Top Online Hockey Betting Sites - Learn How To Bet On Hockey

Do you love watching hockey? Do you participate in hockey betting in India? Okay, would you like to pump in more excitement into the experience you often get? I kid you not; you’ve come to the right place. But one more question for you, how well do you place your bets? And is the betting platform you use offering the best experience and odds for Indians?

If all the above questions hit you, don’t panic! You are about to unearth all there is to placing a lucrative wager. And if you are a beginner and have been wondering how to become an expert hockey bettor, your search is over. This is the best and in-depth read you will undoubtedly come across as far as hockey betting is of concern. See, hockey betting in India is gaining popularity.

Loads and loads of punters are making a killing each day in any of the bookmarkers brands we suggested you in this article. And for these reasons, we find it necessary to equip you with the essential information. Believe it or not, the insights you will find in this read is a cocktail of everything hockey bettors in India use to make money.

And one PROMISE, everything will be concise and straightforward, no jargon. Thus, save yourself the hassle of bouncing back, and let’s learn. Pick up now one of the bookmakers you see in the right side table and start making money with hockey!

Best Hockey Betting Casinos - Review, Promos & Bonuses

What to consider while choosing a hockey betting site in India?

Hockey betting is one of the easiest sports to bet on in India. You only need to know the teams, conduct an analysis, place a wager, and when you’re correct, you win.

But since you will be putting in your money at risk, you need to learn the snipping of choosing lucrative hockey site there is in the market. So, here are some of the things you should consider starting off.


A reliable hockey betting site takes pride in how often it updates bookmakers, processes payouts, and responds to queries. If it denies any of these aspects, well, you’ll only do yourself justice by finding an alternative. Still, the site should provide live betting and offer rupees as the mode of depositing or withdrawing cash.

Here is the thing, hockey matches take place almost on a daily. Therefore, there ought to be an updated list of games as well as odds in the same way.

On the other hand, when you win, your rewards should reflect in your betting wallet soon. If it takes days to process payments, then the site should have an immediate explanation. Again, if you encounter challenges, the support team of the betting site you choose to wager in should ALWAYS be standby to attend to you. Simple!


Regardless of your mastery of hockey betting, you must put into consideration the quality of the odds you pick.

So more so, if you are to bet on fixed odds, the reward should be worth the risk. Of course, tough matches have somewhat low odds. But again, there ought to be a reasonable reward for each team in the betting market.

In this regard, for every hockey bet, your betting site should provide handicap odds, over or under odds, prop or specific odds, future ore outright odds, among others. This way, you will have more leeway to what you pick.


For you to trust strangers, they MUST walk there talk to win your heart. This also applies to hockey betting sites in India. You should never fall for a forum just because it runs some fancy commercials on TV or in magazines. NO!

The genuineness of a betting platform is paramount, and it’s what you should be looking to enjoy from the site you choose.

Here comes the kicker, an ideal way to uncover the credibility of a hockey site is to take a tour of its social media platform or the comment section on its blog.

Time and again, some online reviews aren’t genuine and serve as promotional tools for fly-by-the-night-brands. And also, the site should be legit, and this means, owns a license from governmental bodies like MGA and UKGC.

Promotions and bonuses

The main idea of signing up in a betting site in India for loads of punters is to make extra cash. But still, while you want to do this, the betting company you choose to go with ought to have a way to motivate or appreciate your presence.

In other words, a site that doesn’t offer you a reason to continue betting is worthless. An excellent one should give you bonuses and promotions.

How to get started with online hockey betting in India

The first step to start hockey betting is finding a suitable site. Any of our trustworthy sites undoubtedly carry the day as far as meeting all the law requirements and offering bonuses are of concern.

Again, in our years of experience in the betting market, we have never heard of anything absurd about them. So, if you are looking forward to a smooth, safe, and reliable betting experience, choose either of the sites, or better, ALL!.

From there, you ought to proceed to create an account. Often, you need to provide your full name, email address, phone number, among other personal details.

Also, you will need to include a username and a password, although the password is changeable. But, if you have to change it, you MUST ensure it is unique and hard to guess.

Once your site is verified, you will need to deposit cash into the betting wallet before you start placing wagers.

