Review of basketball betting sites online in India

Do you love betting on Basketball? Well, basketball betting in India is another excellent alternative for you. Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the globe and offers punters an opportunity to make extra cash.

And guess what? You aren’t tied to only placing your wager on the National Basketball Association (NBA).

There are other platforms such as the UBA Pro Basketball League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Basketball), among others.

But hold on, before you place a bet, you need to learn a few aspects regarding basketball as much as it may be relatively similar to football.

See, basketball requires a different strategy altogether. Some of the terms are also dissimilar and placing a wager needs pondering over who is playing, where, among other things.

Well, how conversant are you with basketball betting? If you aren’t, don’t chicken out! Today is your lucky day! You are about to learn everything there is to placing a money-making wager.

And one promise for you, by the time you finish this read, you’ll be a master at basketball betting in India. So, roll up your sleeve, and let’s dive in.

Pick up now one of the bookmakers you see on the right side table and start making money with Basketball!

Top 5 Basketball Betting Sites In India 2023

How to get started with basketball betting sites?

Getting the ball rolling with basketball betting can be challenging, especially for armatures. Time and again, most of them hit a dead end before placing their first wager.

To be honest, no one starts betting knowing everything, so you must familiarize yourself with the necessary snippets right off.

So, first, you need to be aware of how long a regular basketball season lasts. For example, the NBA has 82 games per season and each team plays several opponents before getting to the finals.

Again, the league begins in late April. This information would be crucial to make your basketball betting process a breeze in India.

Second, you need to know about all the available and reputable basketball betting sites accepting Indians before you can make a choice.

Afterward, you should assess their credibility. Look out for their certification, terms and conditions, time of existence, customer reviews, social media pages, among other particulars proofing their viability.

Doing this will help you to filter those that you feel pass the cut to what you would want.

The internet will undoubtedly help you find all the information and zero down to a bunch of sites. But again, our recommendation is you go with any of our recommendations. These are renowned websites that guarantee transparency to punters.

Considerations while choosing an Indian basketball betting site

There are thousands of websites out there, but only a bunch are trustworthy, and trying to identify them can be hard for rookies. But, hey! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We’re going to tell you the basis that any good gambling site must have:


The reliability of a basketball site is utterly crucial. That’s why this is the number one point you should consider when choosing your ideal basketball betting site in India.

Here, you need to be sure the betting website is legit and offers what it promotes. In the same vein, you also ought to be aware of how swift it processes predictions and pay-outs.

Ideally, a superb site should have most of its operations automated. A sluggish website will beyond a doubt inconvenience you, especially during live betting.

Again, if the basketball betting site does not process payout quickly, you should look for an alternative. The most common licenses the site ought have are: MGA, UKGC, Curaçao license, among others.

Tournaments, teams and leagues

There are numerous basketball betting tournaments and leagues you can bet on in India. The most popular league globally is the NBA, but there are also the likes of Euroleague, Spain Liga ACB, Turkey BSL, among others.

For the NBA league, you will find teams such as the Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, among tens of others.

As it is, the betting site you decide to joint should offer a considerable number of all these teams and leagues. Achieving this will undoubtedly increase your leeway in placing a bet.


Different basketball sites in India have varying odds for every game. Yet, it makes no sense to bet on a platform with low odds. But, there are two types of odds you will never miss in reliable basketball sites. They include:

  1. Match winner odds: this is quite straightforward and involves placing a wager on the team you think will win the match. Go for the site providing the most ideal odd, but putting into consideration the likelihood of either losing or winning.
  2. Over or under odds: similar to football betting, basketball also has score limits. So while choosing your ideal site, make sure it offers the best over or under odds to increase your possible reward.

But NOTE, the higher the odds does not mean you will win. So use the odds only as reference points.


Notably, a quality betting site ought to give bonus cashouts as well as free bets once in a while. So, shop for the site with the highest number of promotions.

That way, you will increase your chances of winning more cash or a free wager whenever you don’t have any money in your wallet.

How to earn money with online Indian basketball betting sites?

Now that you have all the information about what to consider right off, betting on basketball in India will certainly be easy and secure.

But again, you need to sign up for an account, deposit cash, and place your bet.  Of course, you cannot make money or bet without an account.

So, head to the official website of a site like any of the gambling site brands we recommended in our top listed, and sign-up.

You will provide your full name, and email address; then the site will direct you to verify your credentials. This process should take you less than two minutes.

