Speedy 7 Betgames gaming for Indians

Speedy 7 is one of the most straight forward gameplays you are probably missing in your list of games. And although it lacks the side bets option like a majority of other online casino games, it comes with bonus pay-outs you will undoubtedly love.

So much so, the background of the gaming interface is brightly-colored to ensure gamers enjoy a cheerful gaming process. 

Currently, Speedy 7 offers gamers 720 draws per day and is available in any of our suggested brands. And as luck would have it, the site will provide you with a 100% welcome bonus once you create a gaming account.

Likewise, there will be other giveaways along the way to help you stake risk-free wagers on Speed 7. For that and so much more, sign-up with Spin Casino or the other brands we recommend you. 

Have you heard of the Speed 7 game before? If not, today is your lucky day. In this writing, you will learn the snippets making up the game.

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How to play Speedy 7?

Speedy 7 is a product of Betgames and takes place with a standard 52-deck. Withal, the game may utilize two or more decks for the sake of efficiency and saving time. A live dealer officiates gameplays and shuffles cards. 

At the start of every wagering session, a player should predict whether the next card to be dealt will be RED OR BLACK.

Then, the live dealer will deal cards facing up on a table. Each wagering session consists of 7 rounds. 

But again, it is not a must you bet before the dealing begins. This means that a player can join the game midway during the 13 seconds breaks.

Yet, it is wise joining the game at the start of the dealing of cards. So more so, if your prediction is correct, you get a reward.

On the other hand, pulling off 4 or 7 rounds, you automatically qualify for a bonus pay-out. Also, pay-outs vary, depending on the outcome of the previous draw. In a similar manner, they’re set by the gaming company. 

The good thing about Speedy 7 is that it gives gamers two options for winnings. First, you can cash out and use the reward.

The other choice allows you to roll over your winnings onto the next gaming session. The minimum wagering limit is 1 rupee. Yet, the game has multiple betting coins of 1 rupee, 3 rupees, 5 rupees and 10 rupees.

Rolling over your prize is a handy way to win the bonus pay-out. Thus, it is always wise to let your initial winnings earn you more cash, in particular if you are on a winning strike. Achieving that qualifies you for a bonus pay-out. 

On the flip side, you should be extremely keen when rolling over your reward. A single wrong prediction will wipe out previous winnings entirely. But again, if you get all the 7 cards correctly, you will be in for a massive bonus win.

Bonuses of the Speedy 7

Speedy 7 is by far one of the most lucrative card games available today. And, so much so, that there are a number of bonuses and special features that you can get. We’ll tell you a bit about each of them below:

  • 1

    The 4-card streak bonus

    A player gets the 4-card streak bonus after successfully predicting four cards in a single round without cashing out. So more so, subsequent outcomes don’t come into play to determine whether you will get the reward or not.

  • 2

    The 7-card streak bonus

    This bonus pays out for a streak of seven correct predictions on the single round without cashing out. The winning is calculated from fixed odds then multiplied by the stake.

  • 3

    Return to player (RTP) of Speedy 7

    Speedy 7 is a wee bit different from other live games. Currently, the first betting session has a pay-out of about 1.90. The RTP is about 95%, but shifts during the game. In other words, the more cards of a particular color appear, the more the pay-out you will get wagering on it. This results from the fact that the chances of winning on a common color are minimal. Natheless, when both colors are equal towards the end of a gaming round, the pay-out returns to normal.

Can a punter be arrested for playing Speedy 7 in India?

The gambling rules in India do not explicitly define Speedy 7 as being outlawed. As it is, Indian gambling rules date from 1867, leading to the national government entrusting state officials to come up with guidelines and oversight in matters gaming.

For example, the state of Sikkim allows betting in sites that support the use of rupees. Therefore, consider turning to a professional lawyer to know what the gambling laws state within your location. 

Where to find the best Speedy 7 gameplays and giveaways?

Speedy 7 is a game that is not found in all online casinos that accept Indian players. But, although we have provided you with a list of Betgames casinos, we want to go one step further.

And that is to give you a short review of some of the casinos we recommend where you can not only play Speedy 7, but where they have other amazing features that you should not miss out on:

This gambling site offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to a maximum deposit of 60,000 rupees. The wagering requirement is 50 times, but that for betting on sports is 10 times. The minimum real cash deposit you can make is 750 rupees. Cash transacting methods include debit and credit cards, wire bank transfer, and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Play Now

Royal Panda has a wagering requirement of 35 times for all real cash bonuses. The site also offers 10 free spins after signing up. The validity of freebies lasts 90 days. Natheless, the welcome reward is a 100% match of up to a maximum of 10,000 rupees. The minimum amount of cash a gambler can load is 1,000 rupees or an equivalent of USD $15. Play Now

LeoVegas offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to a maximum limit of 10,000 rupees. The site’s license is from the UK Gambling Commission. The minimum amount of cash you can deposit is 750 rupees or an equivalent of USD $10. Most bonuses have a wagering limit of 14 days. All live casino giveaways have a 40 times wagering requirement. Play Now

It offers 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games. It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sports betting. In the same vein, gamers get one loyalty point for every 750 rupees or USD $10 they spend playing slots and other games. Cash transacting methods include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and wire bank transfer. Play Now

22bet offers a 5 times wagering requirement on sports bets. The site lacks a loyalty program but gives new gamers a 100% welcome bonus of up to a maximum of 25,000 rupees. Apart from that, it boasts having over 180 transacting methods and supporting the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Play Now

Effectiveness of payment methods in our recommended sites

Speedy 7 is a live casino game with real dealers. This means that, unfortunately, there is no DEMO version for you to try the game.

