Which roulette variation is best for making money?

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There are dozens and dozens of online roulette games. And while in the end, it all comes down to trying to predict where the ball will land when you spin the wheel, some are better than others because of the rules and the house edge. 

In particular, we’ll start by explaining that, for us, the worst is American roulette, because by including the double 0, the house edge almost doubles. 

And which is the best? European roulette or French roulette. We’ll tell you why:

French Roulette

This is the classic and original version of the game. To begin with, with 37 pockets, for numbers from 0 to 36, the house edge is just 2.70%.

And this percentage can be even lower when applying two famous rules. Those are known as “La Partage” and “En Prison”.

The first one applies when the ball lands on 0 and no one has bet on that number. The bet is then held until the dealer announces that La Partage will be applied. 

At that point, the bet is placed “in Prison”, which means it is held for the next spin. If you manage to win the next round, your bet is returned to you in full. You won’t win, but you won’t lose either. 

Applying these two seemingly simple rules brings the house edge down to 1.35%! Of course, all that glitters is not gold. 

And in this case, that percentage only goes down if the rules we have just explained can be applied. What’s more, these rules can only be applied if you have placed even-money outside bets. 

European roulette

European roulette is quite similar to French roulette as it also has 37 pockets, with numbers from 0 to 36.

Some casinos also apply both extra rules: La Partage and En Prison. This, of course, further blurs any differences they may have. 

But the layout and the colours of the board on the betting table are different. For starters, the colours are not arranged in the same way, which means that you will not have the same chance of winning in both variants.

Another thing worth noting is that European roulette offers translation of all bets and the full game. 

In French roulette, no matter what language you play in, bets, calls and moves are always made in French. But in European roulette, you can still enjoy the game in full translation. 

These small details make both versions the best to play at online casinos. 

Why not other online casino roulettes?

For starters, because of the house edge. For in most roulette games, the house edge exceeds even the 5.7% of American roulette

In some cases, such as mini roulette, the house edge is as high as 10%. 

The next thing to consider is the extra rules, which tend to favour players and, in variants such as European and French roulette. They also provide extra opportunities to win money and considerably reduce the risks when betting. 

And is it better to play online or in a live online casino? 

It depends. It is true that playing in a live online casino is more exciting and you can win more money, but if you are a novice player it is not ideal. 

And this is for the simple fact that there are more variants involved. There are other players who can distract you from your playing strategy and make you make mistakes. 

There’s also the fact that the games are a lot faster, which may not give you enough time to think between rounds. 

That’s not to say that if you’re just starting out in the world of online gambling you can’t bet on live French roulette or live European roulette. 

It just means that you should do so more carefully, as there are factors that could work against you, and could increase your risk of losing considerably. 

The right strategy also has an influence on

We have told you that the ones that give you the best chance of winning are European roulette and French roulette. But you need to be clear about something very important: if you don’t have a good strategy, even the best winning margin in the world won’t make you any money. 

It is true that the variant influences how often you will win. But more so does the strategy.

Of course, we can’t tell you “this strategy is better” because your luck and skill might just make it not work for you.

However, we can tell you some of the strategies that we know have worked for the vast majority of players. There are:

Constant betting

Where there are no complicated systems. The idea here is simple. Keep betting on the same number and the same amount until you get it right. 

When you do, you change the bet if you hit a number, but you don’t change the value bet. In this way, your real odds become 50-50. 

Oscar’s Grind

It is a serial betting system, where you must consider only outside bets and increase or decrease the value of the bet according to your winnings and losses. It is a balanced system where the important thing is not so much to win money, but to play for longer. 

Reverse Martingale

It is also a system where you have to place 

outside bets but consider profit and loss. If you lose, you reduce your next bet by one unit. But if you win, you increase your next bet by one unit. 

The Martingale is one of the most popular systems out there, but we particularly like the reverse of this system, as it is more balanced and considers more of the winnings, losses and risks associated with each bet. 

Do you always have to use a betting system to win at roulette?

Of course, you don’t! There are players who do not use known betting systems. They use their intuition and from there, they put together a strategy that works for them. 

However, to achieve their own system they have played long enough to develop their intuition to the point where it is accurate on most of the bets they place. 

So, to summarise, the best roulette wheels for winning money are European roulette and French roulette. The live version generates more winnings, but you have to be in control of other additional factors. 

And finally, without a good game strategy, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because you will find it difficult to win by leaving it all to luck and not to logical reasoning behind each move.