How to Play Blackjack – A Complete Playing Guide 2022

How you play blackjack depends on the knowledge you have about the game. Yet, gameplays come in over 900 variations, but all have substantial rewards. No one needs to visit a land-based casino to play blackjack anymore.

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Are you still wondering how you can play blackjack online? Well, today, we want to help you understand how the game takes place and the rules and terms to wager effectively.

By the time you wrap up reading this writing, you will have all the necessary information.

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Step by step guide to play Blackjack

Playing blackjack requires you to get a total card value of 21 or something closest to that. But again, your hand should be higher than that of the dealer to win.

The game takes place with a standard 52-card deck, but some popular variations use six decks of 312 cards. The dealer will always have a black plastic card that they use to indicate when to shuffle cards and a box that allows the dealing of cards one at a time!

Step 1: preparing your account

It may seem silly to say, but the first thing to do is to have an account at a reputable casino that offers blackjack among its online games. If you don’t already have one, choose any of the casinos we recommend and visit their website. Once there, locate and click the button to join. Fill in the form with your real details and confirm your account creation email.

If you will be playing for real money, the next step is to deposit money to your gaming account using a method that is convenient, safe and fast for you. The options vary from site to site, but we recommend Visa, MasterCard, Paytm, UPI, Neteller or Skrill.

When the money is credited to your account, go to the online casino games section. Look at all the options, choose the one you like and wait for the interface to load.

Step 2: betting

At the start of the game, each player should place a bet at the playing table using chips. The maximum and minimum betting ranges vary from as low as 150 rupees (USD $2) to 37,500 rupees (USD $500).

Step 3: shuffling and cutting

The dealer then shuffles the cards and asks one of the players to cut the pack. Afterward, the dealer will insert the black plastic card somewhere inside the cards before dealing them to the participants.

Step 4: dealing

The dealing of cards starts after each player stakes. More so, every gambler at the playing table receives one card facing up in a clockwise manner.

The dealer also deals one card to themselves before issuing the players one more card. Yet, the dealer’s second card faces down. Again, no participant can turn their cards when the dealing is taking place.

Step 5: deciding

After the dealing of cards, each player should analyze them before requesting for a third card. The participant on the dealer’s left-hand side chooses first whether to hit (ask for a third card) or stand (decline to ask for a third card). They can again request a fourth card, assuming their total card value is weak. All that aims at boosting the players’ hands to reach closer to 21 to win the game.

Afterward, the dealer will reveal their face-down card. Anyone with the highest hand receives a reward. On the flip side though, if a player gets a third card and their total hand value surpasses 21, they bust and lose the game. But again, if the player’s first two cards are a ten-card and an Ace, and the dealer has nothing like that, the hand becomes a natural or blackjack. The player will then receive a payout of one and a half the size of their stake. If the dealer has the blackjack, they collect the bets of all the other players who lack a natural.

Luckily, if both the dealer and the player have the blackjack, the game results in a tie, and the player takes back their wagered stake.

Card values and payout

  • Cards’ number 2 to 10 are worth their corresponding numeric values
  • The king, the queen, and the jack are worth 10
  • The Ace is worth 1 or 11
  • On the other hand, a tie pays out 1:1, but a clear win rewards a player a payout of 3:2

The basic rules to play blackjack

  • The basic rules to play blackjack are easy to apprehend. And if you take time to master them, the odds of the game will often be in your favor to win.
  • First, you should know that if the dealer’s first face-up card is an Ace or a number 10 card, they will look at their second card to see if it helps make a natural hand. But if it is not any of the two, they will only look at their cards when it is their time to play.
  • A combination of an Ace and any other card apart from a ten is known as a soft hand. That is so since an Ace counts as a 1 or 11.
  • If a player gets a soft hand of 18, their total card value can be 8 or 18. He or she can opt to stand with the 18 or hit with the 8.
  • But if they draw (get a third card) and get another Ace, they can decide to count the Ace as 1 instead of 11 to avoid busting.
  • In some blackjack variations, a player can split. This means they turn their hand into two hands when their turn to play comes up, assuming they have two cards of the same value, such as two jacks or two 9s.
  • As a result, their original bet goes to one of the hands, and they must stake another wager of the second hand. They then stand or hit on the card on the left side first before proceeding to that on the right side.
  • On the other hand, if the dealer’s hand is 17 or more, they should stand, but if it is less than that, they must automatically pick cards until their hand gets to at least 17.
  • Still, if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, they invite the players to stake on the insurance wager, also known as the side bet.
  • Doing so protects players from substantially losing the game, assuming the dealer’s face-down card happens to be a ten. The reward for the insurance bet is double the player’s half stake and pays 2:1.
  • Still, a player can double down their bet if the two dealt cards form a card value of 9, 10, or 11. Here, they place a wager like the original bet, and the dealer issues the player one card facing down.
  • The gamers should then not turn the card until the settling of bets occurs at the end of the hand. However, the dealer cannot split or double down their cards.