Yet, depositing money at the casinos we’ve recommended is easy, quick and safe. And while the options vary from site to site, the most convenient and fastest methods are:

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards

Notably, depositing or withdrawing money via credit and debit cards requires you to have a VISA or MasterCard. The processes take minutes in all our recommended sites!

You only need to purchase a voucher with your banking cards’ provider and redirect the cash into your gaming wallet.

Wire bank transfer

Wire bank transfer

Wire bank transfer is another fast, safe, and easy way to transact cash in and out of your gaming account. All you need is to link your bank account to your gaming wallet soon after signing up, and you will be able to make transactions directly.



E-wallets are also effective, safe and fast ways to make deposits and withdrawals. In fact, they are the fastest methods you can use.

Top e-wallets include platforms such as EntroPay, Paytm, GPay, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Trustly, AstroPay, among others.

The only downside to e-wallets is that some aren’t utilizable for all the sites. But Again, if you play on a brand like Royal Panda, both depositing and withdrawing cash is free.

Tips for playing Speedy 7 effectively

To win you don’t just need to know the game. You also have to apply strategies that help you to reduce leaving everything to chance. Here are some of the tips that our experts use on a daily basis to improve your winning ratio:

Carefully select your bet amount

Speedy 7 is a fast-paced game, and gamers often place wrong bets, especially when playing concurrent sessions. Thus, after creating a gaming account in a site like any of the ones we recommend, keenly set the amount of coin you want to stake. Afterward, press on either the Red or Black button on your gaming interface. A nifty way to avoid making mistakes is you clear the coin amount and create a new one after every session.

Join the game on time

This tip is for players who wish to play for runs. As it is, joining Speedy 7 session at the start of the 7 cards opens for bonuses.

Be keen with the odds

Notably, the odds you see today in Speedy 7 may not be the same tomorrow. Si, it is crucial to pay attention to the possible change odds. Achieving that will help you to decide how to bet. Ideally, when the odds are low, the winning chances will always be high.

Terms used in Speedy 7 game

Here are some of the common terms you need to know in order to play Speedy 7 effectively:

  • Betting round: this is the designated time for every wagering session.
  • Odds: these are numerical expressions that determine the mathematical probability of outcomes. 
  • Color: this is an outcome out of the two suits in cards. Red has the Hearts and Diamonds, while Black has the Spades and Clubs. 
  • Lucky streak: this is the number of bets a player wins consecutively in one draw.  

Benefits of playing Speedy 7 game in our recommended platforms



Honestly, playing Speedy 7 in our recommended sites gives you control of the amount of cash you wager as well as the sessions you play. This means you can effectively play anytime, even when you are on the go, thanks to the mobile apps present.

Fair play

Fair play

Foul play is often a significant concern for most gamblers, considering some online casinos utilize dubious ways to deny gamers the rewards. To that effect, if you wager using reputable online platforms like those on this page, everything will be transparent, since all the sites’ scopes are algorithm-based and independently audited.

Practicing opportunity

Practicing opportunity

Indeed, learning Speedy 7 can often prove to be a hard task, especially for beginners. Still, using any of our recommended brands, you can create a gaming account and play the free version risk-free. Achieving that will help you understand the game better, gain confidence and skills to analyze the cards and place a real wager.

Safe payments

Safe payments

More often than ever, how you receive your rewards from casino matters. When you play in a sub-par casino, there are often lengthy payout procedures that can be disheartening. Fortunately, if you bet using any of our recommended online platforms, your winnings will ALWAYS reflect into your gaming dashboard in the shortest time possible. Similarly, you will have numerous methods to deposit or withdraw.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Well, Speedy 7 is a game of chance. And considering that you wager on either Black or Red, winning is much like predicting on a coin toss.

As aforementioned, there is no exclusive betting option in Speedy 7. The best way to know where to stake is by studying the dealt cards and note the colors as the game progresses.

Of course, the game is legit, considering cards are shuffled before the start of every session. Similarly, factoring that the software provider (Betgames) has a license from the UK Gambling Commission, you have no reason to worry. 


In summation, Speedy 7 is one of the simplest games to wager you will ever come across in online gaming. The rewards are overly appealing, and any gamer can scope them.

Every aspect is clear, unlike in a majority of other live gameplays. You can wager any time of day or night. In fact, you don’t need any prior practice to wager.

So more so, with the information you now have, you can effectively play Speedy 7 and win. Right now, create your gaming account in any of our recommended sites and start wagering.

The crux of the matter is you analyze the colors as well as the odds. If you are keen enough, you will soon be a happy gambler.