2020’s List of Top Baccarat Online Casinos

List of Baccarat Online Casinos

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in India. Like any other card games, it has variants. Each has its own set of rules, so we have to ask, “What makes it so unique as an online casino game? It offers exciting opportunities for players with varying budgets. From fast-paced and simple versions to squeezing variants, there are plenty of ways to win at this game. It is easy to figure out how to play compared to other games.


Free Online Baccarat casino games – Highly Recommended

Many people who want to play baccarat casino game don’t always know where to start. Before you play for real money, we suggest that you play a free game just to get the feel of it and see how things work. Thereafter you can proceed and wager on real games. And even with a 98% chance of a payout, don’t be tempted to jump right into a game. Learn the essentials and basic rules and strategies. This way, you will enjoy the game and increase your odds of winning when playing baccarat casino.

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How to Play Baccarat Game

How to Play Baccarat Game

Even though there are multiple variants, the objective of the game remains the same. The idea is to compare two hands these are the player and the banker. Three outcomes are possible for each round of play, popularly known as a  coup. The player or banker may end up with a higher score, or both parties will tie. Winning odds are usually in favour of the banker, and the house edge is lower than 1%. If you’d like to play baccarat casino online, follow the steps below.

  1. Find a reputable casino website that offers games then sign up with a valid email.
  2. Try out any of their free baccarat casino games to get the hang of things.
  3. Switch to the real account then select a game from the options available on the casino website
  4. Join a table then bet on one hand. You can only bet the player’s or banker’s hand. Place your bet before any cards are dealt.
  5. Know how the cards are dealt. The house deals both the player and banker two cards. One card is slid up to the player’s box and placed face up. The next card is placed in the banker’s box. The casino operator then deals another player and banker’s cards.
  6. Calculate point total for both sets of cards. The winning hand is the one closest to nine. However, face cards and ten cards are worth zero points. The rest of the cards are worth their face value and the Ace card earns you one point. For cards adding up to more than ten, the second digit is considered the value of the hand.  For instance, an 8 and a 5 card totalling 13 make up a 3-point hand.
  7. A natural win is declared when the point total for either player or banker is 8 or 9 in the first two cards dealt. If a natural win is declared, the game ends and bets already placed cashed out.

There are instances when the player gets a third card in the baccarat game, and this depends on the point totals. The player doesn’t get an additional card if they stand on totals of 6-9. Card totals ranging from zero to five earn the player a third card. However, if the banker has an 8 or 9, the game ends, and there is no further draw. Multiple rules govern whether or not the banker’s hand gets a third card. If the player doesn’t draw a third card, the banker takes a third card if their card total is five or less and stands if the total is six or more. Other bank’s third-card rules are as follows;

  • The banker draws a third card if their point total is two or less
  • The banker draws a third card if their sum is three and the player’s third card isn’t an 8
  • The banker draws a third card if their total is four and the player’s third card is 2,3,4,5,6, or 7
  • The banker draws a third card if the total is five and the player’s third card is 4,5,6, or 7
  • The banker draws a third card if the total is six and the player’s third card is 6 or 7
  • The banker stands if their card total is 7
  • Calculate the winning hand once all the cards have been dealt and are usually the one closer to 9. Neither hand wins or loses in case of a tie

Basic Rules of the Baccarat Game

Aside from learning how to play baccarat, you should also understand basic rules that apply to every baccarat game. These are:

Rules of the Baccarat Game
  1. Every game starts with placing a bet.
  2. The player gets a third card if they’ve got a 0 through 5
  3. Whoever receives a 8 or 9 during the first round is declared the winner
  4. Tens and face cards are worth zero points
  5. The highest possible score is 9
  6. Suits are irrelevant when calculating total points
  7. Any count that goes beyond nine drops down for a quick reset and the second digit is considered the new total

Variants of the Game

The game is available in three flavours namely, Banque, chemin de fer, and punto banco. All versions move at a slow pace and offer a completely immersive experience. Chemin de fer is the original variant and players can take turns drawing or shuffling cards. In Banque, the banker has the largest share of money to gamble. Punto banco is a game of chance that doesn’t require special skills. A set of precise rules determines it, and while paradoxical, punto banco is the most popular of the three variants.

Best Strategies for Baccarat Casino Game

There are various betting strategies you can apply to either reduce losses or increase winnings. Here are a few strategies to implement during the next baccarat casino online game.

  • Paroli: It involves increasing the bet every time you win. Use the 1-2-4 sequence of bets and restart after the third win.
  • 1-3-2-4: It is all about increasing your wager. Adjusting your bets in this sequence allows you to cover yourself for any losses.
  • One-sided: You choose to bet on either the player or the banker consistently. Keep betting until you lose three times and stop. Resume betting when your choice starts winning again.

