Online Casino Bonuses Guide 2020 – Top Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses Guide 2020

Gambling lovers from India, welcome to our well-researched review about online casino bonuses. Now, if you want to choose an online casino that will satisfy your every gaming need, your main goal would be to find some high-end bonuses. With every bonus comes a particular cash prize. You have to know that some casinos just have better online casino bonuses in comparison to other casinos. Luckily, we know what are the finest bonuses in the gambling industry. Today, you’ll find about types of casino bonuses, how to get them, and much other intriguing information regarding casino bonuses.

So, keep reading, and you will get familiar with casino bonuses in a matter of minutes. Without delay, we’ll begin!

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

An online casino bonus happens to be an incentive that has to attract the Indian players to sign-up at a casino’s website. Every online casino bonus has certain terms and conditions, and some are just better than others. In general, if you happen to get an offer to acquire a casino bonus, you’re not obliged to take that particular offer. You will get all sorts of terms and conditions that go with your free cash, and you have an opportunity to leave out certain promotions. Some promotions state that you can’t withdraw your winnings that you’ve made by playing casino games before you deposit a minimum amount of money.

Every online casino will give you a chance to claim a particular bonus, and you have the freedom to opt-out from that casino bonus. Gaming lovers can get all kinds of bonuses, from a welcome bonus to special VIP bonuses. 

When you look for an online casino where you will play games, it is recommended that you first make sure that it has high-quality bonuses. Also, when you start searching for an online casino,  look for one that has games you could play for free. Because when you play a casino game with no money, and you figure out how that game works, then you should put money on that casino game, and you’ll surely win some incredible bonuses that carry a massive money reward. 

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How Can You Get An Online Casino Bonus?

It isn’ that difficult to get an online casino bonus, but once you earn one, you will get some extra money. The majority of casino bonuses have a welcome bonus as well as a no deposit bonus, and you can get both of those bonuses when you make an account at an online casino. You have to know that you can only get a casino bonus if you live in a country that’s not on the list of restricted countries. There are more rules to getting a casino bonus. For instance, in a household, only one gaming fan can acquire a bonus at a certain casino. We recommend you not to use any VPN’s when you play at online casinos. Because if an online casino finds out that you’re using the services of a VPN, they will surely cancel your account. So, play by the rules, and you don’t have to worry.

If you want to get a bonus, the most important thing is that you have to meet the criteria for getting a certain bonus. 

Elements of an Online Casino Bonus

If you want to play at the best online casino, then you should pay attention to the next elements that are a part of the online casino bonuses.

  1. Sum of Money- when you look at an online casino bonus, you should pay attention to the amount of money you can get with that bonus. It is pretty obvious that getting 10,000 Rupees is better than getting 1,000 Rupees. You have to find the bonuses that will reward you with a significant amount of money.
  2. An Expiration Date– when you select a casino bonus, you should take into consideration more factors than just the amount of money when you claim that bonus. For instance, you got a bonus that consists of 50,000 Rupees, and you only have 24 hours to meet a 40x wagering requirement. It’s fair to say that that’s impossible. So, you have to search for a casino bonus that will allow you a longer period of time to meet a certain wagering requirement.
  3. Wagering Requirements-online casinos will reward you with free cash when you make an account at an online casino. However, if you’re eager to withdraw that money, you have to know how these bonuses function. For example, the casino has a condition that says you have to wager the money that you’ve deposited a minimum of 5x as well as the bonus that goes along with it. But, actually, this means that you have to wager it 10x before you can claim that bonus. You have to know details like this one to understand better how these bonuses work.  
  4. The Percentage-many online casinos will reward you with a 100% match-deposit bonus, once you make your deposit. This means that you will be rewarded with the same amount of money with which you’ve made the deposit. Look for the online casinos that offer a 200% match-deposit bonus or even more. The greater the percentage, the greater the amount of money you’ll get. 

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Now, we will provide you with a short summary of all types of online casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonus/Offer

Welcome Bonus/Offer

When you start playing games at an online casino, this is the first bonus that you’ll get. If a casino wants to get more members, this bonus has to be intriguing and attractive to gambling lovers. Every online casino will offer you this bonus when you make an account at their website and deposit a certain amount of money. The welcome package consists of a match-deposit bonus with some free spins, but there are online casinos that offer both. Deposit some money to claim this incredible bonus.

