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Kabaddi betting online

In earlier days, betting was reserved for famous sports like soccer, cricket, basketball, horse riding, etc. However, in recent years Kabaddi has managed to climb the ladder to the second most popular game in India after cricket.

The results have led to its inclusion in the list of betting games. Betting on Kabaddi, at first sight, may seem complicated and less enticing because bookmakers often target markets for other famous sports like football.

Also, this adds to the fact that the laws governing betting differ from country to country.  Yet, once you learn the loops of the Kabaddi sport, it becomes effortless to bet and win.

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Play Kabaddi at global betting sites available in India

The main reason for betting is to bring that much needed extra money into your pocket. While betting in Kabaddi in India today, you must consider the sites that offer the best promotions, offers, and bonuses.

You SHOULD also browse to see which one has the best features for players in terms of user-friendliness.

A good betting site should not take more than ten minutes to open and run an account. Therefore, choose one that will be active as soon as you provide the required details.

On the other hand, not all betting sites accept and pay in Indian rupees. Consequently, you should consider platforms like the brands we suggest you in our blog which are among those that pay in Indian rupees.

Another factor to consider is a betting site that has all the Kabaddi games on its bookmaker and numerous ways to place a wager.

Achieving that will possibly increase your betting leeway and winning chances. Ideally, the more games you bet on in Kabaddi, the higher the wins and bonuses you can amass.

History of the Kabaddi game

Kabaddi started as a leisure and team-building activity in Indian states but gradually gained popularity due to its engaging and entertaining nature.

It originated in ancient India as a contact sport with two opposing teams of seven members each. Since then, it has evolved to adopt different and additional rules to set it as a recognized standard official sport.

The word “Khai-Pidi,” which means holding hands in the Tamil language, is what inspired the birth of Kabaddi. The game later spread to the larger Indian states through the sea trade that existed in the ancient days.

It then attracted interest in other Asian nations like Japan and Pakistan and much later to other European countries that have Indian communities.

History Of The Kabaddi Game

The state of Tamil was the first to host an official Kabaddi game in India. The sport became popular in the Indian sub-continent in the early days.

It later spread its fame, and the game was hosted in other Asian countries like Japan and Pakistan in the early ’60s, but the dominance remains in India.

The game currently commands international attention. It has two official leagues to it, the Global Kabaddi League, which attracts teams from Canada, USA and Pakistan, and the PKB league, which involves teams from all over India.

Global Kabaddi League – GKL in India

The tournaments take place in different cities across these countries and have eight teams that participate.

The groups include Khalsa Warriors, YO YO Tigers, Vancouver Warriors from USA, Punjab Thunders, Lahore Lions, United Sighs, California Eagles from USA, and Royal Kings.

Pro Kabaddi Betting Online – PKB

The Pro Kabaddi betting is a seasonal sport. It was first officially played in 2014 at a professional level. Betting on PKB is only allowed to punters when the season is open (once per year).

The live shows are highly competitive, attracting viewers and bettors from all over the world. In the same vein, you can bet on live matches as well as future competitions.

Kabaddi is a lucrative sport to bet and win a lot of money due to the frequent promotions and offers available on betting sites such as any of our favourite brands on gambling, since their focus on Indian punters.

The Pro Kabaddi league runs for roughly four months. Similarly, games also attract female participants. Currently, there are a bunch of clubs taking part in this sport in India, with more expected to enter into the picture in the coming days.

This is arguably one of the reasons you need to familiarize yourself with the sport if at all you want to become a loyal fan or top-notch bettor.

How to win big With Kabaddi?

Unlike in other games, the best way to secure wins with Kabaddi is you bet on draws where necessary. You can, in the same fashion, pick a side and bet on its end-of-the-match odds.

If the odds are not assuring, choose on other possibly enticing aspects like goals as per half time, the numbers on target, or the cards issued on the match.

Choose betting sites with more Kabaddi games, better bonuses, offers, and promotions. Register with betting sites with mobile betting apps or flawless desktop interfaces.

That way, you can bet faster from anywhere, anytime, and increase your winning chances. Your best choice, if you love a mobile experience, is to open an account with any of the brands we recommend.

Why? They all offer you best experience on mobile betting, including native apps for Android and iOS, responsive website and of course, a unique feeling in small screen that make you love this type of betting.

