Best Online Baccarat Casinos For Indian Players

Do you know what makes online baccarat one of the popular casino games for beginners? It’s the thin house edge.

This game guide briefly explains how to play online baccarat for real money and the best baccarat casinos for Indian players. Read this detailed article to know the baccarat rules, strategies, and different online betting.

Check below the list of top #5 online baccarat casinos featuring exclusive bonuses & offers for new players!

Recommended List Of Real Money Baccarat Casinos

How to Play Baccarat Online?

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play. Also referred to as a banker-player game. To win or lose depends entirely on your luck. House edge in baccarat depends on the selection of your bets. 

Casino Register

Step 1: Register on the top online baccarat casino.

casino deposit information

Step 2: Load your casino wallet with the minimum deposit requirement.

Baccarat variant

Step 3: Now, choose the baccarat variant you want to try on.

play casino chips

Step 4: Select & Move the chips on the baccarat table.

casino banker

Step 5: Place a bet on the banker, player, or a tie.

play casino Payouts

Step 6: If you win, payouts are automatically credited to your casino account.

play casino Bets

Step 7: Choose to Rebet, Double bet or Clear bet.

How is each round of Baccarat played?

  1. Place the bets or side bets( optional)
  2. Two hands are dealt with the player and the banker.
  3. Any number of players can bet on either of hands.
  4. The winning hand in baccarat gets a payout.


  • The baccarat payout varies depending on the bets placed. 
  • When the cards are added together for the final results, the digit in the tens placed is dropped.
  • The cards dealt can be dealt face-up/face-down. It’s the casino’s personal choice.
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Third Card Rule in Baccarat

If you are playing the baccarat online game for the first time, knowing the third card rule is essential. This rule decides whether or not a player will be given the third card. 

The banker’s action depends a lot on the third card dealt with the player. That’s the reason how banker wins most of the time.

Check below the chart representing the total hand value a player must have to receive the third card. 

Third Card Rule in Baccarat

Some Popular Variants of Online Baccarat

You’ll find a variety of online baccarat games in different online casinos. The things that remain the same are the card values and the aim of the game.  That means you have to get a hand value closer to 9. Take a look at some of the most played baccarat variants:

European Baccarat

In this version of baccarat, the player is allowed to stand or draw if the total hand value is 5. There is no third card rule. If any of the players on the baccarat table matched the banker’s hand, other players wouldn’t be able to bet.

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American Baccarat

Also referred to as punto banco. Basically, baccarat is a player-banker game. It is played with 6-8 decks. So, what makes this baccarat version interesting? It is the banker who doesn’t represent the house.

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Mini Baccarat

An interesting baccarat version where only 7 players and 1 dealer can participate. The rules are pretty similar to American baccarat. A semi-circle baccarat online table like blackjack is used to play mini-baccarat.

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The most popular type of baccarat where players bet against each other rather than the house. That means players get the opportunity to act as bankers in turns. The House edge is very low.

Online Baccarat Bets

There are three common and most popular bets that you’ll find in almost all the baccarat variants. That means you can bet on:

  • Banker, 
  • Player,
  • Or a Tie. 

You have to simply move the chips to the betting areas on baccarat table before the hand is dealt.

Bet typePayoutHouse edgeResult
Player Bet1:11.29% single-deck; 1.24% (6-deck)The Player gets a better hand value( close to 9).
Banker Bet19:20 (5% Commission)1.01% (Single Deck), 1.06% (6-Deck)The banker gets a better hand value( close to 9).
Tie Bet`8:115.75% (Single Deck), 14.44% (6-Deck)The player & banker has the same hand value.


Best baccarat casinos in India

Side Bets in Baccarat

Plenty of side-betting options are available in online baccarat. The payouts and house edge can vary depending on the bet type. We suggest it’s better to consider all these factors before you place a bet on baccarat table. It will improve your winning chances. Let’s discuss baccarat side bets in detail!

Bet typePayoutHouse EdgeOutcome
Player Pair1:111.25%If the player’s first two cards make a pair.
Banker Pair1:111.25%If the banker’s first two cards make a pair.
Perfect Pair25:117.07%If the first two cards with either of player or banker make a pair of the same suit.
Either Pair5:114.54%If the banker or player’s first two cards make either pair.
Small1.5:15.27%If the total cards dealt in the baccarat game are 4.
Big0.54:14.35%If the total cards dealt in the baccarat game are 5 or 6.

