Best Skrill casinos online for Indian players

Skrill casinos are some of the best platforms you can deposit and withdraw cash effortlessly while enjoying friendly transaction charges. In the same vein, Skrill is one of the few money-transacting platforms that allows you to transfer money to loads of countries worldwide, including India.

Its headquarters are in London, UK, and the company boasts several awards for being the best digital wallet.  Luckily, JackpotCity is a reputable gaming site that allows gamblers to make payments with Skrill. Still, it supports using the rupee currency to wager and rewards first-time gamers with up to 160,000 rupees as the welcome token.

If you create a gaming account on the site today, you will enjoy thousands of casino games and wager with friendly terms and conditions. Loads of bonuses and other promotions await you on the other side!

Today, we want you to join us as we uncover everything about Skrill casinos. More so, put on your resonance hat and roll up your sleeves to learn more, but below, we have put together some of the gaming brands you can use. Open any of them to see the goodies available and sign-up!

Top 8 Skrill casinos In India 2023

Top online casinos where you can transfer money using Skrill

Skrill e-wallet continues to steal the hearts of loads of gamblers, thanks to the impressive number of online casinos it supports.

Yet, with loads of gaming sites popping up each day, finding the best brand to use can be challenging. Below are reputable, top-rated gaming sites, you can deposit and withdraw cash securely using Skrill:

Spin casino

Spin casino

Spin Casino offers hundreds of casino games from Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and other software developers. As it stands, the games undergo auditing and are compatible to play with Android and iOS devices.

On the other hand, new gamers get a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees, depending on the first deposit they make. Still, they enjoy VIP promotions such as free spins and cashback on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The wagering requirements on the site are friendly, and depositing cash via Skrill is free. So, if you want to join one of the best casinos in the world for over 20 years, use our affiliate link.

You will find it in the top casinos tab in this article. Clicking it will take you to the official Spin Casino site and give you the opportunity to get the best deals around!

Betway Casino

Betway Casino

Betway offers up to 60,000 rupees to first-time gamers as a welcome bonus. It has an impressive list of casino games and allows wagering with Android, Windows, and iOS phones.

In the same vein, it supports depositing cash for free through Skrill. If you register your gaming account at the site today, you will enjoy friendly withdrawal fees and wagering requirements.

At Betway you can enjoy both online casino games and live casino games. And all you have to do is create a FREE account by using our affiliate link by clicking on the Betway button in the table.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Royal Panda offers video poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and baccarat. It also has live dealer games and a loyalty program.

On the other side, new gamers enjoy up to 10,000 rupees as a welcome bonus. Luckily, the minimum deposit limit is 1,000 rupees, and you can wager with a gaming app.

Again, you will be depositing cash through Skrill for free. And you can also withdraw money for free via Skrill!

Play casino games online using Skrill services

Skrill services allow gamblers to play loads of casino games at a gambling site. Well, the plethora of games can be overwhelming, in particular for novice gamblers.

As a result, below are some of the most popular casino games you can play for real cash and their overviews: 

Skrill blackjack

This is a card game and takes place on a table. Its objective for winning is to land a total card value of 21 without going overboard or anything closest to 21 but above the dealer’s hand.

The game comes in multiple variations such as the Blackjack Switch and European Blackjack. Still, you can play free blackjack games that come as demos of the real gameplays.

Skrill roulette

This game is popular among newbies and experienced gamblers thanks to its easy-to-learn nature. It involves wagering on numbers and the croupier throwing a ball on a giant rotating wheel.

If the wheel stops and the ball lands on your prediction, you automatically win a reward. Remarkably, the game comes in exciting versions such as American Roulette, European Roulette, and Evolution French Roulette. 

Skrill baccarat

This is an easy-to-understand game that requires you to wager on three sports only, namely the banker, the tie, or the player.

It takes place on a table and involves cards. Natheless, it has some unique rules you should learn before wagering. Still, it would be handy if you take the time to understand the Martingale and the Paroli betting systems.

Some popular baccarat versions include Baccarat Banque and European Baccarat.

Skrill slots

These are machine games from loads of software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. They have different symbols, reels, rows, themes, graphics, paylines, and unique features.

Ideally, the games involve rotating reels, and winning requires you to land a combination of identical symbols on the set paylines. The results occur from randomly generated numbers, and rewards are subject to the house advantage. 

