjack is an exciting free casino game that you can play online. Over the years, this game has become popular among many Indian players.

Typical of most card games, players need a lot of skill and luck to win. Each card is assigned a value. Queens, Jacks, and Kings are worth ten while aces are worth 1 or 11.

The goal is to have cards whose combined value is higher than the dealers.



Online poker joins the list of popular casino games worldwide. Several sites provide free poker games to a certain level.

Playing these free games can improve your playing skills and strategy. Once you’ve sharpened your skills, you can proceed to gamble with real cash.

Poker dice

Poker dice

Poker dice are dice with a representation of poker cards on all the six sides. It’s a simple game that is available freely on all casinos. A player has to roll the dice, and the one with the best poker hand wins. It’s mostly played for fun.



It’s a board game that you can play online or offline. The online version can be interesting since it involves virtual opponents.

The aim is to move your pieces off the board before your opponent. Backgammon is fun to play and a great way to pass your time.

Top 3 online casino games – Our recommendations for 2021!

The emergence of best casinos that offer a variety of online games has come as a blessing for many Indian punters.

Several casino games resonate well with Indian gamblers to the point that the games have cult players. If you are a gaming enthusiast looking for a popular casino game to play, then read along.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar is one of the simplest card games that is very common among Indians. The fact that you can win in a single hand is appealing.

With a good Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone, you are good to play for fun or cash.

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda has been a traditional betting board game. Yet, this dice game has evolved, and you can play it online nowadays.

The Android version of this game is popular among teens. It involves tossing a dice then viewing the outcome from the symbols painted on the dice. If you enjoy a game based purely on luck, you have to play Jhandi Munda



Baccarat needs no introduction as it is one of the simplest casino games to learn and play. It’s a card game that involves a player and a banker.

Since it has a short duration and few rules, it appeals to high-rollers and novice punters. If you are a casino player who prefers a less complicated game or one that involves less thinking, online baccarat is the best fit. You can also win money playing it!

Where to play casino games in India?

Several online gaming sites are present in India. With so many websites around, getting licensed and most reliable sites can be an uphill task. We have narrowed some of them down to the following:

Betway Casino

Betway Casino

Betway is a well-established international gambling company that has been in operation for long. The good news is that it accepts Indian gamblers.

Once you set up your account, you can enjoy various gambling categories like bingo, online casino, and sports betting.

You can play their online games using a computer or even a smartphone with minimal problems. It has a fast and efficient payout system also.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Perhaps the best gaming site, Royal Panda is indeed unique. It offers a considerable amount of games such as online roulette game, blackjack, jackpot slots, to name a few.

The fantastic thing is that there are huge bonuses for new members. It also has an extensive range of deposit methods, and the payout is instant.



Another favorable casino site is LeoVegas. It has a massive collection of realistic live dealer games that appeal to many. They also offer exclusive bonuses to new members. In case you have an issue, their 24/7 support staff will sort you out.

The above games are in no way exhaustive; new exciting casino games keep on popping online each day. The most important thing when playing casino games is to gamble responsibly.

How to play casino games online?

If you’d like to start playing casino games in India, the first thing you should do is find a good casino website. Many operators are available with some offering free casino games.

To narrow down your options, look at the software that each operator uses as well as their deposit and cash-out methods, and whether it’s licensed.

Next, decide your gaming goals. Do you want to play to make money or play for fun? Since there are many games, determine what type of game you’d like to play.

The most important thing is to select an online casino that can offer you an enjoyable playing experience.

Go ahead and register. You will see a “register now” or “join now” or “open the account” button or link. Click and fill out your registration details, name, username, email address, and password.

Some casinos may ask you to provide your telephone number for verification purposes as part of their compliance with gambling regulations.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to fill out these details and verify your account ownership.

Once you sign in to your account, make the first deposit and claim the welcome bonus, if any. It is often a percentage of the deposit amount.

You can deposit via MasterCard or Visa card or online wallets and even with some online and secure banking systems. Find out the most convenient option and use it!

There are three ways of playing online casino games for money. You can play online via an operator’s web-based application or download and install their PC software.

You can also play from your mobile phone and use the online casino app for Android or Apple. Finally, start playing your favorite online casino games or any live casino game. That’s just about it!

What bonuses do online casino gaming sites offers?

Most online casinos in India offer bonuses. So it’s possible to play free casino games without depositing even a single cent to your account.

Using the free bonuses, you can play slots, live casino games, table games, or place a stake in sports betting sites. Yet, you have to fulfill the minimum wagering requirement before you can withdraw the cash.

Here’s a breakdown of the standard bonuses that you can get with the top casinos in the world in 2021.

  • Registration bonus: many casinos offer new members  a sign-up bonus that they can wager in any games.
  • Free spins or free bets: from time to time, you may get free game rounds on particular types of games. It’s usually common in slots.
  • Free bonuses: you’ll get this free for instance if your account has been dormant or haven’t won anything in a while.
  • Deposit bonus: nearly every major online casino game offers this incentive to slot players. The casino will match your deposit amount with a certain percentage. For instance, they will give you an extra 250 rupees when you deposit 500 rupees into your account.
  • Welcome bonus: as the name says, it’s the first bonus that you will get as a new player. It could be either free spins or a deposit bonus.
  • No-deposit bonus:  it can take different forms such as cash-drop, free spins, or mystery prizes. You don’t have to deposit money to get it.

What are the most profit-making online casino game bonuses in India today? There are many opportunities out there. Despite that, your best choice is to open 2 accounts at different casinos.

Like that you will split your luck and get double bonuses. Consider signing up at any of our recommended casino brands. All are excellent options! Good play punter!


That depends on your preferences. But we can tell you that the most played are roulette, blackjack, Teen Patti, slots and poker.
YES! Using free bonuses and playing on the demo version of the games! But you must keep in mind that not all games are available for free. I.e., Live casino games.
ABSOLUTELY YES! And all you must do is create a free account using our referral link in the top table Indian casinos!


You already know some of the games you can play for free, as well as the bonuses that could help you enjoy this version of online entertainment.

You also know which casinos we recommend. And what’s more, now that you have the tools and the knowledge, it’s time to consolidate what you’ve learned through practice. So pick a gambling site, sign up and start having fun!

Just play responsibly and be aware that you are responsible for your behaviour and its consequences.