How to play baccarat – A step by step guide for Indian players

Loads of Indian gamers face glitches on how to play Baccarat online. More so, despite the game being popular among gamblers, you can easily miss an opportunity to bag significant winnings. And, to be honest, online baccarat has numerous ways you can wager. Nothing beats playing baccarat and winning cash while sitting in your house.

In fact, if you play it at any of our recommended sites, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees! All you need to get the offer is to deposit at least 1,000 rupees, and you will enjoy friendly wagering terms for your bonus.

Do you want to learn more about playing baccarat? Well, in this writing, we will help you get acquainted with everything revolving around baccarat gaming. That will involve how to play, tips to wager effectively, and what you should do or not do. But before you dive deeper into this read, we would like you to check out below other gaming brands you can use to play baccarat for real money

All the brands in the table are open to Indian punters, accept rupees, have great welcome bonuses and many other offers, they’re mobile-friendly, and the best part, have many baccarat variants, including live baccarat and free baccarat!

Play Baccarat At Indian Casinos - Casino List & Reviews

How to play baccarat online in Indian casinos?

The good news is that playing online baccarat is easy. But first, you must know that the game takes place on a table with one to eight decks of cards. Wagering requires you to stake on the Banker, the Tie, or the Player. In the same breath, you should land a card value of 9 or something closest to 9 to win the game.

Before you can wager, you need to own a gaming account on a reputable site like on any of our casino brands we recommended in our top listed table. From there, load it with cash before choosing a baccarat variation to play. Luckily, Royal Panda has multiple versions to wager with real money and win massively. After picking the game, decide how much money you want to stake. Wagering will involve selecting chip values you want, dragging and dropping them onto the side of the table you predict it will win the game.

Afterward, click on the “Deal” button, and the game will deal you two cards, both facing up. Now, bet on the player, the banker, or the tie. But if your cards’ value is less than 5, you will receive a third card to boost your hand. Assuming you land a hand of 9 without going overboard, you automatically win.

More so, if you wager on the player bet and it wins, the game will reward you with a payout of 1/1. If you stake on the Tie bet and it carries the day, your prize will be 8/1. In the same degree, assuming your bet is on the Banker bet, and it wins, your profit will be 19/20, which is 1/1 but with a 5% commission, depending on the gaming site you use to play. After receiving your winnings, you can withdraw it or re-stake it in another game.

Where you can play online baccarat in India?

Let’s face it; there are loads of online casinos on the internet today, but not all offer a seamless gaming experience. In the same breath, not all are legit or accept Indian players.

To that effect, we have zeroed down to five excellent gaming sites where you will get fantastic giveaways to help you wager on baccarat. Let’s look at what they have in store for Indian gamers.

New gamers get a welcome bonus of up to 60,000 rupees in three phases of depositing cash. The Minimum amount of funds a gamer can load into a gaming account is 2,000 rupees. Luckily, depositing money in Betway is free. This is one of the best sites if you want to play live baccarat with a beautiful lady dealer. Play Now

Royal Panda is impeccable for casino gaming. It has an app that is compatible with Android and iOS. The site uses the Condo SSL security system and allows wagering with rupees. It gives first-time gamers a 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. Depositing cash into a gaming account at Royal Panda is free. they provide assistance via email and live chat. Play Now

The welcome bonus for new gamers on the site is a 100% match of the first deposit, going up to 10,000 rupees. On the other hand, the minimum amount of cash a gamer can deposit is 750 rupees (USD $10). Luckily, loading money into a gaming account at LeoVegas is free, and gamers can get assistance via email, phone call, and live chat. Play Now

The site gifts new gamers with a 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games and 130$ deposit bonus for sports betting. The minimum amount of cash you can load into your gaming account is 500 rupees. The site support more than 20 payment methods including UPI/IMPS, net banking, Visa, etc. Play Now

It again supports numerous cash transaction methods and gives new gamers a welcome bonus of up to 25,000 rupees, depending on the first deposit made. Luckily, Indian gamers can wager with bitcoin and load cash into a gaming wallet for free. They offer many payment options, like UPI, net banking, dash, Payeer, etc. Play Now

Quick tips to play online baccarat for Indian gamblers

To be honest, despite the game being easy to learn, Indian gamers need to use some strategies when wagering.

