Mega Moolah slot machine – Review & playing guide 2023

True to its alias ‘the Millionaire Maker,’ Mega Moolah slot gaming in India is a game for champions.

This exciting play of slots provides bettors with an enthusiastic experience and keeps them at the edge of their sits, wanting a piece of the action every passing minute.

Furthermore, currently, it is potentially offering punters in India a breakthrough to pump into their bank accounts millions of rupees.

Are you still wondering what the Millionaire Maker is all about? Okay, that is why we are here today to help you get LOADS of acquaintance with Mega Moolah.

And if you are an experienced gamer, but you want to better your gaming style as well as life, then you need to stick around for our juicy insights.

Top 8 Mega Moolah slot machine Casinos With Honest Reviews

What is Mega Moolah slot?

Taking the name ‘MEGA MOOLAH‘ in a literal sense. ‘Mega‘ means very large, and ‘Moolah‘ means money. So much so, if you join the dots, you can conclude that this slot game aims at winning you a colossal chunk of cash.

And true to this statement, the several past jackpot winners have gone home with a couple of MILLION rupees in their accounts. Do you want to join the MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB while playing slot games?

Well, first, you need a refined site with-out-of the-ordinary bonuses and free spins. Go with either Spin Casino or Yeti Casino, or better still both to increase efficiency and your leeway to place more wagers. To be honest, it’s often hard to win huge rewards while cringing onto one site.

Now that you have an idea of where to play, let’s get right into unearthing ALL the details you need to become a terrific gamer with the crackerjack Mega Moolah slot gaming in India.

Before that, pick your casino and start making money right away!

Facts about the Mega Moolah slot gaming in India

Similar to other slot games, you can never become a MASTER without first learning the basic terms and rules. So, let’s familiarize ourselves with a few aspects right off.


The Mega Moolah slot gaming in India has 25 paylines and five-reel slots. Fora single spin, you can bet from as little as 0.25 coins to a maximum of 6.25 coins.

But you must understand that you win only on the lines you wager on. It is then advisable you activate a bunch of payline or all of them to increase your chances of winning.


In the Mega Moolah slot gaming in India, you will find compelling imagery divided into two main categories. They include the regular and specialized symbols.

The regular symbols

The regular symbols are as follows: the elephant represents an ace, the buffalo for the king, giraffe for the queen, zebra for the jack, and kudu to signify the no. 10card.

The specialized symbols

There are other symbols you should know about this slot machine. These are the specialised symbols. These, if they appear, help you win big!

For they are wild symbols, scatters and even unique symbols that combined, create multipliers and juicy prizes that you can’t help but claim!

The wild multiplier

This symbol is often a lion, and it is the one that completes a winning combination by substituting the missing ones.

For instance, if three identical symbols make a winning combo, but you only get two in the five-reel with a lion as part of the spin, you still win.

Here the lion will serve as the third missing piece. A win is also a guarantee if you get multiple lion symbols on any of the 25 active pay lines.

The scatter symbol

This symbol has a monkey face on it. The sign can win you cash from whatever position it is on the five reels, even if it doesn’t appear on the same payline.

Free spin bonus

The free spins in Mega Moolah slot gaming in India commence with a click that provides you with 15 free spins. But to get the trigger, you must first get three monkey symbols on the five reels.

The fun part of choosing the free spin bonus is that all your winnings are multiplied by three. The money you win is then added to the total after you resume the standard game.

The only downside, however, is that the jackpot is no longer progressive if you alter the spin cycles.

The autoplay feature

Mega Moolah slot gaming in India offers players with an easy-to-use autoplay feature that involves the system doing the spinning for them.

What you need to do is select a card and a pay-line and let the computer do the magic. The autoplay could go on and on for as long as you wish. And once you get to your limit, it reverts to manual operation.


Themes accessible in online Mega Moolah slot gambling in India proffer the game a delightful twist. Each interface has a different feel to it, making the experience of participating even more enjoyable. And the themes are as follows;

The wild Mega Moolah African theme

This is the original version of the game adorned with an eccentric African setting of the savanna complete with the animals.

This interface gives you the feel of a safari as you bet on the five reels. You have access to the wild, free spin, bonus, multiplier, and scatter symbols. Apart, you enjoy the auto spin feature, and the jackpot is utterly progressive.

The Mega Moolah American theme

The second thrilling theme on the list is the Mega Moolah slot gaming in India 5 reel drive slot. Here the player has ten free spins, and the winnings are multiplied by five.

If it is your lucky day and you hit the mega jackpot, you will win at least a million on a maximum bet of 15. The significant prospect win will knock your socks right off.

