Mastercard Casinos- Smart And Fastest Casino Payment Method

The use of Mastercard is no stranger to most people with bank accounts. In addition to direct wire transfers, Mastercard is a leading payment gateway to deposit and withdraw cash in online casinos. 

In Spin Casino, you can use Mastercard to make transactions effortlessly and quickly. What makes playing at Spin Casino most exciting is that you can withdraw large sums of cash in a single transaction. The platform also gives new gamers a 100% discount for depositing between 1000 rupees and 100,000 rupees. Ideally, you can have up to 1,000,000,000 rupees in your gaming account if you sign up and deposit cash right now!

Today, we want to teach you how to use Mastercard to deposit and withdraw cash in online casino sites. Buckle up in readiness to find out more, and don’t forget to sign up with one of the brands we have listed below. 

Top Casinos Accepting Mastercard As A Payment Method


Betway is one of the globally renowned platforms, allowing its customers to withdraw cash with a Mastercard. In the same breath, it permits free depositing of money and a trouble-free gaming experience. Luckily, the site accepts Indians to transact cash in the rupee currency. New gamers get up to 60,000 rupees as a welcome token. The minimum amount of funds you can deposit is 200 rupees. Similarly, if you sign up today at Betway, you will have a chance to join its loyalty club.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino supports depositing and withdrawing cash through Mastercard. The site uses top-notch security features to safeguard data and gamers’ funds. Additionally, it allows for free and fast depositing of money. On the other hand, the maximum withdrawal limit is 750,000 rupees or $10,000. The minimum deposit you can make is 1000 rupees. The best part is, if you sign up at Spin Casino now and deposit cash, your welcome bonus can go up to a whopping 100,000 rupees. 


FUN88 supports transacting cash in numerous channels, and Mastercard is one of them. The site offers 10% Cashback Bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% Deposit Bonus for Casino games. It also provides 130% Deposit Bonus for Sports. From there, you will enjoy loads of casino games and friendly wagering requirements. In the same vein, if you register at FUN88 today, you will get a welcome bonus of up to 30,000 rupees. 


Leo Vegas offers an excellent gaming interface and supports transacting cash through Mastercard. The site has a mobile app, and depositing money is free. On the other hand, the wagering requirements are friendly, and you will join the platform’s loyalty club if you sign up and wager regularly. The welcome bonus goes up to 10,000 rupees. Join LeoVegas here. 

How To Make A Casino Deposit Using Mastercard?

Depositing cash with a Mastercard in an online casino is straightforward. First, you need to log in to your gaming account. Head over to the cashier section and select the deposit icon. From there, choose the card you want to use, which in this case, it is the Mastercard. 

Afterward, fill in your card details on the area present. That will involve keying in your card number, CCV, and the expiry date of the card. CCV or CVC, as it is often called, is a three-digit security code used in online transactions. Its details are on the backside of your card. 

After providing your card’s details, enter the amount of cash you wish to load into your gaming account and confirm whether the information you provided is correct. But again, the money must be above the set limit on your gambling site. Otherwise, your transaction will not be successful if you deposit less cash. 

That aside, confirm the amount of cash you wish to deposit is correct and then click the submit button. You will receive a notification in seconds to verify that your transaction is successful. From there, you can go back to the games’ category, select your favorite casino game, and stake. 

How To Withdraw Money From Mastercard?

Let’s face it; Mastercard is arguably the best and safest card to withdraw cash online. Its penetration and reach in India is incredible. Luckily, all the online casinos on this page accept withdrawing money through Mastercard. But again, you ought to have selected Mastercard as the withdrawal method before using it. 

So, after winning, go to your cashier section and select the withdrawal icon. You will then see a withdrawal form that you should fill with your name as displayed on the card. Then, key in the card number, the CVC number, followed by the expiry date. From there, enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw. Your gaming site will then process your withdrawal and disperse your winnings to your Mastercard.

Tips For Using Mastercard In Online Casinos

Online casinos and Mastercard issuers set mechanisms to protect your account and card. Below are a few tips that can help to keep your money and credentials safe:

Don’t share your card’s details

Many online criminals are purporting to be casino site officials who call or email gamers asking for card details. If you ever receive a communication asking for such information, contact your card issuer and your gaming site’s customer support team via the official channel before responding to suspicious calls or emails. 

Keep your gaming account safe

You probably use a computer accessible to other people, be it your friends or family members. As a result, you are likely to expose or forget to log out of your gaming account, and someone misuses the cash in your cashier. More so, if the device you use has multiple handlers, always remember to log out after wagering. 

Subscribe to Identity Guard services

Nowadays, there are companies offering identity theft monitoring services to online card users. And although the service does not protect against your Mastercard’s loss, it can help you find out suspicious activities in your account sooner. That is an excellent approach since it can help you report unauthorized transactions and avoid liability from most Mastercard providers. 

Pay using Mastercard in online casinos

Main features to consider in Mastercard online casino

Using the right online casino and Mastercard saves you time and the hassle of worrying about your money’s safety. As a result, you need to factor in a few things before you can sign up at any gaming site or link your card. Here are the aspects you should check:

Transaction fees

Frankly, transaction charges are a major headache to loads of gamers. Some online casinos and card issuers subject gamblers to high fees that often reduce the amount to be transacted. As a result, you should ensure the site you intend to use your Mastercard offers friendly fees. Better still, making a deposit should be free, like in our recommended brands. 