Achieving that will mitigate losses and increase their chances to win. So, what are the tips to play online baccarat? Here are handy tips you should consider picking up!

  • Avoid the tie bet: A lot of gamers assume that wagering on the tie bet offers them a 50/50 chance to win. Well, while that may be true, tie bets have high house edges. In other words, if you win, the casino site you use to play will deduct a considerable amount of your profit. The best way to ensure you get handsome rewards is you stick to wagering on the player or the banker.
  • Bet on one side: Betting on one side requires you to stake on the player or the banker consistently. Conversely, set a limit on the amount of cash you are willing to lose before changing the side you favor. A decent way to go about betting on one side is you switch your stake after at least three consecutive losses. But again, while that may help you to win, you should also consider favoring the Banker bets since they have higher odds and a commission than the Player bets.
  • Adjust stakes regularly: Notably, the more cash you use to wager, the more your possible rewards will be. Still, wagering more funds means you are also increasing your chances of losing. More so, Indian gamers should adjust their stakes accordingly to reduce losses. In that regard, gamblers should consider placing one bet, then three, and two if on a losing strike. But when winning, they can increase their wagers to four or even five times.
  • Bankroll management: It is easy for the game to carry your mind away, especially when making small profits. More often than ever, gamers forget to set a betting limit and end up overspending. That is unwise and can lead to bankruptcy. As a result, if you want to keep track of how much you wager and earn, set a limit to how much money you spend each time you play and keep a record of the losses you make.

Bonuses and promotions you will get while playing baccarat

Bonuses to play baccarat come in different sizes and forms. Gamers get them after playing regularly or depositing cash.

As it is, every Indian player ought to receive giveaways to be able to wager risk-free and increase the chances to win. Here is what they can expect from the casino sites on this page.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

This is always the first giveaway you will get. It is usually issued after creating a gaming account and depositing the first bunch of cash.

It comes as 100% of the money loaded into a gaming wallet. Still, you can receive it together with ten free spins to play slot games in some online casinos.

Cash deposit bonus

Cash deposit bonus

This bonus is available after depositing cash. It is often less than a 100% match of the first deposit but is still lucrative for Indian gamers seeking to wager risk-free.

In Fun88, players receive it in three phases of 25%, 50%, and 75% for your second, third, and fourth deposits of above 500 rupees.

In Betway, they get it in percentages of 100% for the first, second, and third deposits of 15,000, 15,000, and 30,000 rupees, respectively, amounting to 60,000 rupees.

And of course, there are other sites that offer this cash deposit bonus with other terms. For example, when depositing using a specific method such as Visa or PaySafeCard, will get a 50% cash bonus.

Promotional bonus

Promotional bonus

Gamers get the giveaway for being royal customers and often playing at a gaming platform. Ideally, the bonus can come as coupon codes or direct cash credits that players should key into their cashier to activate them.

In the same way, the promotional bonus may come as an invitation to play specific games that aren’t available to other players.

For example, in Royal Panda, gamers get the Lucky 21 promotion that gifts three random players with 21,000 rupees to play baccarat.

Things to do and not do in online baccarat

Gamers should play each baccarat game with extreme caution despite gameplays being easy to apprehend. That is so since there are numerous ways gamers can make bad decisions.

Remember, mistakes can cause significant losses. Here is what you should and shouldn’t do.