Inside the welcome package, there will most often be a 100% match-deposit bonus. To be clear, when you deposit some money, thanks to this bonus, you’ll get double that amount. For example, you’ve made an account at an online casino that will reward you with a 100% match-deposit bonus of up to a maximum of 10,000 Rupees. This means that if you make a deposit of 10,000 Rupees, you will get an additional 10,000 Rupees. There are online casinos that offer a 400% match-deposit bonus. But, you will also see some casinos that offer a 50% match-deposit bonus. 

No Deposit Bonus

Almost every online casino out there will offer you a no deposit bonus. Once you sign-up at the casino’s website, you will be rewarded with a no deposit bonus. If you’re eager to claim this online casino bonus, you shouldn’t make any deposits. Of all bonuses, this one will give you the most perks. For instance, you can make bets, and you don’t have to invest your money to place those bets. This way, you can try out the game, and get familiar with it, without having to spend your money. Nowadays, you will find a lot of online casinos that offer this bonus. There’s one more condition that you have to fulfill if you want to claim this bonus, and that is to meet the wagering requirement. 

Percentage Bonus

This is one of the most intriguing bonuses you could get in online casinos. Players can get a prize in the form of a particular percentage of their initial deposit. Thanks to this bonus, your bankroll is going to increase significantly. This bonus will be added to your bankroll in approximately two hours.

Free Spins

Free Spins

Gaming admirers love when they get the free spins, and most often, this is the favorite bonus among players. What’s interesting about free spins, is that you can only use them on the most popular type of online casino games- online slots. This bonus has many variations, some of them are welcome free spins, and extra free spins. 

Monthly and Reload Bonus

There are many online casino bonuses, but this is one of the finest you can get while playing online casino games.  There are some online casinos that will offer you both a reload and a monthly bonus. In some cases, you will get these bonuses as a part of your welcome bonus. If you want to acquire an even better reload and monthly bonus, then you should join a VIP club. If you want to enroll in a VIP club, you have to be a loyal customer and play the casino games on a daily basis. Become a part of the VIP Progam and enjoy some great monthly as well as reload bonuses. 

Multiple Deposit Bonus

One of the most appealing bonuses that an Indian gaming devotee can get is the multiple deposit bonus. Thanks to this bonus, you can get the maximum amount of money for the initial deposit that you’ve made. At a large number of online casinos, you can claim this bonus for three deposits in a row, while some casinos will give you an opportunity to acquire this bonus for even four or five deposits in a row, which is very nice.  

High-Roller Bonus

There are some players that really want to make deposits with some big money, and they won’t be too happy with a 100% match-deposit bonus of up to a maximum of 10,000 Rupees. The only want to make deposits with massive amounts of money. Mostly, casinos won’t give out high-roller bonuses directly on their webpage. But, once you make a deposit with a large amount of money, the employees from the VIP Club will get in touch with you. High-rollers can enjoy a wide array of rewards such as expensive watches and even cars. 

Periodic Bonus

Regarding this casino bonus, you can claim ti on holidays like Christmas. Or you can get it on Black Friday as well. You can be rewarded with this bonus on specific days in the month. You have to meet wagering requirements to claim this online casino bonus. For example, there’s a tournament on the website, and the draw is on the 20th of that month. This means that you will only be rewarded with the periodic bonus on that day. Many online casinos like to give bonuses to women in specific hours of the day. For instance, every day from 5 pm to 7 pm, every woman that plays casino games could get that bonus. This is an incentive to attract more and more women to gamble online. Also, there are periodic bonuses, that will reward only men.

Refer a Friend Bonus

You won’t see this bonus at an online casino too often, but if you do, you’ll be quite delighted once you get it. If you want to get this online casino bonus, you have to convince one friend to make an account at a casino. Also, your friend would have to begin playing some casino games. Your friend would have to click on a particular link, make an account, and deposit a generous amount of money. When your friend becomes a casino member, you will be eligible to claim this bonus. The size of the refer a friend bonus depends on how much did your friend spend to make his initial deposit. 

Sticky Bonus

This isn’t your ordinary online casino bonus. With this, you’re free to play any online casino game of your choosing, but you can’t withdraw the money you’ve won while you played those games. If you want to withdraw the money you’ve won, you would have to able to meet a certain wagering requirement. If you want to get your money, it is mandatory that you have a larger amount of money then you first had when you got this bonus. Many gambling admirers choose online casinos that have this bonus. 

Loyalty Program

An interesting type of online casino bonus is the Loyalty Program. When you become a member of an online casino, you can become enrolled in the Loyalty Program. There are Loyalty points that you can acquire if you play the games on a regular basis. You can trade those points for items like smartphones, watches, etc.