Learn How To Count Cards In Blackjack

Card counting in blackjack is a technique you may have heard of in movies and series. And while you may think it’s fiction or a very complicated technique, today we’re going to explain it to you!

This technique will raise your betting level by helping you make better betting decisions. And it doesn’t matter if you are new to playing online blackjack, card counting can be learned very quickly.

And with practice you’ll master it in no time. Where can you practice? At any of our recommended casino brands! So, head over to the sites to find out what they have to offer and claim your welcome bonus!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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What is blackjack card counting and how does it work?

This is a technique that consists of keeping track of the dealer’s cards at the table. What is this used for? To give you an idea of your chances of winning or losing.

And no, it’s not about having a perfect memory, it’s about considering the cards and flops that are in play. Card counting is an extra skill that will help you play online blackjack more effectively.

Steps to counting cards in Blackjack

There are many techniques in blackjack card counting. But today we will explain the easiest one to learn. This is known as “Hi-Lo” or “Plus-minus count”. To apply it, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: give a value to each card

The Hi-Lo technique consists of assigning a value to each card. This value is what will add or subtract points to your tally, and is assigned according to the value of the card. To do this, consider the following intervals:

  • Cards from 2 to 6, add one point.
  • Cards 7, 8 and 9 add nothing.
  • Cards 10, J, Q, K and A subtract one point from the count.

Why these intervals? The odds of the next card are taken. For example, if the card dealt is a 2, you add a point to the count.

This is because there is a higher chance that the next card will be a high number. The middle interval (7, 8 and 9) is 0 because the odds of getting a low or high card are the same.

Step 2: keep track of the card count based on the value of each card

Now, when the online blackjack game starts, so does the blackjack card counting game.

Counting starts at 0. When the dealer starts dealing the cards, it is time for you to start counting, keeping in mind the value assigned to each card. To do this, we are going to explain it to you with an example.

The dealer deals the cards face up J, 10, 2, 8, 5, 3 and 4. And, he leaves one card face down. If we consider the value assigned to each card, the values of each card would be: -1, -1, +1, 0, +1, +1 y +1. Now, we add these values together: -1-1+1+0+1+1+1 = +2.

The card that is flipped over is not counted until its value is revealed. This process repeats with every hand the dealer deals. Furthermore, it always starts at 0.

Step 3: analyses the information with the actual value of the deck

When you have finished counting the cards, it is time to analyse the information you have gathered in the process. In Hi-Lo, the system boils down to two simple answers:

  • If the value of the count is positive, you have a better chance of beating the house.
  • But, if the value is negative, the blackjack casino is more probable to win.

Why we like this card counting? Because if you get a negative or extremely low count, it means that the dealer has more probabilities of getting a good hand. This is since there’s a big chance of drawing a low card in the next dealt.

Step 4: adjust your bets to the actual count

Now that you have the value of card counting, it’s time to make big decisions by considering the different scenarios.

  • For example, if the value is too small, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. And also, if there is still an undrawn card, you need to consider the value of your hand more, as that one card left out could change things in the blink of an eye.
  • If the value of the count is well defined (greater than 4) and there is only one unturned card, you should ideally go by the count. If it is positive, continue betting. But if it’s negative, it’s best to fold.

This process of deciding, in blackjack card counting game, is known as true count fixing or deck counting. And it has an added bonus that will help you play with several decks:

  • The value of the current count is divided by the remaining decks. And the value it gives you is the true count value that will help you know your true chances of winning.

As you can see, card counting is super simple, and in 4 easy steps we have explained it. Now that you know it, we encourage you to register at a casino and start putting it into practice.

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Does card counting in blackjack really work?

Of course, it does. It is not a strategy invented on a whim. It is based on simple probabilities applied to the playing deck.

The truth is that online blackjack, like other casino games such as poker or roulette, are games that involve a lot of mathematics and statistics.

And simple card counting is a probabilistic tool that helps to get a real idea of the possibilities that can occur during the game.

Is there another card counting strategy in blackjack?

