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Online Andar Bahar - A Complete Guide

Originated in Bangalore, Andar Bahar is a popular card game of India that managed to reach worldwide casino sites. 

Also known by other names as Katti, Mangatha; this traditional Indian game has millions of fans across the globe.

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about the Online Andar bahar. Learn the rules, betting options, and winning strategies to earn a huge pot of real money.  

Let’s get started by browsing the list of Real money Andar bahar casinos featuring the best welcome bonuses for new users!

Best Real money Andar Bahar Casinos

What is Online Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is entirely a game of luck. That means there are 50/50 chances to win or lose. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards excluding jokers. As many players can participate in this game. Each player is dealt with two cards as Andar & Bahar.

  • Andar (Inside) refers to the left betting spot on the table.
  • Bahar (outside) refers to the right betting spot on the table.

The objective of Andar Bahar:  The goal is to predict which of the Andar or Bahar cards will match with the joker card.

Precise chances of winning: Andar bets: 51.5%, Bahar bets: 48.5%.

Rules to play Andar Bahar

Rules can slightly vary depending on the casino and latest Andar bahar variants or in live Andar Bahar. Rest, the basic rules remain the same. Take a look!

  1. The dealer cuts a card from the deck referred to as a joker card.
  2. Two cards( Andar & Bahar ) are dealt to each player by the dealer.
  3. Players have to place bets on the right or left betting spots.
  4. Side bets are optional and can be placed only before the matching cards.
  5. The dealing starts from Andar If the first dealt card is Black (Spade or Club).
  6. The dealing starts from Bahar If the first dealt card is Red (Diamond or Heart).
  7. Cards are dealt alternatively to each betting spot.
  8. The game round ends the moment an identical card has appeared.
  9. All the bets lose except the winner.
  10. If you win, the payout is credited to your casino account.

Isn’t it simple? Let us give you an example to get a better understanding of the concept!

Assume the dealer cuts a joker card with a face value of 5, and you have chosen to place a bet on the Andar/Left betting spot.

Now, if your Andar card is of the same value as the joker card, i.e., 5, you’ll win the Andar Bahar bet. Else you’ll lose.

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How to place bets in Andar Bahar?

This game gives you the opportunity to place final bets and additional side bets as well. You can place bets ranging from a minimum of 10/- to a maximum of 10,000/- as per your budget. Once the joker or lead card has been displayed, all the contestants on the Andar Bahar table have to place the final bets or side bets.

Follow the simple procedure below to place the bets online:

Select Andar bahar casino

Select any of our top #5 licensed Andar bahar casinos.

Confirm account

Create & Confirm your account. (activation code is sent to your email/phone).

initial bonus

Make an initial deposit( optional)

claim bonus

Claim your welcome bonus or other rewards.

andar bahar game

Select the Andar bahar game from the casino menu.

play place bets

Place & confirm the bets.

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Andar Bahar Payouts

The size of winning payouts depends on :

  • If the card belongs to a red/black suit?
  • If the identical card appeared on the same side as the first dealt card?
  • Whether it was Andar or Bahar’s card?

You’ll get 100% payouts for Bahar bets and 90% for Andar bets.

For example, if you placed a bet of 10/-, the payout will be ₹20 if an identical card appeared on the Bahar/right betting spot. else you’ll get ₹19/-

Bet AndarBahar
10/- 19/- 20/- 
100/- 190/- 200/- 
200/- 380/- 400/- 

Additional Side Bets in Andar Bahar

Side bets can be placed anytime during the game session until the identical card has appeared. Players are allowed to bet against the lead card/ joker card.

Side bets are optional & risky but can get you huge payouts.

The betting interface automatically displays the available side bets once the game round has begun. The payouts depend on the face value of cards. Take a look at some of the side bets & payouts available in the Live Andar Bahar table!

Side BetsPayoutsProbability
1-5 cards2.5:123.8%
6-10 card3.5:121.7%
11-15 cards4.5:116.9%
16-25 cards3.5:121.8%
26-30 cards14:16.09%
31-35 cards24:13.69%
36-40 cards49:11.89%
41 and above119:10.79%

How to play Online Andar Bahar?

Unlike the traditional version of Andar Bahar in land-based casinos, you can play online Andar bahar in 3 different modes. Standard rules remain the same in all the variants. 

  • RNG-based Andar Bahar
  • Live dealer Andar Bahar
  • Mobile Andar Bahar

RNG-based Andar Bahar

In this digital version, random number generation technology is used to distribute the cards. So, basically, the virtual dealer is the pre-installed software.

