Play online Teen Patti for real money

Online Teen Patti game for real money is among the breeziest games in India. It takes place with three cards and rewards gamblers handsomely.

Today, you can play the game alone or with a friend using rupees. Again, you can get your hands on the gameplay and wager with bonus cash for a shot to win some money at any of our recommended casino brands.  

Play Online Teen Patti for Real Money

It is no doubt that any of them are perfect online casinos where you can play Teen Patti on a computer or smartphone. More so, it presents gamblers with a safe platform to wager and offers jaw-dropping bonuses.

Do you yearn to learn everything about online Teen Patti? If so, this article aims at guiding you through how to play the game for real money, rules to follow, and strategies to use.

Now, gear up to find out the details and check our other ideal online casinos to join for a chance to win and play with incentives!

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How to play Teen Patti online games?

Some gamblers assume playing Teen Patti online is arduous. But again, the process is easy, regardless of your proficiency in gambling. Below are the breezy steps to follow:

Online Teen Patti

Step 1: create a gaming account and deposit some cash

First things first, create an account at a website like any of the sites we suggested you in our top listed table. That way you make sure that the site is legit and offers outstanding bonuses and wagering terms.

When you choose a site, click on the option in the table to visit the casino’s website. Once there, locate and click on the register button.

Fill in the form with your real details such as name, last name, date of birth, email address, phone number, home address, among others.

When you have the data ready, submit the form. You will receive a confirmation email in which you must open and click on the link it contains. You will be redirected to your dashboard in the casino.

Next, deposit cash to earn the welcome bonus after being verified. Use the method you prefer, but we suggested you Visa, MasterCard, UPI/IMPS, net banking, Paytm, Skrill, Neteller, among others.

Step 2: go to the casino and search for Teen Patti games

Search for the Teen Patti game from the casino gameplay category. Choose the variation you want to play since there are multiple options. Yet, if you don’t know which one to pick, we will discuss some of the versions later in this writing to give you an idea of their layout.

Step 3: launch the game and play!

After settling on the version you want, launch the game. Surprisingly, you can play with friends or against other gamblers in the live dealer variation. Place the first bet, which is known as the Ante Bet. 

Step 4: analize your cards

You will then receive three cards facing up from the game’s dealer and should analyze them. In the same breath, the dealer will also deal three cards facing down to himself.

Step 5: it’s time to decide

Now, you should decide whether to fold or stand. More so, if you fold, it simply means that you give up the game and the Ante Bet.

On the other hand, if you stand, you imply that you are willing to proceed with the game and stake another wager on top of the Ante Bet. 

Step 6: revealing cards

After making your decision, the dealer will then reveal their cards. You should now compare your cards’ value and that of the dealer to know whose is higher.

If yours is the highest, you win the game. If the dealer’s hand is above yours, you lose both bets. In the event you both tie, the game results in a push, and you get back your stakes.

Overall, the size of reward you get after winning is subject to how much you wager and the type of bet you pull off. 

Rules for playing online Teen Patti

Although Teen Patti has closely related rules to poker rules, having them stuck at your fingertips makes wagering a cakewalk at online casinos. Below are detailed rules you should apprehend on the Teen Patti game:

  1. Hands rank in sequences, where three aces are ranked above the 2s cards. You will learn more about different hand-ranking techniques later in this article.
  2. A dealer is only allowed to deal three cards to each player at the playing table.
  3. Cards are dealt counterclockwise, with the player next to the dealer initiating each subsequent round.
  4. A player can decide to go blind, that is, failing to view their cards before playing. Yet, this is only eligible after the central pot of stakes is fully accumulated.
  5. The value of stake boils to whether the players have been playing blind or not. 
  6. The stake value is doubled or remains the same only if the current and the previous players play blind and if both players are not playing blind. An exception happens where the last player plays blind. In this case, the value of stake will be either multiplied by two or increased by four. 
  7. The highest number of rounds a player can play blind is four.
  8. The gamblers playing blind can only post a blind wager equal to or double their stake’s value.
  9. If all except one player fold, the game stops, and the last player wins the money in the pot. 
  10. If a player wants to join the game when it is in progress, they must wait until the subsequent wagering round.
  11. Each player has a maximum of 15 minutes to make a move.
  12. The cards count in ascending order, where 2 is the lowest, followed by 3, and A is the highest after K.

Reasons behind the popularity of Teen Patti game in India

Teen Patti is one of the top-ranked games with thousands, if not millions, of India’s fans. Below are some of the contributing factors to the popularity of the game in the country: 

  •  The shifting of gameplay from physical tables to online interface: thanks to technological advancements, Teen Patti can now be played on computers and, better still, on mobile phones. That makes playing and wagering easy for gamblers anytime, even while on a journey. 
  • Availability of multiple Teen Patti variants:  that helps gamblers choose the game’s preferred style without being restricted to a single version. So, everyone can play Teen Patti according to their level of knowledge of the game.
  • The game’s origin: the game is popular since it is played in gatherings, tournaments, and traditional Indian festivals like the Diwali celebrations. More so, it is believed it brings unity among participants.
  • Teen Patti is a family game. the Desi game is played with all age groups, which makes it easy to reunite family members. However, Indian renowned online casinos only allow adults to take part in wagering.