Strategies that work in the Kabaddi game

As a Kabaddi player, you can employ several winning strategies. The first one is you must be fast at all times. The ability to hold your breath is another factor that can help you dodge or catch your opponent. Ideally, physical fitness and teamwork are must-have skills if you want to win the Kabaddi game.

For online betting on the game, you can pick a side you think will carry the day in the match or choose to bet on a draw. You can again wager per half-game or card issued, or the number of successful targets to increase your possible rewards.

Best Kabaddi bonuses

Betway offers first-time welcome bonuses of up to 2,500 rupees to all new bettors of Kabaddi and provides numerous markets for the game.

On the other hand, LeoVegas, which is one of the best betting sites globally, offers a 100% bonus of up to 10,000 rupees.

Fun88 offers 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games. It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sports.

While Spin Sports offers 20,000 rupees. And as luck would have it, 22bet site is available in Hindi. However, you need to be a frequent gambler to enjoy additional bonuses as well as free betting opportunities.


Kabaddi Betting Frequently Asked Questions 

Kabaddi is a combat sport involving physical contact with the opposing team.Two groups of twelve players on each team participate, but only seven participants are allowed on the field during a match. The game starts with the opposing side sending one teammate to the defending side. The player should then tag as many opponents as possible and head back to his side of the pitch. A winner is determined based on the number of scores and players left at the end of the game.
Due to the popularity of the game in India, most bookmakers have developed platforms where you can play Kabaddi online. The game is available on mobile apps, as well as the desktop interface. From the comfort of your home, you can access and play it from anywhere around the world. Also, registration on sites like Betway and Bodog is free, and within minutes, you will be able to place a wager on this sport.
Yes, currently, you can easily access live matches on 22 Bet. The live games are highly competitive and attract a massive number of gamers, making it more and more exciting. All you need is access to fast internet, smartphone or tablet, desktop or laptop, and you can go on to enjoy a thrilling experience. 
Faster and more advanced mobile gaming apps are coming up. Fortunately, Kabaddi is available on mobile apps on sites like Leo Vegas. Unlike before, when betting companies used to focus on popular sports around the world such as soccer, basketball, and rugby, the popularity of Kabaddi has made most tech companies include it when developing apps. Now you can access the Kabaddi games on several well-known platforms anytime.
Yes, you can bet on Kabaddi with Indian rupees. You need to browse and find out which betting sites accept and pay Indian punters with rupees before proceeding to register. Even though not all betting sites operate with numerous currency forms, betting sites like Betway and Royal Panda are known to accept depositing and withdrawing cash in rupees.
Playing Kabaddi in a majority of countries is legal. Although the sport is most prevalent in India, its fame is slowly spreading to other nations where Indian communities reside such as the USA, Canada, the UK, etc. However, when betting, it is essential to consider that regulations differ from state to state in India. It is also crucial to understand the betting and gaming regulations that govern your region right off or consult a professional lawyer for farther advice.   
Yes, you can. The Pro Kabaddi matches are highly competitive and therefore attract millions of bettors across India and Asia. As long as you have access to the internet or can follow the events on TV, betting on a live game is easy and possible.
You can accumulate bonus points through betting and playing regularly on reputable betting sites. You should widely research which sites offer more and better chances of getting higher bonuses. To increase your leeway of winning rewards, you should take time to learn how the game goes, the do's and don'ts to know when and at what point you should place your bet. For the best bonuses on Kabaddi betting, pick a site on our website and proceed to enjoy jaw-dropping rewards and promotions.


All said and done, Kabaddi is a sport for all, and it is easy to understand and wager on. And as it gains popularity around the world, you can enjoy the game as a leisure activity or a competitive sport.

Kabaddi betting can award you decent rewards if you are in it for money. Although it is presently not as on an expansive scale as horse riding, football, cricket, and others, the betting options and odds in Kabaddi are higher than what most sports offer.  

And of course, if you sign up with any of the brands listed on our blog, not only can you enjoy betting at Kabbadi, but you will have an enjoyable experience with amazing bonuses and even more, with the possibility to bet in Indian rupees.

Finally, we would like to remind you that our mission is to inform. But it is your responsibility for all the decisions you make and actions you take.


Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here