Whatever strategy you decide to use go play a baccarat casino game, make sure you have a goal for how much to win. This lets you know when to end the game.

Quick Tips for Beginners

  • Don’t bet on a tie: Though there is a high payout that comes from the tie wager, the steep 14.4% house edge is not worth the effort. The chances of actually winning are also incredibly low so it’s best to bet on the player or banker.
  • Look for a casino with a commission of 5% or less: When playing an online casino, you want to know you’re playing for the most you can get. Don’t waste time playing for a house where you will pay back all your winnings in fees.
  • Bet on the banker: It has slightly higher odds of winning of 45.8%, hence better winnings in the long run. You can bet on the banker until they lose and resume when they start winning again.
  • Mitigate your losses: Since online games run long, it’s essential to adopt a strategy that mitigates your losses while optimizing wins.

Live Dealer Casino in India

Live Dealer Casino in India

Nothing beats the thrill of playing baccarat casino game with a live dealer in real-time via a high-quality video stream. The live dealer gives you a real feel of a casino without leaving the comfort of your living room or office desk. You can jump straight into a game without worrying about dressing up, driving to a casino, looking for a parking space, and waiting in line for your turn to play the game. When you join a table to play a baccarat game with a dealer, you will realize the interface is similar to that one displayed on computers. The rules remain the same, whether you’re playing mini-baccarat or multi-player games The difference is you and the dealer have an extra interface to interact via chat. The dealer can reply via the messaging system or via microphone. Unlike the software version, which lacks the human element, the live dealer baccarat casino puts you in touch with a human banker. So you get to see them making deals and moves right on your screen. Plus, you can have a casual conversation via your headphone or earpiece. The fun part of playing baccarat casino online is that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can choose tables and see graphical representations of what cards you’re dealt with. When playing, you will be lucky to find side bets in different variants. Make sure you have fast and stable internet so game play won’t be disrupted. The other benefits of playing with a real human dealer are:

  • Get promos for casino games
  • Bet on popular variants
  • Play games with low wagers and zero lines

How We Choose Top Casinos – Security and fairness

Money and user safety is vital when playing baccarat casino games online. We only recommend casino websites that have valid license and secondly, that use SSL encryption to safeguard the information of its members.

Quality games and software

Quality games and software

A good online casino offers multiple variants of blackjack not to mention live dealer games. We also go for casino operators with a wide selection of table games like blackjack and slots too.

Customer care

Top Indian casinos make customer care a top priority, ensuring players have the best gaming experience. So they provide round-the-clock support via online chat, email, and telephone.


There is no better way to increase bankroll and winnings of baccarat casino than bonuses. Good casinos offer bonuses in the form of regular promotions, special rewards for returning players, and more.

Mobile options

Casinos should support mobile gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular among Indian players who love playing on the go. We look at whether a website is responsive and offers downloadable mobile apps for players.

8 Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is baccarat?

It is a card game that involves two players; the player and banker. Each of them is dealt with two cards.

Is it a game of skill?

Yes, it is a game of chance, and the only choice you have to make is what to bet when playing. The chances of winning each round are quite decent whether you bet on the player or banker.

Can I play a live game for free?

Yes, if you search diligently, you should be able to find live dealers who’ll allow you to test drive their interface and play some free games. But they’re not as common as standard casino websites that let you practice for free.

Is it possible to count cards?

Yes. But getting an edge over the house is difficult even when you count cards. You only gain a small advantage, so it’s not worth the effort when playing baccarat casino online.

Can I player liver dealer games on mobile?

Even though live dealers are popular, not many casinos online provide the live dealer option on mobile and tablet. Some casinos like Jackpot City do offer live dealer games on mobile, but the options are not that great.

What makes up a winning hand?

The hand with the closest value to 9 wins. The total points should not exceed nine, and if they do, the second digit becomes the new value. So a 16 becomes a six, and an 18 becomes an eight.

What are the odds of success?

On average, the payout percentage for baccarat casino is around 98%. So it gives a player decent odds against the house. Bets with the greatest odds of winning are on the player or the banker. Bets on a tie have the least chance of winning, though they have a bigger payout.

Are the games rigged?

No, all the top online casinos -like the ones we recommend- use a random number generator to draw cards. If you’re wondering whether a casino is licensed and operating fairly in India, check the footer area for a seal of trust from a regulatory body. You can also find out more about the house edge on the casino’s website.


Baccarat is an exciting casino game with multiple variants. It’s available under every major casino online, so you have to sign up first before you can play. A live dealer is an exciting option that lets you play with a human dealer via video stream. To increase your chances of winning, you should learn how to play baccarat and understand the rules of the game. When playing, always bet on a banker, avoid ties, and mitigate your losses.