YES! But these are recommended for experts as they are considered advanced card counting techniques. Do you still want to know them? Here are some of them:


This is the first blackjack card counting strategy we’re going to talk. This is another balanced card count as your system starts at zero. But it is slightly different from Hi-Lo when it comes to assigning values.

  • You will score one point, if the card is a 2, 3 or 7.
  • You will add two points if the card is a 4, 5 or 6.
  • Less one point if the card is a 9.
  • Less two points if the card is a 10, J, Q or K.
  • The 8 and the A do not add or subtract. That is, their value is 0.

The counting process is the same, and the result of the count is reflected in:

  • A positive value means that there is a greater chance of getting low value cards. This means that the house has the advantage.
  • A negative value means that there is a greater chance of getting high value cards. And this, in other words, means that the advantage is on your side to win online blackjack.

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Wong Halves

Its name is due to its creator: Stanford Wong. And the counting system is a bit more complex, as the assignment of values for each card is as follows:

  • Add one point for cards 3, 4 or 6.
  • Add half a point when the card is a 2 or 7.
  • Add 1.5 points when the card is a 5.
  • Subtract half a point when the card is a 9.
  • Subtract 1 point when the card is a 10, J, Q, K or A.
  • An 8 is equal to 0 points in this system.

This system is complex as there are more counting assignments, but it is often a little more accurate. Furthermore, it also falls into the category of balanced systems by starting each game with the counter at 0.

One of the online blackjack tips of counting we can give you if you use this system is to double the value assigned to each card. This way you will avoid adding fractions and it will be easier for you to keep track of your mental count.

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Perks and cons of count cards in blackjack

Do you want reasons to do card counting in Blackjack? Here are the ones that our experts think are the most important and will help you improve your game:

  • Card counting using the Hi-Lo method is super easy to learn. In just one or two rounds, you will get familiar with ease using this strategy to know your probabilities of winning a hand
  • Your winning rates will increase exponentially. This is thanks to the true count that let you know you real chances of winning a game
  • Knowing your odds with the counting method can reduce the risk of large losses when playing blackjack
  • Card counting not only helps with your playing strategy, it also increases experience, fun and concentration

Tips to win using card counting in blackjack

We know that playing using card counting can sound exciting. And while we’ve given you a step-by-step guide to the different methods, we’d like to leave you with a few extra tips:

  • Don’t use any device or app to do the counting. This is prohibited in both land-based and online casinos. And if you get caught, you can be restricted from accessing them
  • If you are new to blackjack, the first thing you should know is the blackjack rules and form of the game. Then, when you have mastered the above playing free blackjack games, you can start applying the Hi-Lo technique. Don’t start with the advanced ones, no matter how accurate they are, as they will be difficult to master and you will become frustrated
  • Start small, even when the odds are in your favour. This will help you become familiar with the technique. Also, remember that odds are not a total certainty that you will win
  • Before trying blackjack counting strategies, we suggest that you try basic blackjack strategies. These are split pairs, totals and final bet
  • Play with live dealers only when you get familiar with the game in the online version. The best provider for playing blackjack is Evolution gaming


No, it isn’t. It only needs practice and patience to get familiar with the technique. Remember to get an expert in any field it’s about practice, practice and more practice. 

No, it isn’t. Card counting in blackjack is about keeping track of the high and low cards in play.

Yes! You can play blackjack online for free. But you cannot play with live dealers since live blackjack is only available with real money. 

No. Blackjack card counting requires you to know all the rules and basis of the game.

No, that’s why you should search for blackjack casinos to make sure you subscribe to a site that does have blackjack in its game catalogue.

If you don’t use a device or an app to card counting it isn’t illegal. Yet, you must know that this practice isn’t allowed in casinos, so you should use with care. 


You know all about card counting in Blackjack. Now we encourage you to go to a safe casino and start practising what you have learned by plying real money blackjack. Which blackjack casino is good? There are many we recommend for various reasons. But for instance, Betway, LeoVegas, 22bet, Fun88, Royal Panda and even JackpotCity are some of the most populars in this field. Before we finish, we want to make it clear that we are not responsible for your actions. Our mission is to give you valuable information to improve your gaming experience. But we take no responsibility for what you decide to do after reading our articles.