Best bank transfer casinos- Pay via wire transfer

Bank transfer casinos are arguably the friendliest and quickest channels for gamblers to make payments online. The convenience, limitations, and security frameworks speak volumes, regardless of the amount of cash being transferred. As though not enough, gamblers also collect incentives.

The casinos from the below table are of the safest, most reliable, and most lucrative online casinos to deposit and withdraw cash via bank transfer.

Today, you can amass up to a whopping 160,000 rupees as a new gamer. On the other hand, you stand a chance to bag massive rewards in over 500 games, ranging from slots, poker, and live dealer games. Book yourself in one of those to start playing right off.

One of the reasons wire transfer casinos are the best is because they allow transacting substantial cash sums. Consequently, this article wants to acquaint you with bits and pieces of how you can effectively utilize the payment method while gambling.

Below are some decent gaming platforms you will wager with bonuses and deposit or withdraw winning via bank transfer. Sign up with one of them and read on.

Top 8 Online Bank Transfer Casinos 2023

What are bank transfer casinos, and how do they work?

Wire bank transfer casinos simply describe gaming brands you can transfer cash electronically. Let’s face it; bank payments are the oldest channels for transacting cash, hence the most straightforward to use.

More so, they utilize a network such as Fedwire or SWIFT to make the process successful. Luckily, besides banks being the major stakeholders in the business, credit unions and some financial institutions also facilitate wire transfers.

But wait, how does this payment method work? Well, there are two approaches. One is for depositing, and the other is for withdrawing cash.

Still, you must verify with your banking institution either online or through a physical visit before commencing the process.

We will discuss the two in detail later in this piece. However, loading cash to a gaming account via bank transfer is free at most online casino sites.

On the other hand, some fees may chip in when withdrawing, depending on the cash amount and financial terms.

Top Indian casinos where bank transfer payments are accepted

As aforementioned, wire transfer payments are viable in almost all online casinos available globally. But again, not all gaming brands are worth mentioning or playing at, despite their enticing appearance.

To that effect, we have cherry-picked three of the top casinos you will collect incentives and wager in conducive environments. Below are some of what makes them stand out.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

This platform boasts success in how it protects gamers’ data and cash. More so, it uses SSL encryption and cyberattack shielding from DigiCert. On the other hand, the site houses over 61 software providers and hundreds of games such as poker, slots, and the live dealer plays.

First-time players rack up 10 free spins instantly and up to 10,000 rupees, accessory to their initial deposited cash. Still, they enjoy playthrough requirements lasting 90 days and loyalty points after spending 1000 rupees.

The best part is, funding the gaming account is free via wire transfer, and withdrawals of at least 230,000 rupees must be verified for security purposes.

Jackpotcity Casino

Spin Casino

This gaming brand homes over 600 games where you can get a bang out of wagering in the table, wheel poker, slots, and live dealer games.

The platform furnishes new gamers with 25 free spins after signing up and an initial bonus of up to 10,000 rupees.

On the other hand, the site runs regular promotions, rewarding free spins, loyalty points, and wagering cash to typical gamblers.

Still, gamers deposit money for free while enjoying friendly wagering terms and customer support. Join Spin Casino today for free by using our affiliate link! And where can you find it? In the table of the best casinos in this article.


Betway Casino

At this platform, you can land up to 60,000 rupees as a new gamer, depending on your initial funds loaded. If you like getting a kick out of betting on sports, you will lay hands on a maximum of 2,500 rupees discount to kick start your stakes on your favorite in-play bets, leagues, and matches.

To the same degree, you will get a head start to climb the VIP ranks and transact cash for free via bank transfer. As though not enough, you can download the mobile app to wager conveniently, securely, and with amicable playthrough requirements.

So, deposits and withdrawals on this secure platform are available not only from your computer, but from any device with an internet connection.

In case you want to give it a try, don’t hesitate to click on the link in the table of this article. This will take you directly to the official Betway website.

Play casino games using bank transfer services

No matter your casino gaming preference, bank transfers allow you to play and bag real cash rewards in numerous games. But remember, wagering at a secure, lucrative, and reputable site is essential. Check out recommendable online casino games below:


These are machine games and are the most available and most popular globally. Playing them is easy as you only choose paylines and set the reels in motion.

