Play at the best live blackjack Online Casinos

Live blackjack is the most interesting and strategic online casino games. It is fun to watch and play with lucrative freebies that help you win real cash. This article will take you through crucial aspects of live dealer blackjack.

We will reveal the benefits of playing blackjack online, the best casinos and winning strategies.   Besides this, you will enjoy loads of live blackjack variations . But to get the perk and play, you need to register a gaming account. Before that, we would like you to pick any of our legit and best live blackjack sites.

Best Live Blackjack Online Casinos In India 2023

Benefits of playing live blackjack for real money

We know you want to play blackjack, but are you clear about the benefits of enjoying this game in recognized brands like the ones we recommend?  If not, take a look at this in-depth but succinct analysis of why to play blackjack if you live in India.

Variety of games

Computerized blackjack has numerous versions, and so do the live dealer versions. That makes playing live more appealing as you can switch gameplays at will and still enjoy. Casino software providers work tirelessly to make the live games simpler and better.


To be fair, land-based blackjack games are unavailable on certain days or hours. That is so since gaming houses often close shop for renovations or other reasons. You have the advantage to wager anytime, even in the wee hours of the night.


That makes live dealer blackjack ideal to gamers seeking to witness how the dealer issues cards. Every step of the game occurs in real-time and under multi-angled HD cameras around the playing tables.

More fun

To be honest, nothing beats the excitement of being able to play a game with friends and relatives. More so, live blackjack takes gamers into an immersive environment without having to leave their homes.

Freebies & Bonuses

Well, getting huge cash bonuses with friendly terms is crucial to help you play online games risk-free. Hence, playing live blackjack games at a site like any of the brands we suggest, gives you a chance to get a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees. 

How to play live blackjack?

Live blackjack games take place the same way you would play them in a land-based casino. Ideally, they utilize a professional “human” dealer, whose work is to deal cards to players. Gameplay unfold in real-time, and you will be live streaming every happening on the game via your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

The rules to play live blackjack are almost similar to  the RNG-based online versions. The difference this time around is you will be able to interact with the dealers. The dealer will be responsible for issuing you with playing cards and winnings, assuming you win the game.

Objective of the game? Playing and winning live games requires you to score a hand of 21 or anything closest to 21, but should be higher than that of the dealer. If your hand goes past 21, you bust and lose the live game. 

  • Card number 10 and face cards (Jack, King, and Queen) count as 10.
  • The Ace is worth 1 or 11, and the other cards count as their corresponding numeric values.
  • At the start of any live blackjack game, you MUST place a bet first.
  • Then, the live dealer in the game will issue you with two cards facing up that are often known as a hand.
  • He or she will also deal two cards to themselves, but only the first card will be facing up.
  • Now,  you should decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double down your hand.
  • Ideally, if you hit, you will receive a third card.
  • If you split, you will have two hands, and you should place another wager on the second hand.
  • Still, if you double down, you should stake a similar amount of cash to your first bet.
  • But if you stand, you will not wager or get a thirds card.

In simple words, blackjack is a natural win of a hand of 21. More so, if the dealer gets it and you had wagered on the insurance bet, you will receive a payout of 2:1.

See what our experts have to say? Do you fancy put this knowledge into practice? If so, don’t doubt go to any of our recommended sites, create a free account, deposit some money using your preferred method, and start playing!

Where to play live blackjack games online?

Of the sites we have recommended, there are a few in particular that stand out. And as we want you to get to know them and take a look at tat the best live blackjack casinos online. We have put together a summary with relevant aspects of each of them:



  • It offers a welcome bonus of up to INR 60,000/-.
  • Minimum deposit amount is INR 2,500/-
  • Minimum withdrawal is INR 1,000/-
  • Deposit easy via G-Pay, Paytm, Bank transfer etc.
Spin Casino

Spin Casino

  • The welcome bonus of up to INR 100,000/
  • Online Transaction via credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller etc.
  • Minimum deposit is INR 750/-
  • 24/7 Customer support.


  • The welcome bonus goes up to 10,000 rupees.
  • Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Secured by DigiCert and utilizes 128-bit encryption technology.
  • Minimum deposit stands at 1,000 rupees.

Live dealer blackjack Variants

There is one more detail you should know about this game. And that is the different variants of live blackjack that casinos offer in their catalogues. Basic rules remains the same. The difference lies in betting options, the house edge, and live blackjack odds and payouts,

VIP live blackjackVIP live blackjack

As the name suggests, this game best suits high rollers. That is so since it allows live blackjack players to stake significant amounts of cash per hand. Play with the most refined live dealers from dedicated live casino studios.

Pre-decision live blackjackPre-decision live blackjack

This game comes from Evolution Gaming software developers. It is often fast-paced, and you can wager on numerous gameplays per hour than in other blackjack types.