Baccarat Statistics & Road views

No doubt, baccarat rules are quite easy to understand. But baccarat statistics takes some time and effort to memorize. Once you have learned it, your winning odds definitely get better. Let’s begin with the most basic question!

What are baccarat roads?

If you have played baccarat online, you’ll notice colorful circles (red, blue, green) in different grids on the player’s interface. The grids, lines, and dots collectively form the baccarat roads. These are the betting statistics or patterns that help you place better and safer bets.

Bead PlateBead Plate

it is also known as baby pig road. It is used by most of the high rollers. The bead plate shows the bets placed by players. Each outcome is added downwards to the plate starting from the top left corner.  

  • Red beads represent ‘the banker.’
  • Blue beads represent ‘the player’.
  • Green beads represent ‘A Tie.’

The numbers on the circles signify the total hand value. The small circles represent the banker’s pair, the Player’s pair.

Some popular road views

Big RoadBig Road

This road view is almost similar to bead plate. You can keep track of player and banker’s wins from left to right. But it doesn’t give any information about a winning hand. One can easily find the patterns.

Big eye boyBig eye boy

One of the most complicated road views. It helps to reveal repetitive and non-repetitive patterns. It consists of blue and red circles. Blue signifies the choppy or unpredictable shoe, while red indicates the predictable and repetitive shoe.

Small RoadSmall Road

It is almost identical to big eye boy. The difference lies in skipping a column to the left of the current column. So basically, you have to compare the first and third columns for placing the new bet.

Cockroach PigCockroach Pig

Another variation of big eye boy. In this road view, you have to skip two columns to read the pattern. It begins when a new entry has been entered to big road’s map. So, you have to leave the 2nd & 3rd columns and compare the 1st & 4th column.

History of Baccarat: One of the ancient card game

Some say it’s Rome; others say it’s France. But the study and theory reveal that Baccarat was originated in Italy in the 1400s. It was referred to as ‘baccara’ which means zero in Italy. Quickly, this exciting game spread its roots to France. Baccarat was named Chemin de fer in french or Chemmy by the royal people of France. 

Soon after, baccarat  was introduced to England and became one of the most popular card games. Ian Fleming invented the new way to play baccarat online and introduced a fictional character, James bond. Now, the next destination was America, where Chemmy got the new name as Punto Banco. That means a player-banker game. In the 1950s, the game finally landed at Las Vegas casinos. The credit goes to Tommy Renzoni. Rest is the history. The game is still the favorite for low roller and high rollers.

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How do we rate the best baccarat online casinos in India?

Not every casino that claims to be the best is the best one. To check whether the casino is faithful to its promises, our experts follow strict criteria. We make sure to choose the best casinos to play baccarat online games. Let’s see how we do it?

How to win Baccarat consistently?

As we said earlier, luck matters the most in playing baccarat online. But there are a few winning tips by our casino experts that can help you win every time. Take a look!

  • 1

    To Know how cards are dealt?

    To start with, check the number of decks that are being used on the baccarat table. Usually, Baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards and 2 hands. That means as many players can bet on the outcome of either player or banker’s hand.

  • 2

    Know the value of cards

    • Face cards are valued as 10 points
    • Aces are valued as 1.
    • 2-9 are counted on their face value.
  • 3

    Know when the banker hits

    Most of the time, the banker hits when the:

    • The Player stands on 6 or higher.
    • The hand value is 5 or less.
  • 4

    Know when the banker draws

    • When his hand values are 0-3 and the player’s third card is a face card, ace, 9,10.
    • When the banker has 0-2 and the player’s third card is 8.
    • When the banker has 0-6 and the player’s third card is 6 or 7.
    • When the banker has 0-5 and the player’s third card is 4 or 5.
    • When the banker has 0-4 and the player’s third card is 2 or 3.
  • 5

    Learn the Odds

    Honestly speaking, odds favor the house or casino most of the time. Odds may slightly vary in 8-deck shoes.