The Mega Moolah Summer theme

If summertime is your favorite season, then you will enjoy online Mega Moolah slot gaming in India in this theme.

The summertime theme provides players with a hefty earning with wild, free spins and four progressive jackpots through wheel spins. The scatter beach scene gives you 15 free spins with a tripled winning.

Mega Moolah Egyptian theme

This Egyptian theme, also known as Isis, offers visitors a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots. This game involves a wild that doubles your bounty. The scatter triggers 20,25 or 30 free spins with a multiplier of six.

What to check before settling on a Mega Moolah slot gaming site in India?

Right from the start, betting on slots is a game of fortune. And to a degree, you owe it to yourself to get the best in the sport for a streamlined experience.

Remarkable, it is annoying using a site with slow loading time or delayed transactions. So much so, look into the following aspects whenever you want to try online Mega Moolah slot gaming in India.


In light of finding the authenticity of sites offering Mega Moolah slot gaming in India, you first look into their licensing details.

Skipping this step has detrimental repercussions of losing your money, or worse of, getting arrested. In the same vein, you should check what the masses are chatting about on the internet.

If most comments and reviews are positive, that’s an excellent platform for you. One site that boasts authenticity in the slots casino gaming as well as betting markets are any of our recommended casino brands.

It is by far a giant globally recognized and certified by the UK Gambling Commission and the MGA hence no chances of dubious activities if you wager on it.

User-friendly interface

To be honest, with the level of technology in this era, finding a site you can easily manoeuver through is a gift that will give you an upper hand and save you time.

You SHOULDN’T fall for a platform whose features are all over the screen. Likewise, don’t choose a site that overlaps from the main screen, forcing you to drag the screen to access some of the hidden buttons.

That said, the dashboard should be effortlessly accessible, and the buttons responsive and well-aligned to provide a breezy and friendly gaming experience.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Getting paid fast makes betting fun. For this reason, a site offering the Mega Moolah slot game in India should provide punters with a fluid encounter for processing transfers.

On top of that, the site MUST provide these payments in rupees since it’s the nationally accepted currency form by law.

Extra features that allow banks and online money transfers available in India will be an added advantage to the site you pick.

So, ensure the brand you fry with supports numerous online transfer methods such as MuchBetter, AstroPay, Neosurf, Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, among others.

Rules and regulations

No gaming activity can successfully take place without clear rules and guidelines.

As a result, to have a successful spinning experience on the site you wish, you have to spare a few minutes and peruse through its rules and regulations.

Check the terms and conditions governing the exchanges and everything involved. In the same breath, be sure to pay attention to reading the edicts, including the fine print, while paying critical attention to limitations.

If you see anything unfavourable, find an alternative platform. But assuming everything is perfect, proceed to start your gaming adventure.

How to get started with Mega Moolah slot gaming in India?

As soon as you have settled on an excellent site, you will first need to create an account before you can start getting a thrill off the game.

For this part, provide the preferred website with your credentials. This will include your full names, email address, phone number, age, and other details. Don’t forget to set a password for security reasons.

Shortly after, you will have to confirm your registration via an email message sent to your inbox. And once you do so, via the link provided, you will be redirected to your gaming dashboard.

Then, transfer funds from your bank account using wire transfer methods into your e-wallet or use online platforms before you can start spinning.

If the site offers welcome bonuses or free spins, do not hesitate to redeem them. Be sure to utilize them first before digging into the funds in your betting wallet.

How to play and earn money with Mega Moolah gaming in India?

We want to give you some extra tips that will considerably improve your game strategy; and as a consequence, you will be able to win more times in a row.

Keep in mind, though, that these are tips and not expert advice. Thus, we are not responsible for your actions at any time.

The specialized symbols

Mega Moolah slot gaming in India is perhaps, one of the most candid slot games you will ever come across. Often, on a spin, if you land a wild symbol (lion) alongside any other two matching activated pay lines, you win.

In the same way, when you land three or more scatter symbols (monkey) across the reels, you trigger a free spin bonus, which can potentially earn you up to 225,000 coins.

The third way you can make money is through the progressive jackpots, which keep accumulating spin after spin.

In this manner, you win through an off-screen game called the jackpot Bonus wheel triggered at random after an exceptional spin.

To qualify, you bet a minimum of 0.25 coins per spin. It is notable that, if you higher your stake, your chances increase as well.

These progressive jackpots fall under mini, minor, major, and mega prizes. The first two prizes occur several times a day, the third, at least once, and the mega every so often.

So much so, they are in no way predictable, but you can open the paytable to assess the likelihood of every combination to win you cash.

Doing this will without a doubt give you more familiarity with what works, and when it is more favorable to wager on either of the jackpots.

