Bitcoin Casino – Guide To Bitcoin Payment

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Bitcoin is not a new language to people in the 21st century anymore, not any less the gambling world. In the industry, both players and casino operators have had to use bitcoin at one point or the other.

Yet, for the sake of clarity to those who might not know this and for some who know but want to know more, this article seeks to provide a guide to bitcoin payments at casinos.

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What is a bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casinos are casinos where you can play games with bitcoin. It means that when you register an account at these casinos, and you want to deposit money into your account, you can do that by paying with bitcoin from your bitcoin wallets.

This will be further explained in the subtitle “how to register and play with bitcoin at a casino”, but first, let’s check the meaning of bitcoin itself.

Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency (a digital currency) used to receive and make payments, play games and do everything the FIAT currency can do faster, even easier.

A FIAT currency is any country’s currency that is regulated by the government. Note that bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency, but it’s the most popularly used type of cryptocurrency, and it sets the flag rolling for others.

Bitcoin is money, but the money that can’t be held like your country’s currency. It can, still, be changed into the worth of any currency and used for anything.

Yet, you don’t need to go through all these to make use of bitcoin at casinos. Do you want to know how? It’s right here next.

How to register and play with bitcoin at a casino?

Registering at a bitcoin casino is not very different from doing the same at a normal casino. Even if there’ll be a difference in the process, it’s minimal, and you can get it easily. Let’s get into it then.

Step 1: look for a bitcoin casino

The first step in this guide is to look for a casino that accepts bitcoin deposits and bitcoin withdraws. It’s a known fact that there are many casinos on the net, but you need to be specific about your choice. You’re transacting using bitcoin, remember?

We know that this search can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, because although there are many casinos, there are still few that accept bitcoin as a method of payment.

But for that, you can rely on the list of the best casinos we have left for you. There, there are at least two options that accept bitcoin as well as Indian players.

Step 2: create an account

Since you’ve found a bitcoin casino, the next thing to do is to sign-up at the casino. Signing up is easy, but we’ll take you through the summary of the steps:

  • Click on the sign-up button.
  • Give your email, phone number, username, address, and any other thing as required by the bitcoin casino.
  • Also agree to the casino’s terms and conditions (this is, of course, after reading through them).

Step 3: fund your wallet

Getting to the real business and real deal. Funding your casino account in a bitcoin casino is easy. It is assumed you already have a bitcoin wallet that is fundedusing bitcoin (if not, the next subtitle will put you through how to get a bitcoin wallet).

For an already funded bitcoin wallet, all you need to do is copy your wallet address to a space provided on the casino.

The amount you intend on depositing will be deposited immediately. Remember that in the casino’s available payment options, you already picked bitcoin as your mode of payment.

Step 4: play your game!

Since your account is funded, you can then go ahead and choose any game you want via bitcoin currency. Play your game and have all the fun you want.

Also, remember to use the bonuses available for bitcoin users who newly signed up at a casino.

Advantages of playing with bitcoins online casinos

A lot of positivity is attached to playing games at a real money bitcoin casino; we’ll, still, highlight the 3 most important advantages.

Number 1: anonymity

Using bitcoin for payments at a casino grants you anonymity because you are not transacting from a bank account with all your details on it.

A bitcoin wallet only makes use of an address. This anonymity is one of the top reasons people love bitcoin and use it to play games at casinos.

Number 2: faster real money transactions

The depositing and receiving of money through bitcoin are faster than fiat money. The transaction is between your bitcoin account and your casino account, devoid of third parties and processes.

Bitcoin is also a digital currency, meaning that it travels at the speed of light. Not only are the transactions fast, but there are also no charges added to them.

Remember that third-party payment companies (like a PayPal Casino) deduct certain amounts from players’ accounts as charges for using their platform.

This is not so with Bitcoin payments. Although casino payment gateways are numerous, there is none like a BTC casino.

And number 3: special bonuses

Some bitcoin casinos give special bonuses and promotions to bitcoin users. Some of these bonuses include welcome bonus, sign-up bonus, reload bonuses, all in the value of BTC.

What makes them different is that BTC players get their bonuses as coins. It could be broken down to the equivalent of a currency such as USD or pounds.

How to set up a Bitcoin wallet?

Creating a BTC account is straightforward, not forgetting that this will precede anything you want to do in a Bitcoin casino.

A bitcoin wallet is a digital purse where you put bitcoin and where all your bitcoins transactions go in and out from.