More so, the games have captivating rewards and themes. The rules are easy to apprehend, and you can collect jackpot prizes.


This is a fast-paced casino game utilizing cards. It has simple rules you can learn in minutes. On the other hand, the game is playable with multiple participants and has free versions.

Today, if you want to win some real serious cash, wager in variations such as Blackjack Switch, European Blackjack, and Vegas Strip Blackjack.


This is a wheel game, breezy to play and win. It utilizes chips and a small ball to produce outcomes. And although it is necessary to learn the rules, a Roulette game can reward easily.

Also, the game is available to play with a live dealer. Some of those you will find at our recommended sites include live European roulette, live French roulette, live American roulette, and immersive roulette.


This game hosts some of the biggest bets in online casinos. It takes place with cards, but players should stake on either the banker or the player.

Nevertheless, the game has rules you must apprehend to wager effectively. Overall, you can play variations such as American Baccarat, Baccarat Chemin, and Baccarat Banque.

Why make payment with wire transfer at online casinos?

Frankly, you stand to relish a lot by using wire bank transfer casinos to deposit and withdraw money online. Below are some fringe benefits you will get.

  • Speed. The swiftness to transact cash is significant merit to choose wire bank transfer over other payment options. Loading cash is instant, while withdrawing takes fewer days than in e-wallets. More so, you can effortlessly track your transaction and place sports bets on time.
  • Convenience. Bank transfers are acceptable globally. More so, little to no casino will restrict you from depositing or withdrawing cash. On the other hand, some gaming sites only support one-way transactions for some online payment methods. And this makes them less effective.
  • Customer friendliness. Most banks are known to offer timely customer support to customers. Still, the transaction processes are easy to hack, regardless of your skill in banking matters. When using other channels such as e-wallets, you are likely to get responses lately. Or, must have a decent understanding of online transactions before using them.
  • Security. Frankly, sending cash via some online payment channels is risky. You can easily fall prey to fraudsters or remit funds to the wrong recipient. Luckily, wire transfer demands you provide the name and account number of the casino you intend to send cash to. And confirm the payment before completing a transaction. That way, the chances of dispatching funds to the wrong address are minimal.
  • Flexibility. Often, banks allow customers to own multiple accounts, unlike most e-wallets that accept only one or two registrations. As a result, a gambler can dedicate one account to gambling and another for other uses. That way, tracking, managing, and initiating payments become breezy.

Play bank transfer online mobile casino games

Notably, playing casino games is more appealing, convenient, and easy to use a mobile phone and transact cash via bank transfer. Moreover, there are loads of games you can enjoy with a smartphone at a site like FUN88 effortlessly.

Luckily, mobile gaming is available on free apps on Google Store or Apple Store. Still, the software makes it possible to play live dealer versions of table games, besides poker and slots.

Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are decent Indian games you can access via mobile anywhere around the world. You will also be able to deposit and withdraw winning conveniently, provided you the internet is excellent.


Payments at Trustly utilize a robust user authentication process. More so, they adopt a systematic MFA, where gamblers must provide or key in at least two personal details before accessing their account. That way, Trustly can successfully prevent cyber attacks. 


Trustly offers frictionless payments to casino players. Online banking also utilizes simple steps. Ideally, you only need to log in to your Trustly account, select bank, and enter your account number before making a transaction. 

Instant play

The platform utilizes the KYC (“Know Your Customer“) framework to enable users to join gaming sites without signing up.

As a result, gamblers access casino games straight away, without waiting for their credentials to be verified or logged in to deposit at the site. 

Fees and limits

Remarkably, all transactions at online casinos are free. On the other hand, when looking at depositing and withdrawing limits, Trustly doesn’t set caps.

But again, your gaming platform may stipulate how much you transact as the low or upper cash threshold. 

Mobile app

The platform has a free mobile app you can get from Google Play Store. As seen from the independent reviews, the app functions impeccably, and most users are happy.

More so, you can swiftly send cash to your gaming wallet and track your other transactions effortlessly. 

Live dealer casinos with wire bank transfer

By now, you are probably wondering how you can play live dealer games and make deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer.