Understand the betting options and house edges: gamers should know that the Player bet has a house edge of 1.24% and pays out 1:1, but with a percentage deduction to the final prize. On the other hand, the Banker bet has a house edge of 1.06% and pays 1:1. The Tie bet has a house edge of 14%.Set limits: ideally, fixing the upper limits of the money you are willing to lose or earn reduces your chances to squander your profits or bankroll. Therefore, ensure you set limits before commencing a game.
Don’t bet on one side too often: well, while placing bets on one side multiple times can increase your chances to win, overdoing it may not yield any profits. The best way is you skillfully analyze the trend of the game and know when to shift your wager to the opposite bet.Don’t try to count cards: notably, card counting in baccarat is useless since the sum of the dealt cards can significantly change, especially when you receive a third card.

What are the deposit methods to play baccarat in India?

A casino site offering baccarat games to Indian gamers should support wagering with the rupee currency. That is one of the rules’ provisions in most parts of India.

That off the way, you should also note there are three ideal channels you can use to move money in and out of a gaming account.

Fortunately, all the sites on this page support depositing and withdrawing funds in the rupee currency for free. Below are some of the best banking options.

Wire bank transfer

Wire bank transfer

This involves transferring cash electronically in and out of a gaming account. But first, you should authorize the remitting bank to make the transaction.

From there, you will receive a receipt with your bank account number and the amount of money you wish to deposit and provide it to your gaming platform for processing.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards

This option requires you to own a VISA card or a MasterCard before making any transaction of cash. Here, you only need to provide your card details and the amount you want to transfer to the gaming site you use to play.

Using credit and debit cards is arguably the best, especially for gamers seeking to keep track of their spending in table games.



This banking option utilizes online prepaid digital accounts. It is fast and safe since cash transactions take place electronically.

All you should do is link your gaming account to the e-wallet you want to use and remember your username and password always.

Some of the e-wallets you can use to transact cash in and out of your gaming account while in India include Paytm, Neteller, Skrill, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, AstroPayCard and EcoBanq.

Rules to play baccarat online

The rules to play this game are straight forward, and you can apprehend them in a matter of minutes. The third card rule is the most outstanding in the game.

It determines when and if the Player should receive a third card, and what the Banker MUST do. For example, if the Banker has a hand worth 7, 8, or 9, the Player should stand (receive a third card) if their hand is 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

On the other hand, the player should Hit (continue with the game) assuming his hand is worth 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, and the Banker’s hand is 0, 1, 2, or 3.

With that out of the way, card number 10 and the face cards (King, Jack, and Queen) count as zero. In the same vein, if the total hand’s value is 10 and above, its real worth becomes the last number of the sum of the two or three cards dealt.

For example, if the cards are 8 and 4, the hand value will be 2 (8₊4₌12), and assuming the total is 10 (6₊4₌10), the hand value will be 0 (zero).

Nonetheless, the Ace card is worth 1. But again, if the Player’s third card is a number other than 8, the Banker MUST receive a third card.

The betting ranges on the game can vary from site to site. That often changes the house edge when playing with multiple decks.

More so, the house edge for a six-deck game will be higher than when playing one-deck gameplay. Therefore, consider studying the house edges at the site you use to wager before staking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Not much, the odds in all versions are almost similar, but there can be a wee bit of variation, depending on the site you use to wager. 

No, it is impossible to rig the games. That is so since gaming sites encrypt gameplay data with top-notch security backings. 

Yes, you can play the game using your phone’s browser or, better still, download a gaming app on a site like Betway. 

Yes, you can play the game for free, but you will NOT win real cash while at it. 

Well, if you play in a reputable site with legit licenses and an audit certificate, you have nothing to worry about anyone manipulating the game. 

Notably, it is hard to count the cards since their production utilizes a Random Number Generator (RNG), which shuffles the cards and ensures they come out randomly.

Well, that will depend on the platform you use to play for real cash. However, some sites will allow Indian gamers to stake as low as 50 rupees. 

What are the odds of betting on the Banker or the Player?


Baccarat is an exciting casino game with multiple variants. It’s available under every major casino online, so you have to sign up first before you can play.

A live dealer is an exciting option that lets you play with a human dealer via video stream. To increase your chances of winning, check out our winning tips to play baccarat and understand the rules of the game.

When playing, always bet on a banker, avoid ties, and mitigate your losses!