From your betting dashboard, you’ll see the section for adding funds. You can use your credit or debit card, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Paytm, MuchBetter, Skrill, Neosurf, Neteller, among others.

Afterward, it is time to bet. But to place a money-making wager, conduct an in-depth analysis of the games as well as the odds.

How to earn money online with hockey betting sites in India?

There are numerous ways to place wagers in hockey betting. Unfortunately, not all means will give you an edge over the bookmakers or even guarantee you a handsome reward. Considering the toughness of the odds in hockey, you need a solid plan.

To start, select the matches you want. Then, compare their odds with sites such as 22bet, Fun88, or any of our recommended brands of sport betting sites.

Doing this will help you unearth a decent platform with the most lucrative hockey odds in India. After you do your analysis, proceed to place a stake from the money in your betting wallet.

Once the games end and your predictions were successful, the reward will automatically reflect into your account. You can then withdraw the money, but remember to leave some for your next bet.

How to do hockey betting? And, is it legal?

Hockey betting on offshore companies isn’t illegal in India. Ideally, gambling laws are set at the state level and every Territorial Union.

In fact, the only requirement of bookmakers is they provide rupee as the mode of transacting cash. Therefore, as long as the site you want to play on is certified and offers rupee, you can place your prediction.

But again, you should consider talking to a lawyer to know more about the set gaming laws within your state.

Various types of hockey betting online

To bet on hockey, you need to be aware of the different types of betting that exist in the game. And don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, the bets are very similar to other sports such as football or cricket.

Moneyline wager

Moneyline wager is betting on the team you think will win the game. This is undoubtedly the easiest bet to wager. Check this; if you bet 1000 rupee on a team with an odd of 1.8 and it wins, you get 1800 rupee. The only catch in moneyline betting is bookmakers shrink the odds when loads of people favor a particular club to win. So, to counter this and stay ahead of the park, you should consider placing your wager long before the match kicks off, preferably a couple of days prior to the match date.

Future or outright betting

Future betting is basically placing a wager on a team you think will carry the league or tournament before the matches begin. Typically the bookmakers provide the future odds prior to the season. You must acquaint yourself with everything about the team you want. Some of the aspects to consider are their past performances, possibilities of buying or selling players, change of the coach, the relationship of players and the management, etc.

Totals betting

This betting is more prevalent in football betting but also applies in hockey. In totals betting bookmakers set a line for the number of goals or points in a match. Then, they give you the option of predicting whether the scores will be higher or lower than the set line. In other words, the odds will have a positive sign indicating over, or a negative sign indicating under. So, if you wager on a match with a total of -20, you ideally predict less than 20 scores for you to win. If you bet on +20, you’re telling the bookmaker that there will be more than 20 scores. In all these instances, the odds will ALWAYS have a decimal of .5 to break the chances of a tie.

Props betting

Props betting is wagering on slightly different aspects of a match apart from the number of scores in a game. In other words, the number of goals or points at the end of the game doesn’t affect your possible win. In fact, you can easily win your wager during the first few minutes of the game. Yet, this type of betting requires you have significant familiarity with the players and their style of playing. For example, you can wager on the team or player you think will score first, who will commit a foul first, which side will concede a corner first, among other snippets of the game.

Point spread betting

A point spread bet is predicting a hockey game to cover the spread and not necessarily the winner. This is to say; spreads are set scores’ limits in a match. The odds have a positive sign for the underdog and negative sign for the favorite before them. Is this confusing? Okay, here is an example. Assuming a hockey team is an underdog with a spread of +50 and you bet on it and it surpasses the spread, you definitely win. If it doesn’t pass the mark, you lose. Supposing the same value is on the favorite, the spread will read -50. This means if you place a wager on the team and it doesn’t exceed the 50 spread, you win. If it does, you lose.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is somewhat similar to point spread betting. But in a handicap bet, one team is either deducted or awarded points or a spread before the game starts. In the same breath, it’s crucial noting that when a team is awarded a spread, the odd often reduce, and the opposite also applies. So much so, if a hockey team has a spread of +10, its winning chances in a bet are more than the opponent. Likewise, assigning the same team has spread of -10, its winning possibilities would be less, although it may have better odds than the opponent.

Where to find the best hockey betting odds?

Having the know-how about what to consider is just one half to making money as a hockey better in India.