Live dealer casinos

These games are ideal for gamblers seeking to wager with human dealers in wheel and cards’ gameplays. Live dealer casinos take place in real-time and occur in HD video feeds. The games come in different versions of live blackjacklive roulette, and live baccarat

Play mobile games with Skrill casinos

Most Skrill casinos allow gamblers to stake with smartphones. Fortunately, you can access all the sites, as mentioned earlier, through your Android and iOS phone.

And as though not enough, you can download a gaming app for free and use it to place real-cash wagers conveniently. Or, you can utilize your phone’s browser, such as Google, and play your favorite games. 

Remarkable, you can access mobile casino games from anywhere provided you have a stable internet connection.

If you opt for a mobile casino app, you will play effortlessly and initiate payments by merely making a few taps on your phone’s touch screen. The best part is you can get exclusive bonuses and plenty of promotions for using an app. 

Why pay with Skrill in online casinos?

To be honest, Skrill is an excellent gateway to make online casino payments. Anyone who owns a Skrill account can attest to the benefits available on the platform. Below are some of what you will enjoy if you start using it today: 


The transparency at Skrill speaks volumes since you can understand the transaction fees effortlessly. Gamblers can obtain a real-time quote before making payments.

Besides from that, the transaction fees are not discriminative and are available to casino sites that support using Skrill payments to deposit and withdraw cash. 


One benefit that stands out for gamblers about Skrill is the leeway to transfer cash internationally and make payments through bank transfer, SOFORT, or credit and debit cards.

Most notable, regardless of your location in India, you can directly receive some money into your bank account. You can also download the Skrill mobile app and enjoy more convenience while transacting cash in and out of your gaming site. Still, you can transact cash in rupees hence no need to worry about currency conversions. 

Customer support

Skrill scores top when it comes to how gamblers rate its customer support framework. The platform has a FAQ section you can easily access and understand the content, thanks to its availability in the multiple language.

The customer support staff at Skrill are reachable via live chat and email. Luckily, you can still get help on the site’s help center even if you haven’t signed up. 

Security and credibility

Skrill is a well-established company owned by the Paysafe Group. It has about 20 years of offering payment services to gamblers and over 20 offices globally.

Currently, the platform’s licenses are from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the U.S Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

The Skrill website uses 128-bit encryption and Security Socket Layer technology that is certified by VeriSign. That means gamblers’ log-in details such as bank account or credit and debit card numbers are always safe from third parties. 

Transaction fees and limits

Skrill is in no doubt cheap to transfer cash. Its exchange rates and fees are friendly, and you can transact as low as USD $1 or the equivalent in rupees.

Yet, the least amount of cash you can deposit or withdraw from a gaming site through Skrill must be above the set limit.

More so, cross to no online casino will allow a transaction of $1. Luckily, you can withdraw up to USD $25,000 or the equivalent in rupees in a month. 

How does Skrill money transfer work in online casinos?

Jumping off, you only need a recipient’s account details, address, and name to transfer cash to them. But first, you should create a Skrill account, have it verified, and load it with money.

More so, you should visit the Skrill official website and sign up. The signing up process takes a few minutes. You only need to provide your name, email address and create a password.

From there, submit the details and proceed to verify your identity. Ideally, the verification process may vary depending on your location. Natheless, below are the steps and credentials you should provide:

  • Personal information: here, you should provide your name again, date of birth, address, and a government-issued identification document such as insurance, social security, or national identification number. 
  • Questions: you may receive an invitation to answer a set of knowledge-based questions. Arguably, that will be aimed at confirming your age. 
  • Additional information: if Skrill isn’t satisfied with the information you offer, you may have to provide a color copy of your national identification card or a passport. In the same breath, you may have to take a picture holding your ID and give proof of your home address by showing any of your utility bills or bank statements for the last three months. 

How to deposit and withdraw funds from casinos using Skrill?

Fortunately, as aforementioned, Skrill has a mobile wallet you can use to deposit and withdraw cash in online casinos.

On the flip side though, sending money from one Skrill account to another Skrill account is inconvenient, slow, and expensive. That aside, below is how you can make payments using Skrill in casinos:


Skrill deposit  is easy but involves a few steps. First, you should choose a gaming site and create an account. Then, head to the casino’s cashier or banking page and select Skrill within the e-wallet section as your depositing method. 