  1. Pick a wallet type. There are different types of bitcoin wallets these days, and you can use any of them anytime. You can download an app if you want to use the mobile version. Make sure to download the right app for your phone version (Android or iOS).
  2. Set up an account with your email and passport, you’ll receive a verification message in your email. Click on confirm email. Once your email is confirmed, you’re onto the next step.
  3. Write down your recovery key number once you’ve set the 2-factor authentication. Always remember to set a very strong password.
  4. Pick any of the wallets available. You’ll also see bitcoin online and buy. You can buy directly from your bank account, and you can buy through P2P. The P2P allows someone else who is holding the kind of coins you want to send them to you without stress. When using bitcoin currency, all you need to do is copy your wallet address and send it to the person.
  5. Note that all your transactions are linked with your wallet address. Whether you want to send out coins, receive coins and play games at a bitcoin casino.

Types of Bitcoin wallets

It was mentioned that you could use any kind of wallet to set up your bitcoin account. Note that there are up to 10 types of wallets you can hold your coins with, but these 3 are the most peculiar types.

The following would be short explanations of the bitcoin wallets that are available for you to use.

Mobile wallets

Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Being one of the commonly used wallets, mobile wallets are used to store bitcoin. They help facilitate the receiving and sending of bitcoins through a simple process such as QR code scanning.

They’re made for Android and iOS, meaning it is designed mainly as apps compatible with either of these phones.

There is a hitch known to mobile wallets; they’re prone to malware viruses and hacking. You must check out options, research them before you buy bitcoin online.

Web Bitcoin wallets

There’s not much difference between mobile wallets and web wallets; the only difference is that the former is an app, the latter is a web browser-activated wallet.

You can access your Web bitcoin wallets on your desktop or mobile devices. It helps you keep keys private to you online.

When we talk of web wallets, we talk of Blockchain, Binance, and Coinbase. Web wallets, sttill, pose the same kind of threat as mobile wallets, viruses and hacking.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are very different from the rest. It is also the safest of them all. It keeps bitcoin in hardware equipment separate from the computer, and this is accessed anytime by connecting it with a USB cord.

It is also used to buy bitcoin online. They’re safe from viruses and scams if properly kept. Hardware wallets are bought; they’re not free to use.

Should a theft be recorded, it can be reported and properly tracked. Yet, most people prefer web and mobile bitcoin wallets because it is bitcoin free online and easily accessible.

Types of games at bitcoin casinos 

The games of a bitcoin casino are the same type of games a normal casino would have. A bitcoin casino is an upgraded online casino.

Therefore, your regular games are still there. You can find the following types of bitcoin games.

  • Table games: table games are played on a table; that’s why they’re called table games. There are very common table games played often, and there are those reserved for special players. You can find table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Caribbean Stud poker, casino war, Faro, Four Card Poker, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, etc.
  • Slot games: slot games are also popular at bitcoin casinos. Truth be told, they’re everywhere. Game providers make sure not to leave any slot game out because it seems to be one of the things players look out for in casinos. NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play ‘n’ Go, Yggdrasil, Novomatic are all game providers with some of the best slot games in the industry. Mega Moolah, Starburst, Queen of the Nile, Valley of Gods, Jimmy Reeves are examples of slot games you’ll find.
  • Sports: there’s often the sports section in a bitcoin casino, where you can play any type of sports game you want, from American football to cricket, handball, basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, boxing, badminton, bowling, horse racing, etc. Sports betting guide is available online to put you through betting on any of these games.
  • Video poker: Video poker is a type of bitcoin casino game that’s played with cards. Examples include Jack, Deuces, Flush, Aces and Faces, Aces Invaders, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Five Aces Poker, Hot Roll Poker, Royal Aces Bonus, Wheel Poker, etc.

Lovers of live dealer games make use of Ezugi casino. Note that you’ll find other types of games at an online bitcoin casino in India. For example, bingo games, casino games, poker, dice games are all available.

You can play any of these bitcoin games at any of our bitcoin casino brands:

  •   Fun88 casino.
  •   Spin Casino.
  •   Royal Panda. 
  •   JackpotCity.  
  •   LeoVegas.
  •   22bet.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A bitcoin casino, simply put, is an online casino that accepts bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, whether as the only option or with fiat currency.
For Bitcoin, you'll need to set your limit by yourself. This is to keep you in line with your spendings at the casino and to help you earn bitcoin online. 
Yes, there are thousands of slot games available at Bitcoin casinos.
Since there are several online casinos, you may need to be specific about choosing yours. To know a bitcoin casino, simply check the payment option methods of the casinos and see if bitcoin is an option. Another way to do this is to research generally online about casinos that accept bitcoin.


With much being written, bitcoin casinos are one of the best inventions of technology in finance. One would think that there is no chance for a digital currency in the world of multiple fiat currency options, but technology has paved the way.

Bitcoin casinos are everywhere nowadays, and they’re here to stay. Now one can buy bitcoin online and earn bitcoin online.

You may want to try to win bitcoin online anytime. All you need is to read again all that has been explained earlier and set your account rolling.

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