Once you fill in your details and are sure it is correct, head to your email inbox and check the verification message. The message should provide you with a prompt link to your dashboard on the betting site.

Here, you will need to deposit your cash in rupees into your betting account’s wallet. You can use Skrill, Neteller, Paytm or credit card to top up.

Afterward, assess the teams. Look for those you know their style of playing. Or, pick out a few clubs and analyze them.

Check out their past matches. You can head over to YouTube to see the highlights of their games. Doing so would give you more familiarity with their competence and ability to win.

How to do basketball betting? And is it legal in India?

Interestingly, betting on basketball bookmakers in India isn’t illegal in some states. All you need is to place your bet with a licensed site that provides rupee as the mode of transaction.

That way, you will be sure of safe and secure withdrawals every time you win a bet. But again, it is wise enquiring from a professional lawyer about the set guidelines within your area for betting on basketball.

By the time you are through with analyzing the teams and knowing the gambling rules in your area, you ought to have an idea of how to place your bet.

Then, deposit cash into your betting account’s wallet using your credit or debit card, or platforms such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Neosurf, MuchBetter, among others.

At this point, you can proceed to bet, but ensure you don’t put in all the cash in your wallet.  Again, don’t always stick to what other punters tend to favor.

Sometimes, the underdogs carry the day. So, be wise and follow your mind and analysis.

Discover the different types of basketball betting

To help you better understand how to bet on basketball, we will explain the different types of bets you can place:

Point spread

A point spread bet basically has a positive or negative sign on it. In other words, if you wager on a team with a point spread of -9 on the bookmaker, this means it MUST score more than 9 points for you to win the bet. If it scores less than 9 points, you lose. In most scenarios, the point spread is set at half to break the possibility of a push (tie).  So you will see something like -9.5 or -8.5.

On the other hand, if you wager on an odd of +9, your team MUST score not less than 10 points for you to win. If the team scores 9 points or less, you lose. Therefore, to calculate your possible Moneyline payout win, you multiply the point spread with how much you wager.

For example, if your point spread is paying -110 and you place ₹100, you divide your bet size with the value of the odds and multiply by 100 to get a possible win of ₹90.90. If the point of spread is paying +160 and you place ₹ 200, you divide your wager by 100 and multiply it with the odd to get a possible win of ₹400.

Moneyline wager

Moneyline wager is, in other words, betting on the team you think will win the basketball match, regardless of the points.

The only trick to this bet is that the bigger or possibly a team is inclined to win, the less its betting reward. And, the bigger the underdog, the more you can win.

Ideally, you can place your Moneyline wager predicting an underdog to win, and if it does, you win big. The odds have either a plus or minus sign to depict the underdog or favorite. The positive sign is for the underdog, while the negative sign represents the favorite.  In other words, the numbers on each odd represent the magnitude of either side.

So, a team with a -200 is a better favorite than that with 150, and that with a +300 is a bigger underdog than the one with +200. Calculating the underdog payout, you divide your bet amount by 100, and then multiply the outcome with the value of the odd. For the favorite, you divide your bet amount by the value of the odd them multiply the answer with 100.


Totals betting is primarily prediction on whether the total points in a match from both teams will go over or under the bookmakers’ total.

Yet, this type of betting also puts into consideration the starting pitcher, the day’s lineup, how the batters previously performed against the pitcher, among other factors.

To increase your winning chances on totals betting, you should calculate about four averages of both the pitcher and batter then divide the sum of the answers by two.

Prop bets

In prop basket betting in India, there is the skilled and unskilled. The skilled prop bets involve placing your wager on specific players to either score certain points or the number of blocks he or she will get.

This is achievable from your previous knowledge of the player. For example, if you predict a player to score more than 30 points and it happens, you win.

If you bet that the player will not surpass 30 points and he exceeds your prediction, you lose. In the case of unskilled prop bet, punters place bets on the general happenings of a match and not individual players.

Such predictions can be the number of dunks in the game, the team to score fast, number of fouls, etc.

Parlays and teasers

These types of betting are often called exotic bets. On the parlay bets, you have the option to bet against the Moneyline wager or the point spread.

In Teaser bets, you can adjust the point spread to be in your favor. The only catch is that all your teams must win, or you lose your entire bet.

Where to find lucrative basketball betting odds?

Have you been wondering what platforms offer money-making odds to place a basketball bet? Okay, worry no more. From our years of experience in the market, we see many betting sites come and go.

But a bunch of websites pass the test of time, meet the set criteria, provide a safe, fast, and reliable framework for punters. Below are our cherry-picked TOP sites that guarantee transparency throughout your betting process.