    • Banker’s bet: 1.24%
    • Player’s bet: 1.06%
  • 6

    Avoid the Tie Bet

    Though the payout of 8:1 is huge enough & the house edge is 14.44%. We suggest avoiding placing the tie bet. As it rarely happens. Rest you can take decision accordingly.

  • 7

    Banker’s bet is the safest bet

    It’s a banker that wins most of the time. A banker is allowed to change the bets depending on the player’s third card. Success probability is high, but the payout is less in comparison to other bets.

  • 8

    Avoid the Side bets

    If the bankroll is not an issue, you can take risks. Rest it is suggested to avoid the side bets like perfect pair, either pair and so on. The higher odds usually have lower payouts.

Licensed & Regulation Authority

Licensed & Regulation Authority

If a casino is not licensed & authoritative, there is no logic to play baccarat or other real money casino games. So, all our listed casinos are licensed by top gaming authorities like MGA/Curacao/UKGC.
Banking Options

Banking Options

Baccarat online casinos must offer diverse payment methods for Indian players like Paytm, G-Pay, Credit/Debit cards, etc. All the deposit & withdrawal methods use SSL-encrypted technology for secure online payments.
Wide range of games

Wide range of games

A casino site must offer plenty of baccarat variants with exciting bonuses & betting options like RNG-based baccarat games, baccarat live, no commission baccarat, etc.
Exciting bonus offers

Exciting bonus offers

All our listed casinos offer generous bonuses & promotional offers to play baccarat online. Whether it’s the first deposit bonus, sign-up bonus, they know how to keep their customers happy.
Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

The online casino site must be compatible on desktop and smartphone. And, if a casino offers an app, it must support iOS & Android devices.
24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

We make sure the casino has quick & responsive customer support. It should be easy to contact via live chat facility, phone, or email address.

Want to play free online Baccarat?

We have good news for all the newbies who don’t want to risk their money. Register on our listed casino sites to play online baccarat games for free. It’s a great way to learn the rules, strategies, and betting options. 

But, playing baccarat for real money lets you add cash to your bank account. Check below the comparative analysis of both games and decide accordingly!

Our Expert's Choice on Baccarat Casino

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Live Baccarat Features

A live version is played almost similar to RNG-based online baccarat games except for the live dealer (banker).  The player’s only aim is to beat the banker by getting a hand value closer to 9. Unlike the traditional baccarat, you get to deal and interact with real dealers while sitting at home. We guarantee you won’t look back once you have tried the live version of baccarat. It’s an 8-deck card game where players are free to place bets on any of the hands dealt. The Live version of baccarat is available on our listed casinos by top casino softwares such as:

The different live  versions you can try at our recommended casinos are: Baccarat Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Lighting Baccarat, and others. Play live baccarat today to enjoy features like live betting statistics, interactive roads. Place better & safer bets.

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FAQs about Online Baccarat

We suggest you visit our top#3 online baccarat casinos for exciting bonuses and promotional offers.

  1. Betway
  2. Royal panda
  3. Fun88

Banker’s bet is known as the safest bet in online baccarat games. Most of the time it’s the banker that wins. Payouts are usually lower than other bets.

There is a time limit to place the bets in online baccarat. It’s hardly possible to count the cards while placing the deals. So, probably it won’t work!

The payout percentage in playing baccarat online is 98% approx.  Moreover, it has been proven that bankers bet win most of the time. Win on the tie bet rarely happens.

Yes! You can play baccarat online on desktops, laptops, or smartphones. Casino apps are also available for iOS/Android devices. All you need is to make sure the casino is:

  • Based out of India
  • Accepts Indian currency & Indian players.

Yes, many baccarat strategies can improve your odds of winning. Some of them are:

  • Learning baccarat roads
  • Avoiding side bets & tie bets.
  • Betting on the banker’s hand.

For more winning tips, read our detailed game guide.

Why is the Baccarat game so popular in India?

Unlike blackjack and poker, baccarat online is one of the simplest casino games to understand and play. This detailed guide has everything you need to know about playing online baccarat games on your smartphones or desktops. 

So, sign up today at our expert’s recommended best baccarat casinos for Indian players. Enjoy the easy deposits & withdrawals with lucrative bonus offers for new players. Place better, safer, and responsible bets within your limit.

Best baccarat casinos