Useful 3 Patti strategies

Even though teen patti is a simple game of chances, several strategies can be adopted by anyone seeking to emerge a winner. Below are detailed skills you should employ if you’re up for a win.

  • Be confident: make it a norm to hide your fear. Placing bets buffs the other players who think you got a better card in your hand; this makes some of them fold, giving you a chance to wager against few opponents and win handsomely.
  • Analyze your cards: fold every time you feel your hand is weak.  That helps you not put in the second stake in the pot, preventing further losses.
  • Sometimes play blind: playing blind helps you reduce the number of chips you’re putting in the pot hence a high chance of winning and avoiding losses.
  • Go for a sideshow: this strategy allows you to compare your cards and those of the other players. Note that you should place your bet first before asking for a sideshow. Still, for this strategy to work, ensure your hand is stronger than that of the player who placed the last bet. 

Different variants of real money Teen Patti

The exciting bit about playing Teen Patti for real money is you will not be tied to wager on one version. Next are some of the variations you can learn and earn profits at Spin Casino: 

  • AK47: this Teen Patti is played with all the As, Ks, 4s, and 7s; all are joker cards. With the AK47 variant, a player with the most substantial hand wins the wager. The other game rules remain the same.
  • 4x Boot Variant: this is a version of more significant stake values and thick wins. Consequently, the starting stake value is four times the standard boot value. More so, the pot value increases tremendously, while the other rules are constant.
  • Lowest Joker Variation: in this version, the lowest card in each player’s hand becomes a joker.  If the players have a pair of the lowest card, they are considered to have two jokers. The wager rules remain the same, but the most substantial hand is that with tri jokers.
  • 999 Variation: here, a player should have a hand that is close to number 999 to win. Other rules remain unchanged.
  • Best of Four: it is a game played using the standard rules of Teen Patti. With the best of four variations, you create a 3-card sequence using four cards instead of the usual three.

Sequences in Teen Patti

Sequences in Teen Patti

Sequences in Teen Patti represent how a card is ranked or valued in the game. Below are those you should know:

  • Trail or Set sequence: here, a player has three cards of the same kind in his or her hand. It is the highest sequence in the game.
  • Pure sequence: it is referred to as a straight flush or flash with three consecutive suit cards. Even though A-K-Q is the best sequence, it has no value and doesn’t determine the winner.
  • Sequence: it is the same as the pure sequence, an exception being the cards don’t have to be from the same suit. When the cards are in consecutive order,  then it is a sequence.
  • Color sequence: this sequence is checked when a player has cards of the same suit in hand. Keep in mind that no claim is stronger than the other.
  • Pair sequence: here, a player has a couple of cards of the same value. The best pair is known to be 2 Aces, 2s. 

NOTE: a high card is not a sequence; if you have such a card in your hand, it’s better to fold.

3 Patti real money Paytm cash

Welcome to a flawless Teen Patti real-time Paytm banking where you can make deposits and withdrawals easily. Below are steps on how you should make deposits and withdrawals with Paytm.




Step 1: enter the number of rupees you wish to play with at the casino and select Net Banking.
Step 1: go to the cashier part of the Teen Patti casino site.
Step 2: enter your Paytm Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to the payment option.
Step 2: select withdrawal.
Step 3: confirm and accept the payment.
Step 3: enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
Step 4: log into your gaming account and play Teen Patti with real money.
Step 4: choose Paytm as your withdrawal method and wait for the cash to reach the account.

Enjoy Teen Patti live

In the live Teen Patti game, you have a chance to play in real-time against a real dealer. One of the gameplay’s top-most advantages is you enjoy a thrilling gaming experience at the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, the game accommodates multiple players. It takes place under camera monitoring every happening.

That often instills confidence while allowing you to interact with other gamblers. The best part is you can play the live game even on a mobile phone.

Various Teen Patti side bets

Pair plus side bet: this refers to a bonus bet a player gets after bypassing the main game. It is made with the Ante Bet.  A player puts a chip on the spotting box. You are eligible to earn a bonus payout only if you are dealt with a pair.

Six card bonus: it is a side wager where a player uses the cards to make a five-card hand.

Play 3 Patti games on a mobile app

A smartphone or a tablet set with a 4G internet connection allows you to play Patti games effortlessly. A Teen Patti player can either choose to play the game directly from their phone’s browser or download the app from a known casino site.

The advantage of playing on the phone is that the game is designed to fit on smaller screens, making it easier to play. Make a move, play, and win at any of our recommended casino brands using your phone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The number one winning sequence in Teen Patti is a hand with three aces.
If you have the same sequence as someone else then, the person with the highest card value wins the game.
Well, you might always find yourself on the losing side if you don't analyze your hand or know when to stand or fold.
Yes. There is an app for the game you can download online.
That will depend on the site you join, but most online casinos allow staking as low as 100 rupees.


Online Teen Patti versions are emerging each day and are offering gamblers real cash winnings. And despite the games involving luck, they have easy-to-understand rules.

More so, arming yourself with the guidelines makes it more convenient to stand a winning opportunity while playing at any of our suggested online casinos.

Now, if you want to wager with some extra cash, become a member at any of them using our referral link, deposit some cash, claim your bonus and let the party begin by playing Teen Patti online!


Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here