Is Mega Moolah slot gaming in India legal?

Mega Moolah slot gaming in India through offshore sites isn’t explicitly illegal. The prohibitions on gambling do not apply if you steer clear from unlawful sites.

As long as you stick to a reliable platform like any of our recommended brands, you will be allowed to wager in some games in a state like Sikkim and a bunch of others.

Natheless, it is wise for gamblers to consult a lawyer to know whether their state allows wagering in online games.

Where to find the best gaming experience in Mega Moolah slot gaming?

While it is true that we have left you some of the brands we recommend in a table that you have already seen.

We want to go one step further and give you a brief overview of some of the sites that stand out for having Mega Moolah slot among their top games:



This gambling site has handsomely paying bonuses of up to 30,000 rupees when you sign-up. The platform, in the same way, provides Mega Moolah slot gamers more than 60 different jackpots.

This is a plus to getting up to 50 free spins depending on the win you pull out.

The site supports money transfer using rupees, and you can make deposits via wire bank transfers or online platforms such as MuchBetter, Neteller, Neosurf, Astropay, Trustly, Skrill, among others.

The minimum first-time amounts you can put into your betting wallet is 1,000 rupees or an equivalent of USD $15 and get a 100% bonus on it instantly.

You can again withdraw from as little as 100 rupees up to 1,000,000 rupees in a single transfer. The platform has a user-friendly mobile app, excellently designed with an additional fingerprint login feature and speedy loading time. LeoVegas security features are top-notch, and the customer support team works around the clock to ensure you don’t face glitches when playing.

Furthermore, the site allows you to make three free withdrawals every month, but if you are transferring cash into a bank account, some charges may chip independently on the brand you use.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Royal Panda gives new gamers a 100% bonus of up to 10,000 rupees and ten free spins on their first deposit upon sign up. You will also get 1 free sports betting opportunity when you deposit at least 2,000 rupees.

On Fridays, the platform gives you a chance to get a 50% Bamboo Bonus. After that, you need to wager your bonus 35 times, and within 90 days, else it becomes void. The minimum first-time deposit stands at 1,000 rupees or an equivalent of USD $15.

Royal Panda has more than 24 depositing and withdrawing methods which include wire bank transfers, iWallet, ecoPayz, MuchBetter, Neteller, Neosurf, Astropay, Trustly, Skrill, among others. All withdrawals are free, and you can cash out up to 10,000,000 rupees.

Bank withdrawals take up to 5 days before you can lay hands on your cash, depending on the brand you use. You will also be getting a loyalty point every time you wager with 7200 rupees or an equivalent of USD $10. You can later redeem the points for a free Mega Moolah slot wager.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino

Spin Casino has an incredibly detailed design and feature-rich mechanics for punters. The website offers slot gamers an exciting experience, thanks to its excellent user-friendly interface.

The site’s customer service is impeccable, providing users with 24/7 support through live chats. You can deposit a minimum of 720 rupees (USD $10) through wire bank transfers such as credit cards, or online platforms like AstroPay, Skrill, MuchBetter, Neteller, or Neosurf.

Once you register, you can deposit up to 100,000 rupees and enjoy a 100% bonus. If you want this and more, don’t waste more time! Click on Spin Casino on the side table from this article, visit their site and create an account TODAY!

Tips of Mega Moolah slot gaming in India

Failing to plan is ideally planning to fail. So much so, if you would want to head straight to the bank smiling, follow the next tips to stay ahead of the pack.

  • Choose one of our recommended sites. The brands on our platform are well known to be legit and offer lucrative welcome bonuses and free spins in the gaming market.
  • Have a bankroll with reasonable limits to keep you in check every time you place a wager. This will prevent you from overspending or using cash meant for other stuff such as food and upkeep.
  • Always play on the maximum number of lines available. Doing this will snowball your chances of winning and consequently increase your opportunities for activating free spins as well.
  • Utilize the autoplay feature and watch the computer earn you some cash. Autoplay often works well than when you manually click the spin button.

Take advantage of the bonuses offered, especially after you load cash into your betting account. Following this simple tip will help you gain familiarity with the game while placing risk-free wagers.


If you have been wondering how Mega Moolah slot gaming in India works, now you have the acquaintance with you.

Currently, with the information you have, you are in a better position to become the next millionaire faster than a majority of other gamblers in India.

Try your luck TODAY. You never know what awaits you at the other end of the fence. How can you achieve this? By joining right now to any of our recommended casino brands using our affiliate link!

Yet, keep in mind that all your do is your sole responsibility. We are here only to inform, but we’re not and not trying to be an expert advice.