Play Keno Online Game In India For Real Money 2023

Are you a hard-core gambling fan? Get ready to know more about the famous casino game, Keno! It is an extremely popular lottery-style casino game. This type of casino game can be played in brick-and-mortar as well as in the modern, online casinos. Although the odds of getting a win aren’t that big, it is still played by many gaming admirers across the globe. Most players are using any of our recommended casino brands to try their luck and sharpen their skills. You need to know that this casino game originates from the 19th century, and it was invented by gamblers from China. The risk-takers will love this game because their hearts will race, and their adrenaline will pump as they impatiently wait for the outcome. Soon, we will teach you how to play and win Keno game online.

But before we start, we want to let you know what are the brands we strongly recommend for Indian punters! So take a look at them, pick one and keep reading! So, to make things quite easier for you, we made a guide about how to play keno, and we included the best tips and strategies so you can increase your chances of winning. So, keep reading this review, and you’ll learn how to win keno lottery card game in no time. Without delay, let’s begin! Before that, if you are ready to start, we have chosen some of the most trusted sites to play Keno.

Best Keno Online Casino In India 2023

How to play Keno game?

Step 1: pick the spots

You will see 80 numbers on the keno lottery ticket. Players have to pick one to ten spots. Natheless, some online casinos will offer you the chance even to pick twenty, which is great.

If you matched all the numbers you chose, you’re going to get a jackpot. The pay-out that you will get once the game of keno is over depends on how many spots did you pick and catch.

Pay-outs happen to vary from one online casino to the other. Also, once you start to play keno online, pay-outs can change as you play the game and will depend on the number of spots you picked.

Don’t forget the benefit from the welcome bonus that most casinos offer.

For example, Spin Casino presents a ₹100,000 bonus where on your 1st deposit will get a 100% bonus up to ₹40,000, and on your 2nd & 3rd deposit a 100% bonus up to ₹30,000.

Step 2: pick your wager

The majority of gaming aficionados pick lower wager so they can get a bigger number of races and spots. Yet, there are the high-rollers that will place a larger bet, and choose fewer races and spots.

The wager you make happens to be calculated by the number of races. To make things clear, if you wager 1 rupee, and you choose ten spots, but just one race, then you’ll be wagering 1 rupee, and that’s how this works.

Player’s appetites differ, so they can pick whatever strategy suits them the most, and they should stick with it while they play keno.

Step 3: pick a certain number of races

Once you start playing the game of keno at online casinos, you have the liberty to pick the exact same spots for many races.

This means you can use your “lucky” spots for multiple races, which is fantastic. Although many players prefer to change their spots at every race, you could keep the same spots for a maximum of ten consecutive races.

Some online casinos are going to offer an option of “play 10” as well as “play 5”. Those are the buttons you can push for an unlimited amount of games while keeping the identical spots that you’ve chosen earlier.

Step 4: pay-outs

There are multiplier factors in play when it comes to pay-outs in a keno card game, and they differ from casino to casino.

The important thing that you have to know is that the factors that concern the size of the pay-out that you will get depends on the number of spots you’ve chosen and caught. As well how much money did you wager in this popular gaming category.

To get a large pay-out, you have to pick and catch a big number of spots, as well as to wager a big amount of money. Although, some online casinos are going to reward if you get a lesser number of spots.

Perks of playing the Keno game in India

The jackpot in keno lottery can get up to a max of 300 million rupees on a ticket that costs 140 rupees. So, you can see why this online casino game is so desired by gambling enthusiasts.

You can get a lot of money, and you only have to invest an insignificant amount of money. There are many reasons why this particular game is so popular, and one of them is because it is easy to learn how this game works.

Although it is mostly based on luck, some strategies can be implemented to boost the chance of getting some huge money.

So, for the ones who like just to sit back and relax, while they wait for the results, this online casino game category would be perfect for them.

There’s another interesting option regarding keno, and that is that you have the opportunity to pick between video poker as well as live casino keno.

It depends if you like a fast or perhaps slow speed of the game. Regarding video keno, a player can enjoy a maximum of nineteen rounds in one minute, and meanwhile, if you would like to play live casino keno, you can play a maximum of ten rounds in a minute.

Try your luck now, invest 140 rupees to win 300 million rupees with one of the globally renowned casinos below!

Variations of online Keno game for gamers

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are two variations of keno: video keno and live casino keno. Here, we are going to provide you with a short summary of these keno variations.

Video KenoVideo Keno

This variation of keno is a faster one than the live casino version. Playing video keno is very similar to playing an online slot. With the RNG or the Random Number Generator, you’re going to get a fair outcome, meaning that every player that participates in this game is going to have an equal chance of winning. All variations of the keno card game give a different bonus. Some free keno games with bonus are going to give you a generous number of free spins, while some will reward you with additional multipliers. Four-card keno is a very popular keno variation among the biggest gaming enthusiasts. In this version, you can play with four keno cards at the same time. This variation of keno card game also happens to have a lower house edge when you compare it to the live casino version. Yet, you can lose in video keno much faster, because you play more rounds in a minute, then in the live casino keno.

