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Play Mahjong Games Online

Indian gaming enthusiasts, prepare to get more familiar with the fantastic Chinese tile game called Mahjong. This block game can be played solo and in a group. If you’re just playing by yourself, then you’re playing one of many variations of Mahjong, which is Solitaire Mahjong. At first glance, players may think that the game is complicated and hard to play. So, we’re here to make things easier for you and explain how mahjong games online work. Besides this, you’ll learn about variations of Mahjong, and you’ll be able to play mahjong games online 2020. After this review, you’ll definitely go and play Mahjong free online games.

So, read carefully, because there will be much interesting information about Mahjong. Without further ado, we’ll begin!

Why is Mahjong Game So Popular In India?

Mahjong has been around for more than a millennium, and it is popular because of how original and challenging this game still is. Among all other things, this game is very competitive, and players across the globe appreciate competing against other players. Apart from this, it also has integrity with strict rules that must be followed for the game to be successfully completed. Mahjong games online are a great way to relax and also a way to practice your concentration, which has to be at a high level if you want to achieve any results. 

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How To Play Mahjong Games Online From India?

Now, you’ll get introduced to the rules of the game of Mahjong games online. 

  • A number of Participants/Players– usually, there are four players that play this game. In some variations of this tile game, there can be three players or even one. 
  • Elements of the Game– the following list is going to contain the elements of this highly popular game:
  1. 136 tiles, twelve dragon tiles, eight flower tiles, and sixteen wind tiles
  2. Thirty-six different characters
  3. Thirty-six bamboos
  4. Thirty-six circles that are also suits. There are four suits, and they all have numbers from nine to ten.
  5. Two dices
  • Number One Objective– the goal of this game is to get Mahjong. This means that if you want to win at this game, you’ll have to acquire fourteen tiles in 4 sets and in only one pair, so remember this. A pair means that you have to get tiles that are exactly the same. The set is when you have three matching tiles. There’s also the “chow,” which consists of three numbers in a row of the same tile, like 3,4,5 of the bamboo.
  • Pick a Layout– there are thousands of layouts you can choose to play in. The most common is the Chinese layout, but there unique layouts like in Coffee Mahjong, where the symbols on the tiles are items you could find in a coffee shop. 
  • The Setup– First, pick a dealer to start the game. Then, the four wind tiles have to be shuffled. Once the dealer is done with shuffling, he must deal the cards to the players. The dice will roll in order to choose a dealer. 
How To Play Mahjong Games Online?

Then, the players build a “wall” of thirty-four tiles. The height of the wall will be two tiles, and the length of the wall will be seventeen tiles. The end result should look like a massive tile wall. Then, the dealer goes to deal the tiles. The other players get thirteen tiles, while he gets fourteen tiles. The next stop for the player would be to arrange the tiles in a way that the other participants don’t see the tiles that the player has. Right away, the dealer puts one tile to the side, and the game begins with the player that is first on the left from the dealer.

  • Play– before you get your turn, give the other participants a couple of seconds to get the tile that was put aside from the dealer. The player that gets that tile has the most chance to complete the Mahjong. First, you have to say the word “pung “, and then you have the opportunity to reveal the two identical tiles that are completely the same as the tile that was put aside. Once you call “pung,” you turn your pung to be face-up, put aside a different tile, and whoever is on your right will get this turn next.  
  • Hand End– this is when somebody completes the Mahjong by getting fourteen tiles of 4 sets and one pair.  

Different Variations of Mahjong Game To Play Online

This game exists for more than 1000 years, and it always been a great pastime activity among many people, as well as for Indian gambling lovers. Through the years, there have been developed a few variations of Mahjong. So, we’ll provide you with all the possible variations of online Mahjong. 

Chinese Mahjong

Certain rules must be followed when you play this variation of Mahjong, and they were released twenty years ago by the sports committee of China. They issued these rules so, all the players around the world can play with the same standardized set of rules. Thanks to this regulation, the popularity of this tile game have risen significantly. More and more players across the globe enjoy this game every day.

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hong Kong Mahjong

This is one of many variations of Mahjong, and it is quite popular in Asia, especially in India. The gambling enthusiasts might like this variation more than the previous one because it is more adapted for gambling, given the fact that it is played at a faster pace, which some players may find as a big advantage for this variation of Mahjong. Also, you have a better chance of winning than in any other variation of this tile game.

American Mahjong

This version of Mahjong is known by having strict rules and symbols like the joker.

Taiwanese and Japanese Mahjong

With the first one, you’ll be using sixteen tiles, while the other one is very popular among online casino players

When you want to find an alternative version of Mahjong, then the ones above are the best you could choose. There are also other variations of Mahjong, such as the Dutch version, the German and the French version as well.