Well, for our friends who don’t know what a live dealer is, let’s loop them in. Live dealer gameplay is playing casino games with a human overseer instead of a computer system. More so, the games bring a conventional gaming experience to the online interface.

Luckily, gamblers are free to pick a live dealer they wish to play with and interact with other opponents. And in case you are wondering about betting limits, calm down!

The games allow you to stake as little as 100 rupees. Overall, live dealers are enjoyable, especially if you want to wager and feel like you are in a land-based casino.

And of course, it is possible to play against real dealers using money deposited via bank transfers. The process is the same, and if you use the casinos we recommend, you’ll find it’s even easier to deposit and play!

Claim bank transfer casino bonuses

Surprisingly, bank transfer allows you to collect all the bonuses present at online casinos barely. Below are some of the incentives you can get:

Welcome bonus

This will be the first and one-off perk you will bag from your initial deposit after signing up. Sometimes, it comes accompanied by free spins or free wagering cash.

Match bonus

This incentive gets into your account as a percentage of the funds you deposit for the second time onwards. However, the times you get it depends on the terms of the casino you use to wager.

VIP bonus

This giveaway can show up in different forms such as free wagering cash, points, or bets. Either way, it is only issued to top gamblers at a site.

Cashback bonus

This offer arrives after making losses of a certain amount of cash. You get it as a portion of the loss to console your mind and soul.

Device bonus

This freebie is accessible on phone or tablet only. Gamblers can get it more than once. And you know where you can find and claim these types of promotions? At our experts’ favourite casinos that we recommend in the table!

Prizes range from free spins and free bets, to bonuses that double and even triple your deposits!

Special game bonus

This offer is available to all gamblers but utilizable on specific games. It comes in different forms such as free wagering cash or boosted odds.

Make casino deposit and withdraw using wire bank transfers

How you load or cash out at casinos via bank transfer is as easy as ABC. Below is what you should do for each of the processes:


Firstly, to remit funds to an online casino, you should ensure you have a bank account loaded with money. That aside, you should log into your gaming account’s cashier section and choose wire bank transfer as the payment method.

Afterward, enter the casino’s name and account number or code. Then, key in your account number at the credit union or bank.

Soon after that, fill in the amount of cash you wish to deposit and any other information needed. Your money will undergo processing and reflect in your gaming account in seconds.


When cashing out from an online casino, head to the cashier section, but this time, choose withdraw. Next, enter your banking information such as account number and swift code.

You will receive a notification from your financial institution. You can contact them to confirm if the withdrawal is successful.

That is so since wire bank cash outs don’t reflect in the recipient’s account instantly, despite the payment method being fast.

On a good day, your withdrawal may show to your bank account the same day, depending on the casino and bank you use.

On the flip side though, it can take between two and five days, especially if the amount involved is massive. Nevertheless, you can again contact the bank to request speedy processing of the money, but there are no guarantees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes. The payment method is available to use while in India, provided you have an active bank account.

No. However, you will experience deposit limits at gaming sites that range from 500 rupees to 1000 rupees. 

The best approach is you contact the bank’s personnel or the site you use to play. 

No. It is impossible to reverse an already confirmed payment. 

You should provide a Swift code to your bank after receiving it from the gaming site. 


Friends, that is all you should know to deposit or withdraw cash via bank transfer. You can now make your transactions conveniently and wager on your favorite game with ease.

However, the crux of the matter to keep your funds safe is you never give out your banking credentials to anyone. Never respond to suspicious emails purporting to be from your financial institution.

Hackers often take such chances to intercept accounts and withdraw funds. That aside, it is also crucial you note that our site isn’t related to any bank or financial institution.

Terms often change, and you may fail to access the bank transfer option at a site. Therefore, ensure you read and understand the guideline before signing up.

As we say goodbye, there are three things we want to make clear to you. The methods change from day to day and not all of them are available in the casinos.

So it is up to you to find out if the method is still available and if your bank allows deposits and withdrawals to online gambling sites.

Second, remember that there is money involved, so everything you do and decide is at your own risk. That means that although we recommend the best casinos for Indian players, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you.

And last but not least, if you liked our article, please share it on your social media! That way we can reach more players and even more, we can continue our work to keep you informed.