Betway guarantee punters security to their credentials thanks to its SSL security feature. You can always reach the support team through a live chat or phone call whenever you have a query. On the other hand, first-time bettors get a 100% bonus reward of up to 2,500 rupees upon sign-up.

You can quickly deposit cash into your betting Betway wallet easily using your credit card or online platforms such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Neosurf or MuchBetter.



This site offers numerous basketball events daily for both live betting and pre-match games. The platform is also available in Hindi and accepts rupees. Every new punter gets a 100% bonus on their fast deposit of up to ₹10,000. 22bet has over 40 betting markets and a mobile app to make your betting experience a breeze. The support team is superb, and you can deposit cash using either online platforms or your credit card.

The minimum you can deposit is ₹80. 22bet has more than 150 payment options, including some of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum.



Fun88 site offers 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games. It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sports betting. It again allows punters to withdraw cash using a credit card, some online transfer platforms as well as bitcoin. The minimum you can deposit on your basketball betting wallet is ₹ 500.

It again provides both in-play and pre-match betting, and the minimum you can wager is ₹1. All wins reflect instantly in your betting wallet, but for huge cashouts, it may take a couple of hours. First-time withdrawals have to undergo a profile identification process to ensure money doesn’t get into the wrong hands.



LeoVegas allows punters to participate in live basketball betting, pre-match bets and has a vast selection of the best odds and leagues.

Again, the platform has a nifty mobile app that enables you to place your bet anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. And as the Indian law dictates, LeoVegas allows bettors to open an account and wager using rupees. When you first sign up, you will get a welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000, and the minimum deposit you can make is just ₹1,000.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Royal Panda also offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit of up to ₹30,000. It again provides weekly win bonus boosts of up to 50% for basketball bets. The website has a user-friendly interface and all signup information is encrypted with state-of-the-art security technology.

You can deposit cash in your betting wallet using Skrill, AGMO, Euteller, credit or debit card, among other platforms. Ultimately, you will get a free bet of USD $20 for every wager you place with USD $20 and has odds of 2.0 and above.

What is live basketball betting and how to do it?

Live basketball betting is placing a wager while the game is still on. Also called in-play betting, live betting offers punters a chance to study the game before they can put in their money.

Different from regular matches, odds in a live basketball game fluctuate during the game, depending on numerous factors.

So, to successfully place a live bet, you should be present as the match proceeds or stay up to date with the happenings every few minutes. Then, you can change your prediction or place a new bet whenever you feel necessary.

Basketball betting tips & strategies 2023

To help you, we have compiled some of the tips that our experts have used over the years to improve your gaming strategy, and in turn, your win rate.

Know your betting line and market

The first and most crucial basketball betting tip that can undoubtedly increase your winning chances is to understand the odd for every betting type you wish to wager.

Ensure you sign-up for a couple of betting accounts with different brands. Then, shop around the bookmakers to get the best lines of gambling there is on each platform.

Compare the odds and go for the site with the most decent offer. Avoid backing teams with little or no value.

Manage your bankroll

Unfortunately, a ton of putters often bet without planning. They, as a result, end up spending all their money and possibly not win. To be a proficient bettor, you need to have an efficient bankroll management plan.

Having an outline of the games helps you to create a strategic method to place your bets and ensure you don’t surpass your limits or eat into your upkeep money. In other words, develop discipline when placing your bets.

Narrow your betting focus

As it is, there are loads of basket games and styles you can place a bet. Yet, not all the available avenues will make you cash. In other words, you can never be a jack of all betting leagues.

So, an ideal strategy is you pick one or two leagues, study them inside out, analyze the match data, and master all the snippets. That way, you will always be more confident when placing your bet.

Don’t let emotions take over your betting process

Granted, whenever you win or lose a bet, your feelings are likely to change. But here is the thing, don’t put in all your money into a wager just because you made a killing.

In the same way, don’t be so quick to place another bet after a loss. You might end up losing more, which isn’t a decent thing.

Again, if you are intoxicated, consider postponing your betting process as you are likely to make a nasty judgment of the odds.


Basketball betting in India is fast gaining popularity every coming day. In case you have been wondering how to start, all the information in this article ought to help you kick-off.

Right now, loads of bettors are making extra cash, thanks to the insights we uncover. Don’t let yourself be left behind. Sign-up with any of our most recommendable sites and you will undoubtedly be among the winning lot.