Free Mahjong Games Online For Indian Gamblers

There are many free mahjong games online, but we’ll give you more information about the two most popular mahjong games online you could play for money.

Mahjong Time

This has to be one of the most intriguing online mahjong games you could play online. The creators of Mahjong Time have made the rules easier because there are not too many players that would understand the rules of real Mahjong. So, instead of using the same rules and regulations, the ones who made this mahjong version have issued simple rules because that way, they could attract more international gaming enthusiasts. If you want to get a win in this variation of Mahjong, you have to eliminate every tile by connecting two tiles that are completely the same. That doesn’t sound that hard, does it? But, many players could be mistaken, because it is obvious that all the tiles seem to be the same with only some of them that have special symbols attached to them. Furthermore, the tiles happen to overlap each other, which some players can find to be confusing. Also, there is a limited time, and in a certain period, you have to wipe every tile on the screen in order to achieve a win. 

Coffee Mahjong

Coffee Mahjong

If you get tired of the tiles that all look the same way, then you should try to play this variation of Mahjong. In Coffee mahjong, all the symbols which appear on the game’s tiles are the items you could find in a coffee place. Some of them are cups of tea and coffee, as well as some delicious-looking cookies. With this version of Mahjong, you won’t have trouble identifying the symbols on the tiles. Also, something that is very interesting about this Mahjong online casino game is that there are some tiles that are invisible at the moment. Only if you eliminate a certain number of tiles, those invisible tiles will soon become visible. Thanks to this feature, the game is much easier, because you don’t have to deal with a large number of tiles, and the game is also less confusing. 

Newbies will definitely get the hang of the game very quickly. There are multiple levels at Coffee Mahjong. Every level has a different organization of the tiles, so the game could be more challenging and interesting. The time to finish one level is limited, so pay attention to how much time you’ve got left while you play. In a situation where you can’t manage to find a single pair, you have the chance to click the “hint” button, which will help you to find it. 

Best Free Online Mahjong Games 2020

Best Free Online Mahjong Games

Apart from the mahjong games above that you can play for money, there are also Mahjong free games. Here are some of the most popular Mahjong free games. 

War Mahjong

The war theme of this mahjong variation is quite unique. You will have three levels to complete in order to win. Another thing that separates this game from other mahjong games is the mechanics of the game. When you eliminate certain tiles, gravity fills the blanks with other tiles.

Mahjong Tower

If you like to play puzzle games, then Mahjong Tower will be perfect for you. This game has many features like the Start The Game feature, where you can choose to start over from the beginning. There’s also the Select Layout option where you can pick layouts of your choice. You can pick diamonds, hearts, and even pyramids as the design of the layout. 

Mahjong Mayhem

In this game, you have to pick two tiles, one that is available to your right, and one that is available to your left. If you can’t manage to make this happen, those tiles are going to become blocked. You have to match the following tiles; the tiles of love, friendship, bravery, and peace. You have to match the tiles with the same symbols.

Great Mahjong

In this variation of Mahjong, you have to boost your score to the maximum if you want to solve the puzzle. You have to pick two matching tiles if you want to remove them from the game. If you want to win, you must clear out every tile. 

Master Qwan’s Mahjong

This is a puzzle game, and you can successfully complete it, only if you match the same tiles with one click of your computer mouse. The tiles have various symbols, as well as images.  

Now that you’ve seen some amazing variations of Mahjong, you should go and play online mahjong games for free.

Quick Tips To Play Mahjong Online Game

  • Always Think Few Steps Ahead– when you play the game of Mahjong, you have to be concentrated and focus to the maximum so you can eliminate the tiles in such a way, that will open up as many tiles as possible. You can compare this to chess, once you make your next step, take into consideration the next ones you’ll be making after that one. 
  • Top Layers Are Important– the game of Mahjong has four layers that are on top of each other. Once you begin to play the game, the ones at the top should be your primary concern. In a scenario where there is more than one combination, pick the one that will clear out the top layers. Using this strategy, other blocks will be free, and you can avoid an early loss. 
  • HighValue Block As A Priority- if you play a version of Mahjong that happens to have blocks with different scores, it is highly recommended that you get the blocks with high-value blocks as soon as you can.
  • Players Should Save Pairs That Don’t Open the Blocks –opening new blocks that you can eliminate later, should be your number one goal. If you open a couple of blocks that won’t open anything, save them for later. On the other hand, you should focus on the pairs that will increase your chance of winning in the future. 

Restart the Game If You Get Confused– if a player is eager to beat a puzzle, he has the chance to restart the game and begin with the identical layout as in the previous round.