Live casino Keno gameLive casino Keno game

Today, keno is available on the Internet, in the live casino sections of online casinos. When you compare it to other casino games, the live keno shares similarities with bingo In this variation, you choose your number of spots on the keno card, and then you will place a bet with real money. Gambling fans have the chance to put multiple bets on one card, which is amazing. New rounds at live casino keno approximately begin every five minutes, making the game much slower than video keno. The great thing about live keno is that you can win enormous jackpots, which can carry a reward of up to a max of 300 million rupees! Also, with live casino Keno, you will bet in front of a live dealer. As explained many times in our website, if you like live games, you have different options in the internet. Most gamblers love to play with a live lady dealer, with any of our suggested casinos you can pick a table and enjoy your game with a global representative.

Types of online Keno bets

The reason why keno is so amazing is that there are no limits to how much you’ll win, regardless of how much you wager.

Even if you’ve only wagered one rupee, you still have the chance to get a reward of a couple of thousand rupees.

People of a young age, especially like to play keno, because they can invest little amounts of money while having the chance to win millions of rupees.

Betting on keno isn’t that hard, but some could find that the keno types of bets are difficult to learn. So, to make things easier, we’ll explain every keno type of bets.

  • 1

    Straight bets

    Players can pick up to a max of fifteen numbers, against which the house is going to draw twenty. In this type of bet, gambling enthusiasts can bet a maximum of forty numbers. To place this bet, you’re obliged to wager a minimum of 70 rupees.

  • 2

    Way bets

    In this type of bet, you can wager on multiple groups of numbers in one round. Gamers have to choose assorted number combinations from the numbers they’ve chosen previously. You may find this type of bet to be hard, but it is recommended that you learn how it works. This is because, with this bet, you can win small amounts of money fast, on a regular basis.

  • 3

    King number bets

    Regarding this bet, here’s how it works. One number or the king number is going to be added to the groups of numbers that you’ve chosen earlier. The king number holds one spot. For instance, if a player has two bets with three spots, and then he chooses the king number, he’s going to have three different groups of numbers. The two bets with three spots with one king number, means you’re going to have bets with four spots. To add, there will be one spot consisting of a particular king number.

  • 4

    Combination bets

    This works exactly how it sounds. You can pick king number bets and way bets to be in one ticket. You also have to pay separately for every bet that you make.

How to win in an online Keno game?

There are many ways of how you can win keno lottery card game, and we’ll show you some of the best tips you use.

Tip 1: pick online casinos with good pay-outs

This might seem like the obvious thing to do, but many players don’t think so. Although you might think that you’ve selected the perfect online casino to play keno, there may be a chance that it is not so great to play keno games.

The thing you should do when you visit an online casino website of your choice is that you should see the number of keno card game variations it has to offer as well as the size of the pay-outs for guessing the correct group of numbers.

Some of the most popular free keno games with bonus on the gaming market are Jackpot Keno, Keno Lab, Keno Super Classic, Firefly Keno, etc.

The average RTP for Keno variations is 95%, which is well above average when you look at the other types of online casino games.

Tip 2: play Keno for free first

To be honest, keno is not that difficult to play. Players also think that and they start to bet with money, and they eventually end up losing.

Remember that whatever online casino game you choose to play, it is highly recommended that you should try to play it for free, and then you can decide if you want to invest a certain amount of money.

Even if you learn the best possible strategies regarding keno, you should definitely play it for free. It would better be that you first lose a bet with no money than lose a bet in which you’ve invested a large sum of your money.

Tip 3: pick between 4 and 8 numbers in the game

When gaming enthusiasts can select fifteen to twenty numbers with exactly the same, then what’s the correct amount of numbers that a player must select to have a better chance of getting a win?

Newbies have the notion than if you pick more numbers, that the game will go to your advantage. In some way, they’re right, because if you pick a large number of spots, then you have a better possibility of landing the right numbers.

Remind yourself that the pay-outs differ depending on how much numbers have you picked, in general. It would best that you pick somewhere between four and eight numbers.

If you pick less than four, you practically don’t have a chance. On the other hand, if you choose over eight numbers, then you have to get a minimum of four additional numbers to get some extra money.

Tip 4: select either cold or consecutive numbers

First, players should go with consecutive numbers. The outcomes in the game of keno are completely random, thanks to the RNG.

But, professional keno players came to the conclusion that it would be best to play with the numbers that are consecutive.

This also goes when it comes to cold numbers. It means that you should place bets on the numbers that didn’t show up for a long time.

Tip 5: play at a casino with legit licensing

The online casino that you’ve chosen has to be trustworthy and reliable. There is no point in playing keno in an illegal casino where you won’t get your winnings.

So, it would be wise to choose an online casino that has licenses from famous regulatory companies such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

As an alternative, you can also bet with a casino that has another regulation, like the Curacao license. Our recommendation is to use betting sites that we review on our website.

Final tips

As you can see, keno is a game that is not only entertaining, easy to learn and fun, but also offers you real money-making opportunities.

And, if you feel that luck is on your side, you can place the maximum bet to try and become a millionaire with just one click!

Where to play? At any of the casinos we’ve recommended throughout this article. So stop overanalysing and think, start playing today by signing up using our affiliate link at any of the online casinos we recommend.

Just keep in mind that we are not professional advice. Which means that ALL your behaviour is your responsibility.