Side Bet City reviews & strategies 2022

If you’re a gambling enthusiast, then you probably have heard about Evolution Gaming. If you have no clue what it means, well, Evolution Gaming is one of the leading side bets providers. Currently, it is arguably the only online company that continues to extend its wings by creating new games. And as it is, we can take pride in promoting some of the best sites offering exceptional side bets in the world. Do you want some giveaways as you dive deeper into this writing? Well, Betway Casino wants to give you some 60,000 rupees to help you venture into side betting.

Now, let’s face the truth; the gaming industry is dramatically revolutionizing. It’s not what it was a few years ago. And while that is so, some aspects have been troubling loads of gaming companies over the decades. But one glitch has always stood out and remains unresolved up until the inception of side bets into the market. We’re talking about the speed of gameplays.

Are you sick and tired of waiting for long periods in-between games before playing the next? Side bets bring about a different and unique taste to live casino games that a majority of gaming companies only envy. If you value speed, simplicity, generous bonuses, and huge pay-outs, Side Bet City is the place to stake your next wager.

So, what’s in store for you at the Side Bet City? As you scroll down to find out more, below, we have a bunch of gaming sites below you will find lucrative offers. Check out any of them and create your gaming account!

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Side Bet City layout

Side Bet City is an extension of betting in Evolution Games. It makes the gaming process fun and straightforward in that you can bet on three major variants; 3-card, 5-card, and 7-card hand win.

In the same degree, there’s a slot called All Lose, which is equally rewarding. More details on those aspects later in this writing.

What impresses the most about Side Bet City is the reduced waiting time. Notably, whenever you win a bet, a notification message displays on the screen instantly.

This allows you to transition to the next game without much thought.

What is interesting about side bets is you don’t require prior experience to play and rake huge profits from the games. What’s more, you can win bets 1,000x your original stake in Royal Panda.

Notably, gamers get four possible choices from which they can play and stake. Your potential returns solely depend on the kinds of card combinations you make.

For instance, if you go with a 5-card hand on the Straight Flush pay-out, you stand a chance of winning 250x your original stake.

Mark you, the betting process is automated; your task is just placing the bets and sitting back as you watch the system do the magic for you. If the gambling gods are on your side, you win massively.

On the other hand, Side Bet is an upgrade of the 80s poker-based card games, only that today, everything is online-based.

The player predicts a win on the three major variants. Or, the player can bet that none of the three options wins. That strategy is known as the All Lose side bet.

Still, players often wager against the house, not the dealer. An unlimited number of people can play the game at one-go, sharing a standard 52-card deck.

The dealer will only be there to moderate/deal the cards and reveal the winning combination of cards. The winning player gets an instant notification on his or her gaming interface.

How to play and wager on Side Bets?

The good thing about staking Side Bets is that it’s very straightforward and doesn’t require any prior experience or expertise. Setting off, players need to place a wager in any of the four spots, i.e., the 3-card, 5-card, 7-card, or All Lose Hands. The dealer then shuffles all the cards across the board. He then displays the results with the first three cards revealing the 3-card bet results, then the first five cards to determine the 5-card outcome, and the first seven cards to show the 7-card bet results.

If you predict the three-hand variants and it appears, you get a message of your winnings on the screen. Equally, if you bet that none of the three hands will show, i.e., an All Lose bet, and indeed none comes into view, you again win the bet. Nonetheless, there are around six chips, with each displaying the denomination of the amount you should stake. You’re supposed to select any of the chips and tap the side bet that you wish to wager on in the game table.

Fortunately, you can continue tapping the betting spot for as long as you wish until you hit the maximum wagering limit. Every time you click, the bet amount increases cumulatively based on your selected chip value. After hitting the maximum limit, you’ll receive a screen notification stating that the slot won’t accept any additional funds. There’s also a button for a DOUBLE (2x) that appears once you’ve placed the first bet. As the name suggests, the button allows you to double all your stakes until you hit the maximum limit. Please note that you must have a reasonable account balance for you to increase all your wagers.