Transaction duration

Depositing cash into a gaming account using a Mastercard should take a few minutes to process. However, some companies take a long time before allowing funds to reflect in your cashier. If you want to save time and enjoy wagering, confirm the site you join processes deposits and withdrawals faster. 

Transaction approval

Well, while most card issuers allow making massive transactions, there are some that limit the amount of cash you can withdraw or deposit. In other words, some companies take gamers through lengthy transaction procedures and often decline to approve withdrawals or deposits. To be on the safe side, confirm the site and card you use allows cash transactions of significant amounts of money. 

Transaction safety

The safety of cash in a Mastercard and online casino is paramount. Therefore, ensure the site you use to wager has excellent mechanisms to safeguard your money. Confirm the URL of the platform has SSL features. In the same degree, your card issuer should comply with the security encryption set by major financial institutions and banks globally.

Benefits Of Using Mastercard In Online Casinos

Using a Mastercard to transact cash in and out of a gaming account has many benefits you will enjoy. Let’s look at what you will relish. 

  1. Mastercard will allow you to make transactions faster after linking your gaming account to your card.
  2. Transactions will always be safe, thanks to CVV on the card.
  3. You will enjoy convenience since you only need to link your Mastercard to your gaming account. 
  4. You will be able to send cash to recipients globally.
  5. You will make deposits to your gaming account for free and enjoy friendly withdrawals charges. 
  6. Mastercard allows gamers to cancel withdrawals while they are still in the processing stage. 
  7. You will be able to pay your bills with the winnings you withdraw. 
  8. You will not bear any liability in case of unauthorized payments, provided you inform your card issuer in time. 
  9. You may earn points for using Mastercard, which you can redeem for other rewards.
  10. Using a Mastercard allows you to build your credit score. 

Online Mastercard Casino Bonuses

The good thing about using Mastercard to deposit cash into a gaming site is the bonuses and promotional giveaways you will get regularly. Below are some of the freebies you will get in all the brands we outlined above:

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is the first giveaway you will receive after registering a gaming account and depositing cash for the first time. It will come as a 100% discount or even more. However, bonus cash will not be withdrawable instantly, but some sites may allow you to withdraw after meeting the wagering requirements. 

Deposit bonuses

The deposit bonuses are available when depositing cash for the second time onwards. However, the giveaway has limitations on how much discount you will get. Still, it has wagering requirements you should fulfill before withdrawing winnings. The exciting bit is that the terms are friendly and achievable if you regularly wager with the bonuses. 

VIP bonuses

Some sites, such as Leo Vegas, offer exceptional bonuses to their loyal customers. For example, you can get a VIP bonus for depositing cash regularly or reaching a certain wagering threshold. Either way, VIP bonuses are only available to a small group of gamers. 

Mastercard safety and security measures

Even though Mastercard providers do everything within their power to safeguard the cards, you also need to do a few things on your end. Ideally, that is the only way you will protect your funds from getting lost. Here is what you should do:

Be careful where you use the card

Frankly, Mastercard adds convenience to how and where you shop. However, some shopping outlets and online shops aren’t honest about how they handle customers. To that effect, always keep your card in sight when paying with it in restaurants or malls. On the other hand, never use the card to pay anything online without first confirming the security framework present.

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Use safe internet connection when transacting online

Using a public computer to make transactions online is risky for your funds. Again, taking advantage of public WI-FI simply because it is free puts your card’s details at risk of being hacked. Therefore, always ensure you deposit or withdraw cash via a personal computer and safe Internet connection. If you use a public computer, always remember to log out.

Keep your PIN safe

Notably, it would be best if you never shared the PIN of your Mastercard with anyone whatsoever. On the other hand, you should devise tweaks to cover your PIN whenever required to key it in an ATM or any other place. A decent way to store your PIN is memorizing it and not writing it down somewhere. 

Check your card’s balance regularly

Checking your card’s balance is an excellent way to confirm your cash is intact. It also helps you look for any suspicious activities and possibly report the issue to your card provider in time. Therefore, form a habit of checking how much money you regularly have and contact your provider if anything seems wrong. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The process takes minutes provided you key in truthful information. 
That depends on the site you use to play and the amount you withdraw. Ideally, some sites process payouts in about five days, especially if the amount involved is massive. 
Yes. You can send money to other people provided they have a bank account or an online digital account.
Well, that depends on the online casino you use to wager, which can be between 2% and 8% of the cash to be withdrawn. However, the fees in all our recommended brands are immensely lenient.


That is all you need to know before using a Mastercard to deposit or withdraw cash in a gaming site. The best part is you can get assistance from the gaming brands we have listed above, assuming you encounter problems when making transactions. Now, log into your gaming account and follow the steps we have outlined. If you haven’t registered a gaming account, pick one of our recommended platforms, and sign up first. From there, use your Mastercard to deposit but remember to load a significant amount of cash so that you enjoy a reasonable welcome bonus. 


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