Teen Patti Sequence Guide - Learn How To Play 3 Patti Game

The Teen Patti sequence is the first thing to learn when you want to become an expert at playing this popular game in India. And right here, in this article we are going to teach it to you. The best part is that we promise we’ll make it so easy that you’ll learn it, and then you can run to a casino to start playing! And if you don’t have an account yet, then go and visit any of our recommended casino sites in the table below, register, deposit and claim your welcome bonus! To make this article more complete, we’ll answer some common questions after we’ve explained the sequences. Let’s begin!

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What is a sequence in Teen Patti?

We cannot explain the sequences without making it clear what they are in the first place. The sequences in Teen Patti are the hands with which you could win the game. They are the combination of the 3 cards you could win with. These vary according to the Teen Patti variation you’re playing, but to start with, we’ll explain the ones in the classic game.

3 Patti sequence list

Now, here are the Teen Patti hands you could win with. We’ve ordered them from highest to lowest. That is, from the highest value, which gives you the best chance of winning, to the lowest value, with the lowest chance of winning the game.

Trial, Trio, three of a kind or set Trial, Trio, three of a kind or set

This is the best hand you could get to win when playing online Teen Patti. As the name suggests, all 3 cards you have are of the same value. The probability of getting a three of a kind in Teen Patti is 0.24%. The highest three of a kind you can get is A-A-A, and the lowest three of a kind is 2-2-2.

Pure sequencePure sequence, straight flush or pure trail

Although the odds of getting these Teen Patti hands are 0.22%, it’s one of the highest hands you could get. And it’s about getting 3 cards in a row of the same suit. Bear in mind, though, that one suit is not worth more than another. What counts here is the value of the straight you make. In this sense, the highest straight flush you can make are two combinations: A, K, Q or 2, A, K. And the lowest pure straight is 2, 3, 4.

SequenceSequence, run or straight

You may think that this is the same as the previous one. But it is not. The single straight is a sequence in Teen Patti where the 3 cards are consecutive but it doesn’t matter which suit, they are in. The probability of making this type of hands in Teen Patti are 3.26%. There are many combinations for this type of straight.  But the highest Teen Patti hands on a straight are:
  • A, K, Q
  • K, Q, J
  • Q, J, 10
And the lowest are:
  • 3, 4, 5
  • 4, 3, 2
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ColourColour or flush

The probability of getting these hands in Teen Patti is 4.96%. And so far, you are considered to have a Teen Patti card sequence. For this consists of getting all 3 cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter which suit you try to make, just that all three are of the same type. It also doesn’t matter if the value of the cards is high, low, consecutive or not. The main thing is that all 3 cards are of the same suit, so to speak.

PairPair or two of a kind

Although it is in the list of Teen Patti sequences, from here on, you should not look for the three cards to form a combination. A pair, in Teen Patti, as the name suggests, is two cards of the same value. It does not matter what colour they are, only that they are equal in value. The highest pair you can get is a double A. The lowest is a double 2.

High cardHigh card

This is a Teen Patti sequence where you only have to focus on the value of one card. And that is to try to get an A, K, Q, J or 10. So the idea is that in your hand, you get one of these cards to try to win. Here, it is not the colour or the suit of the card that matters, but the value of the card. The probability of you getting such hands in Teen Patti are 74.39%.

Variations of Teen Patti and the different sequence they have

Now that you know the Teen Patti sequence and the value of each one, you should keep in mind that this is not the same for all 3 Patti games. In this sense, the Teen Patti variations offered by reliable online casinos have an influence. And as in this guide we try to teach you everything you need to know, we will explain:


This is perhaps the most popular variation of Teen Patti. And although the rules for playing are the same. The winning hands in Teen Patti are reversed. What does this mean? That you can win with a 2 in your hand, and lose if you have an A. The sequences remain the same, but the card values change, with a 2 being the most valuable and an A being the least valuable. Live dealer casinos that allow you to play Muflis are excellent for experts. For this game tests your ability to adapt by changing the rules and making you wish for a low hand, or even getting a two between your cards.

Odd sequence

If you find it too complicated to get a straight or even a trio, you’ll love this variation. In this version, the idea of putting together a sequence is different from the traditional one. Here, the sequences are put together discontinuously. To put it in an example, a winning sequence in Odd sequence, is A, Q, 10. That is, skipping a number. In this type of game, the trio, the pair and the colour remain the same as in the traditional version. What changes is the way to get a straight, which can be much easier. You can find this variation in the top online casino games. Are you up for a discontinuous sequence? Then head over to JeetPlay by using our referral link in te table and discover the Teen Patti variations on offer.

3-2-1 and 3-2-1-1

These variations of Teen Patti are played in rounds. And that makes the winning sequence vary a little. 

  • In the first round, the idea is to get a perfect three of a kind, or at least a combination of three higher cards. 
  • In the second round, the idea is to get a pair of high cards with a perfect combination.
  • In the third and final round for 3-2-1 the idea is to get a high card. 
  • In the fourth round for 3-2-1-1, you should aim for the lowest card on the table. You win with a deuce.

When playing live Teen Patti in this variant, the excitement reaches very high levels. Because the sequences have to be set up according to the round you are going to play.

Of course, you should know that there are other variants of Teen Patti in which the sequences vary or are adjusted according to the rules of the game. But the ones we have just mentioned are the most popular in Teen Patti casinos in India.

What sequence wins if I have the same sequence as another player?

That this will happen is a slim possibility. Yet, we know that you may have doubts. And while it depends on the variant you’re playing; we’ll answer with the classic Teen Patti in mind. In Teen Patti, cards are ranked from highest to lowest, with A being the highest and 2 being the lowest. That said, a sequence can be broken by taking that detail into account. For example, if both players managed to make a three of a kind, whoever has the highest value three of a kind win. For example, if you have A-A-A and the other person has K-K-K; you would win the game, because A is the highest value in 3 Patti sequence.


The highest combination, without a doubt, is the trio. And the trio with the highest value is the triple A. But you should know that it has a 50:1 ratio.

Of course, you can! There are many Teen Patti casinos that offer you free chips when you sign up to play 3 Patti online.

It depends on the hand you’re dealing with. But getting only one high card is the worst sequence, because in fact, there is no sequence in your hand that will make you win. In three of a kind, the worst 3 Patti sequence would be 2-2-2. This is the lowest value. Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about the sequences in classic Teen Patti.

3 Patti, Indian poker, 3 cards poker, flush card or three brag cards. 

For the most part yes. One of the rules that changes is that instead of playing with 5 cards, you play with three.


The Teen Patti sequence is easy to learn and if you have played poker before, you should have noticed that they are the same. Teen Patti is a super fun game where you can win real money from an online casino. If you want to test what you’ve learned, go ahead and sign-up at any of our recommended gambling site brands, sign-up at any of them to play Teen Patti and all its variations! And if you want to learn more about this or other games, or want to read honest reviews about the best casinos in India, we invite you to subscribe to our blog. Finally, we want to make a disclaimer. Our mission is to inform. But under no circumstances are we responsible for your actions or what you decide to do with the information presented in our blog.