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Live Dealer Andar Bahar

This version gives you the opportunity to play the Andar bahar game with a real dealer. So, you can interact with a real dealer through dedicated live casino studios.

Mobile Andar Bahar

Yes, you can play Andar bahar on your smartphones. Either download the casino apps or access the mobile casinos through your mobile browser. Free casino apps are available on iOS/Android devices.

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How do we choose the best Andar Bahar casinos?

It’s a tough task to choose the top #5 real money indian casinos when hundreds of options are available online. Our experts follow strict criteria to choose the right and best betting platforms for Indian users. Take a look!

License & Authoritative

All our Andar bahar casinos are licensed and approved by reputed gaming authorities like MGA/UKGC/Curacao etc.

Bonuses & Promotions

The casino site must offer great bonuses and offers for new users to play Andar bahar or other casino games.

Wide range of games

Besides casino games, you’ll also find e-sports, virtual games, and sports betting options on our handpicked gambling sites.

Different payment methods

We make sure reliable deposit & withdrawal methods are available for online bettors. Our recommended casino sites only use SSL-encrypted technology for online transactions.

Device Compatibility

Online casino sites must be compatible on small & large screen devices. You can easily access our Andar bahar casinos on iOS/Android/Windows devices.

Casino Softwares

All the Andar bahar variants on our casino sites are provided by top casino softwares like evolution gaming, Ezugi, Netent, Microgaming, etc.

Winning Tips for Andar Bahar Game

As we already told you, winning is a matter of luck in this popular card game. There is possibly no way to cheat especially when you are playing online. But there are some proven tricks that can improve your chances of winning;

  • Always start with placing low-value bets: Do not lose your bankroll in one go. Fix a time limit and bet limit and leave the table even if you are losing.
  • Try Martingale Theory: It says to double your bet every time until you win. You can give it a few tries. Who know if it’s your lucky day today.
  • Place side bets: If budget is not an issue, you can place additional side bets. The payouts are comparatively better than final bets.
  • Winning stats: You’ll get the stats and record of last bets on the betting interface. This road map can help you trace a winning pattern and place your next bet accordingly.
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Want to play Andar Bahar in Hindi?

Andar bahar belongs to india. So how is it possible that you can’t play this traditional card game in Hindi? Many of the top casino software providers like Evolution gaming & Ezugi offer the Hindi version of Live  Andar Bahar. The player interface also gives instructions in Hindi and other native languages. Thus, making it easy for desi players to connect with the game and casino.

Our #1 Choice for Hindi Andar Bahar Casino

The pay-outs in this game depend on the accuracy of your guess or the card number you choose. If it appears on the same side as the person who first deals the card, your bet is as good as won, and you will receive a ninety percent payout.

Assuming you staked 100 rupees, you will get 190 rupees in total. Still, if the card shows up on the other side, you get a full 100% pay-out. Your return for staking 100 rupees will be 200.

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FAQs about Online Andar Bahar

Yes, you can play the classic Andar bahar at legal casino sites based out of India and accept Indian currency. Though Indian gambling law doesn’t explicitly say that online gambling is illegal. But still, to be on the safer side, it’s better to select international betting platforms.

Andar bahar is purely a game of luck. But the betting options with high winning odds can improve your chance of winning. Read our Andar bahar detailed guide to know some winning strategies!

Check our top #5 real money Andar bahar casinos for Indian players:

  1. 22Bet
  2. Betway
  3. Spin Casino
  4. Fun88
  5. Royal Panda

Andar refers to inside/left whereas Bahar refers to outside/right. It’s a simple card game played using a single deck of cards. Two cards are dealt with each player on the table.  You can play Andar bahar in three different modes: RNG-based, Live dealer, and on your smartphone. 

Read this article to learn the rules, betting options, and Top Indian casinos to play Andar bahar.

Yes, you can play the Andar bahar game by accessing the casino site through your mobile browser or downloading the casino app on your smartphone.

Betway and 22bet are our top #2 best casino apps for playing Andar bahar.

Side bets are placed on the Andar bahar table before the outcome of matching cards. Side bets are placed on card values 1-5, 6-10,11-15, and so on. Payouts vary for different side bets.

Ready to play the simple yet interesting Andar Bahar game?

If you are a beginner, we suggest playing the Andar bahar game for free. It’s the best way to learn the rules, betting strategies, and the online casino environment.

You can anytime switch to online and live dealer Andar bahar games to place real money bets. We can’t guarantee your win. But it’s definite that you’ll get generous bonuses, promotional offers, and high payouts on our listed casino sites.

So, register today at any of our top Andar bahar casinos or download the apps for the ultimate betting experience. All the best!

Best Online Casinos To Play Andar Bahar In India