Ideally, the game allows players to decide before the dealer issues cards.

Perfect pairs live blackjackPerfect pairs live blackjack

This is a game that allows players to stake on the side bets. Notably, if a gamer stakes on this type of play, they win if their hand contains a pair. The highest rewards result from landing a suit of two identical cards such as two Kings of Diamond or two Queens of Hearts.

Common draw live blackjackCommon draw live blackjack

This game is one of the best live blackjacks from NetEnt. It involves dealing identical cards instead of random cards to players, who should then decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double down. An exciting feature about the game is its wide range of stakes a gamer can bet. 

Bet behind live blackjackBet behind live blackjack

This type allows players to place a wager in a game they aren’t playing. In other words, assuming you are late to pick a seat at the online live blackjack tables, bet behind games will permit you to wager on other players’ hands. 

Key Live Blackjack Strategies

Here, we want you to succeed. So, we’ve gathered some  tips and  tricks, so you can decide which one might work for you and start applying it.

1. Check the dealer’s up card

Remarkable, what the dealer has in blackjack games dictates what action a player should take. As a result, if the dealer has a hand of 2 to 6, you have a better chance to win. If the cards are from 7 through Ace, you may have fewer opportunities. Hence, when your hand is 12 to 16, stand if the dealer’s hand is 2 to 6. And if it is 12 to 16, but the dealer’s cards are 7 to Ace, hit.

2. Manage your bankroll

Managing how much money you spend on live wagers is crucial to determine your proficiency in the games. Ideally, it requires you to set a cap for how much you are willing to lose and how to play. Never let the game’s thrill fool you to overspend.

Note: Never borrow money to stake in live blackjack. More so, if you are on a losing streak, take a break from the game for some time.

3. Increase your wager skillfully

The dealing of cards in live dealer blackjack is always random. Consequently, stay on course and skillfully adjust your bets, based on your previous playing sessions. If you have been successful, increase the wagers in small portions, and reduce the stakes if losing.

4. Use a strategy card

Most blackjack gaming sites offer gamers a strategy card. It allows players to confirm tweaks of the game when wagering and make informed decisions before staking. Thus, if you are unsure of the hand to play with, refer to your strategy card to wager effectively and increase your chances to win.

Best Live blackjack bonuses

The good thing with playing live blackjack at reputable sites like those on this page is you will get bonuses. As a result, you will not always be wagering with your bankroll. Below are perks you can expect to get and use in live dealer blackjack games:

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

It is the first freebie you will get after creating a gaming account and depositing cash. More often, it will come as a 100% discount, but again, you will get it only once.
No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses

These incentives are rare but essential. Ideally, gamers get them without loading cash. Their only downside is they often have strict wagering requirements.
Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses

These are cash boosts you will get for loading cash into your gaming account. They are often less than the welcome bonus but useful. Still, they can be available on specific days only like in 22bet, where gamers get a 50% deposit bonus of up to 7,500 rupees on Fridays.
Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses

These are giveaways gamers get as consolation for losses. Notably, some sites like Yeti casino offer 10% cash backs on Saturdays. But again, for gamers to qualify for a cashback, they should deposit and use more than 1,000 rupees and have a balance of less than 750 rupees that isn’t attached to a bonus.
Promotional bonuses

Promotional bonuses

These giveaways are mostly available to regular gamers. They again come in different forms such as cash boosts on winnings or stake. In simpler terms, you can get them as additional money to your prize or the funds you wager.

FAQs about Live Blackjack

Well, that will depend on the version you play, but most gameplays allow over six players at a go. 

There are no free live blackjacks in most online casinos since live dealers must be paid to oversee a game. If you want to play for free, go for the computerized demo versions in online casinos. 

That is to end a game prematurely to save yourself from losing a bet. Ideally, if you surrender, you will receive back part of your stake. 

Well, that depends on the guidelines of the site and table you use to play. However, the limits can range from 0.01 coins to 100 coins.

No. Provided you play at a reputable and licensed site that undergoes auditing of the games; you should never be worried about anyone rigging the games. 

That depends on the version you play. You can play with one or even eight decks. For example, live European blackjack takes place with four to six decks. 

Yes, but only if you wager on side bets. Examples of hands in side bets include Royal Match (two suited face cards) and Over/Under 13 (sum of two cards). 

Ready to play at live blackjack tables?

Live blackjack games undoubtedly gives you ultimate one on one gaming experience. And if you implement our winning tips and use a strategy chart, you will always have better chances to beat the live dealer. 

More so, consider playing virtual demo games of the blackjack variations you wish to play for real cash before wagering. But if you are confident and ready to stake right off, we recommend you sign-up at our listed gambling sites on this page to get the bonuses!