Tips to improve your chances of winning while playing blackjack

How you play and win the blackjack games requires you to use some wagering tips. More so, knowing when to stand, hit, split, and double down your hand reduces the house edge. Here is what you SHOULD do.

Follow your heart

More often than ever, loads of gamblers fall for myths from players purporting to be experts. But again, what other players decide or say doesn’t impact the hand in the game.

In consequence, know that you are liable for whatever decision you make. Always follow your heart and wager on what you think will earn you profits.

Check the dealer’s up card

It is notable that what the dealer has in blackjack games dictates what action a player should take. As a result, if the dealer has a hand of 2 through 6, you have a better chance to win.

On the other hand, if the cards are anything from 7 through Ace, you may have fewer opportunities. Therefore, when your hand is 12 to 16, stand if the dealer’s hand is 2 to 6. But when your hand is 12 to 16, and the dealer’s cards are 7 to Ace, consider hitting.

Manage your bankroll

Managing how much money you spend on wagers is crucial. Ideally, it requires you to set a cap for how much you are willing to lose.

Never let the game’s thrill fool you to overspend. Never borrow money to stake in blackjack. More so, if you are on a losing streak, take a break from the game for some time.

Know when to increase your wager

Never think you will continuously win after landing one successful wager. Remember, the dealing of cards is always random.

Hence, stay on course and skillfully adjust your bets, based on your previous playing sessions. If you have been successful, increase the wagers in small portions, and reduce the stakes when losing.

Few advanced strategies to play blackjack

To be honest, arming yourself with some strategies to play blackjack boost your chances to win massively. It will also reduce the losses you encounter and the money you spend.

Avoid playing at tables with a continuous shuffler

Online blackjack games utilize “continuous shuffling machines” (CSMs) to shuffle cards after every gaming round. Thus, consider playing at tables that shuffles cards after at least 50% or 75% of them have been used.

Or, wager on casino games with numerous players to reduce the hands you play per hour. Achieving that will reduce the exposure of your wager to the house edge.

Avoid the insurance wager

Honestly, the insurance wager often sucks. Winning on the bet pays 2 to 1 while at the same time losing will deduct more than 2 to 1 from your stake.

As it is, regardless of whether you have a blackjack or the dealer offers you even money, always decline the insurance wager.

Use a strategy card

Most blackjack gaming sites offer gamers a strategy card. It allows players to confirm tweaks of the game when wagering and make informed decisions before staking.

So, if you are unsure of the hand to play with, refer to your strategy card to wager effectively and increase your chances to win.

Benefits of playing blackjack

At this point, it’s obvious you are wondering whether playing blackjack is worth your time. Well, here are the benefits you will relish while at it.



As it happens, being able to wager in your home’s serenity allows you to better focus on the game. That is so since blackjack tables at land-based casinos have crowds of people often making noise that can distract you from the gameplay.


Playing blackjack at online gambling casinos like those on this page offers you a chance to get freebies such as a welcome bonus and no deposit bonus, which may be unavailable in land-based gaming houses. It’s remarkable that the giveaways are crucial to help you grow your bankroll and wager without staking your real cash.


Online blackjack gaming offers top-notch convenience since gamers don’t have to leave their homes’ comfort to wager. Also, it allows them to wager on the go, assuming they download a gaming app.


Being able to play any time of the day, night, or week is one of the top benefits gamers get at online blackjack gaming sites. More so, land-based casinos close on certain days and often don’t operate for 24 hours.
Number of gameplays

Number of gameplays

As aforementioned, blackjack has over 900 variations. That means gamers have a better chance to try their luck in different gameplays, which are unavailable in offline casino houses.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, all the brands you see on this page have free versions of blackjack you can play for fun or hone your skills.

Of course, you can play the game on your mobile browser the same way you would do it on a computer. Still, you can download a free app from the site you want to use to wager.

Well, that is impossible since online casinos use maximum security shielding to prevent any malicious activities in the game.

The house edge depends on the rules of the game and the decks used. As a result, most sites have a house edge of about 0.40%, but the more decks in the game, the higher the house edge and vice versa. 

The lowest house edge can be as low as 0.13%, but that will depend on the site you play at, the game rules, and the number of decks used. 

Well, if you play at any of our recommended sites, you will receive your rewards via e-wallets, credit and debit cards, or a direct wire bank transfer. 


In summation, that is how you play blackjack online, regardless of the variation you pick. You now have all the snippets making up the game.

All you need is to create a gaming account at a reputable platform with lucrative bonuses and wagering terms. From there, play the free version, assuming you want to familiarize yourself with the game before wagering with real cash.

In a matter of days, you will indeed feel confident. Our recommendation is you sign up with any of the sites on this page and deposit a significant amount of cash right off to get a handsome welcome bonus!

But always bearing in mind that we are not expert advice. This means that your behavior before, during, and after reading us is ALWAYS your responsibility.