Your analysis and picks will only earn you hard cash if you choose the most reliable websites there are in the hockey market.

Not to forget, the betting site SHOULD be in line with the set guidelines. To make your betting process a breeze, we have put together a list of FIVE global hockey betting sites accepting Indians.

Trust us, these brands have been in the game for long, won awards, and pitch transparency and huge bonuses to punters. Here is what they offer.



Betway is one platform that offers rupees as the mode of transaction for hockey bettors. It again provides live betting and updates its bookmakers often to ensure you don’t miss anything. First-time gamers get a 100% welcome bonus on any deposit they make of up to₹60,000.

Betway guarantees timely processing of payouts and has a user-friendly interface that provides quick and easy access to different betting categories. Still, bettors can use their mobile app as an alternative.



22bet offers payment using rupees and supports live betting. On signing up, punters get a 100% welcome bonus. Hockey predictions are subjects to a profit boost of up to ₹10,000 and 22bet points. The minimum deposit you can make is ₹80 for new accounts.

At 22bet you can deposit and withdraw using Paytm, Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, MasterCard, Payeer, cryptocurrencies, Visa, bitcoin, among other methods. Deposits get credited instantly and are free to charge.



Fun88 provides around the clock response and has a fast and user-friendly website. The platform supports payment using rupees and offers live betting.

You can quickly deposit cash using credit cards, Skrill, cyptocurrency, among other online platforms. You will also receive a 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games. It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sports betting. The site is available in Hindi, and has one of the biggest betting markets in India regardless Hockey betting, cricket betting and football betting.



LeoVegas has a super-fast mobile app. The registration process takes barely two minutes. Its security features are fast class, and customer support is available round the clock.

Again, LeoVegas supports deposits and withdrawals using rupees. You can use a credit card or online payment platforms such as Skrill, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Neteller, among others. First-time bettors get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000, and there are frequent promotional bets for hockey gamers.

What is live hockey betting and how to do it?

Live betting is also called in-running betting and involves placing a wager while the match is taking place. Ideally, most bookmakers nowadays offer live betting.

All you need to win is pick your odds based on what you think will happen.

Fortunately, in live betting, you have the privilege to study the game before placing your prediction. Also, you can change your bet or put in a new one depending on how you deem fit.

The only catch to live betting is that odds fluctuate every few minutes, especially when a team scores. You need to keep checking the variations as well as watch the game or follow it remotely.

Some of the areas you can bet on in hockey betting include the next team to score, team to win the next corner, among others.

The number ONE advantage of live betting is you have huge chances of winning against the bookmakers. This is so since betting companies don’t have much time to analyze the odd effectively and may adjust it in your favor.

Hockey betting tips for Indians

We want you to succeed, so we’re going to give you some tips on how to bet on hockey so you can increase your chances of winning big.

Look for value

Underdog teams often have the best value. Why? Not many people bet on them. Hence, bookmakers have little or no business moving the betting line. As it is, all bookmakers try to make winning chances a 50/50 affair. So, when doing your analysis, try to focus on matches with underdogs. What is better, betting on a favorite with a 50% potential of winning but offers 5% profit or an underdog with a 20% possibility but provides 50% profit? A majority of betters would certainly go with what will bring in a higher reward.

Set a budget

It’s essential you have a betting budget and stick to it. Chipping into your upkeep money is unnecessary and may leave you broke. Still, you should never borrow funds to place a wager. Remember, the same way you can win is also similar to how you can lose. So, maintain professionalism and be disciplined.

Look out for special offers

As aforementioned, a reliable betting site should give out promotional bets and bonuses every once in a while. These two offers ought to help you place a risk-free wager. One nifty way to stay ahead and never miss special offers is to sign up for newsletter emails from your betting company. While at it, consider placing your wager in good time for a chance to benefit from enhanced odds. Towards the start of a match is when most punters rush to place their bets. As a result, the bookmaker may significantly shift the odd and provide a lower offer.


In summation, to become a proficient hockey bettor in India is not hard as most people assume. And with the above information, it even becomes simpler.

The best way to place bets is to sign up with several brands. So, pick our recommended hockey betting sites and start your journey TODAY.  As it is, millions of Indians are making good money. Why not you?