Now enter the amount of cash you want to deposit but ensure it is above the online casino’s set limit. You will then be required to verify the transaction before it can be processed.

More so, you will be prompted to log into your Skrill account and key in your email address and password before clicking on confirm.

Afterward, wait for a confirmation message and then return to your gaming account. Your deposited cash will be available, and you can use it to wager. 


Withdrawals follow an almost similar process to depositing cash. After winning, go to the cashier section on your gaming account and select Skrill. Then, enter the amount of money you wish to cash out. 

Afterward, log into your Skrill account and confirm the transaction. You may be required to provide some identification details to verify your identity.

After you finish that, wait for the withdrawal to be processed, and you will receive cash to your bank account in two to five working days. 

Online Skrill casino bonuses

Skrill casino bonuses are plenty but vary in size. Still, they come at different intervals and are often discriminative about when and who can access them. Below are the freebies you can expect from our recommended brands:

  • Welcome bonus: you get this reward after signing up and depositing your first bunch of cash. As a result, you can wager with an impressive risk-free bankroll. Fortunately, all our recommended sites give a 100% welcome bonus that is often accompanied by free spins for wagering in slot games. 
  • Deposit bonuses: these offers are available when depositing cash for the second time onwards. You can get them a couple of times, but that depends on the gaming brand you join. 
  • VIP promotions: these giveaways are given to regular gamers only. They result from depositing cash and wagering regularly. 
  • Game special bonuses: these freebies are mostly available for playing new games. They act as enticements to attract gamblers to wager at the site risk-free. Still, the offers help gamers learn the games.
  • Device special bonus: this incentive is for gamblers who use a casino site’s gaming app to wager. Gamers get it after downloading the app on their Android or iOS devices.

What are the transfer time and exchange rate of Skrill payments?

Skrill payments in and out of online casinos are cheap and secure. On the other hand, the transaction and currency exchange fees are immensely competitive than other e-wallets globally.

More so, depositing cash from your debit and credit cards to your Skrill Account does not attract additional fees. Still, your card issuer can subject you to a foreign transaction fee that may be higher than average.

The good news is, Skrill will allow you to make payments for free to your bank account or mobile wallet account. 

On the other hand, the exchange rate at Skrill is transparent. Gamblers enjoy the standard interbank rate for using the platform.

Notably, you will always be deducted the correct and exact exchange rate, with no hidden charges.

And as luck would have it, your deposits to online casinos will reflect into your gaming account the same day, but withdrawals may take 3 to 5 working days to be processed, depending on the amount of cash and the gaming brand you use to wager. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an alternative payment method available for Skrill users, which can be used to send and receive cash in online casinos in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You can expect about 38,077 rupees, but that will depend on the exchange rate at the transaction time.

You can achieve that by wagering at our recommended platforms and using the Skrill price estimator before making payments. That way, you can postpone a transaction, assuming the exchange rate is high.

That depends on the channel you utilize. If it is a wire bank withdrawal, it can take two to five working days. As for a VISA or MasterCard, the duration can be a maximum of seven days. 

Yes, you can request a statement anytime you want to assess how much you spend on wagers.

That depends on whether you are withdrawing to your bank account or VISA card. If it is the bank, you will pay a flat charge of $5.5 or the equivalent in rupees. As for the card, you may part with about 7.5% of the cash, but that will depend on your banking provider or card’s issuer terms and rates.


Skrill casinos are free to create despite offering instant deposits. The security and transparency frameworks are top-class.

Currently, Skrill has a referral program it uses to reward its customers. If you start using Skrill casinos today and invite your friends to sign up at Skrill, you will get 10% of the fees they pay after a year of using their accounts.

Natheless, you must note that our site is not related to or associated with Skrill. As a result, the platform can change its terms or even decide to block an online casino from accessing the payment service.

Therefore, confirm whether the site you are about to sign up at allows depositing and withdrawing through Skrill.

Or, you can opt to use bank transfers to make payments at a gaming platform since they are acceptable in almost all Indian online casinos.

With that in mind, it is time to start using Skrill. If you still don’t have a gaming account, pick any of the sites we mentioned and sign up now.