Winning hands in Side Bet City

Part of understanding the game of Site Bets City involves knowing the hands you can win with. There aren’t many, so we’ll list and explain each and every one of them below.

  • Pair: this is having 2 cards with the same value, e.g. 2 and 2 or Ace and Ace.
  • 2 Pairs: this requires two sets of identical pairs, e.g. 10, 10 and 5, 5 or King, King and Queen, Queen.
  • Three of a Kind: this is having three cards of the same value, e.g. 3, 3, 3, or 7, 7, 7.
  • Full House: this is a combination of a Pair and a Three of a Kind, e.g. King, King Ace, Ace, Ace, or 3, 3, 10, 10, 10.
  • Four of a Kind: this requires you have all the four cards of a particular value, e.g. 4, 4, 4, 4.
  • Straight: this is having a combination of five consecutive card values, e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
  • Flush: this requires five cards of the same suit of Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, or Clubs.
  • Straight Flush: this is a combination of five consecutive cards in a suit, e.g. Ace Club, 2 Club, 3 Club, 4 Club, and 5 Club.
  • Royal Flush: this is having a Straight of the same suit from 10 to A.

Types of Side Bet City betting

Okay, so you now have a broader picture of what this betting powerhouse is all about. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now let’s jump right in and find out the different types of Site Bets that will give you an edge over the house.

3-card hand Side Bet3-card hand Side Bet

Here, the dealer gives three cards to every player while retaining three cards for him or herself as well. The players are at liberty to check their cards, whereas those of the dealer remain facedown. Gamblers then have to make a fold or raise, decision before the dealer reveals the results. After the players stake their bets, the dealer then turns over his cards to show the hand. If the player’s hand is higher than that of the dealer, he wins.

5-card hand Side Bet5-card hand Side Bet

The 5-card hand side bet gives you a chance to redeem yourself if you lose in the previous bet. If the first three cards don’t go through, you get two extra cards from which you can secure a comeback win. The dealer gives every player two cards, one facing down while the other facing upwards. After every player has dealt his fifth card, the dealer then reveals his hand, and the one with the best hands wins the bet. Assuming the dealer’s hand is the highest, all gamblers lose their bets.

7-card hand Side Bet7-card hand Side Bet

In case the 5-card bet fails to yield a win, you still have a reason to smile. Side bets allow you wager on the 7-Card Hand bet with the hope of redeeming yourself. Here, the dealer deals the next two cards to every player, and the outcome depends on the cumulative poker value of all the seven cards dealt. But the bottom line is, whoever has better hands than the dealer wins the bet.

No win Side BetAll lose/No win Side Bet

In All lose/No win side bet, punters wager against all the possible outcomes. Ideally, you need to predict that the 3-card, 5-card, and 7-card hand bets never win the slots. If that happens, the winnings are all yours.

Possible pay-outs

For the 3 Card Hand side bet, the Royal Flush is the highest reward, with only 4 possible combinations and pays out 100 times.

Then, there is the Straight Flush that has 44 combinations and rewards 40 times, and the Three of a Kind with 2 combinations and pays off 35 times.

Still, there is the Straight that has 720 possible outcomes and gives out 5 times, the Flush has 1,094 expectable ways to win and pays 4 times and the Pair with 3,744 outcomes rewards 1 time.

The 5 Card Hand side bet has the Royal Flush with 4 possibilities and pays 1,000 times. The Straight Flush has 36 ways to win and rewards 250 times.

The Four of a Kind has 624 ways and gives 100 times. The Full House pays 50 times and has 3,744 possible outcomes.

Flush has 5,108 ways to win but rewards 40 times. Straight pays 25 times with 10,200 combinations. Both Three of a Kind and Two Pair pay 7 times but have 4,912 and 123,552 winning outcomes.

7 Card Hand pays 500 times for the Royal Flush with 4,324 combinations, the Straight Flush 100 times with 37,260 combinations, and Four of a Kind 50 times with 224,848 possible winning outcomes.

As for the All Loss side bets, No win rewards 0.7 times with over 15 billion outcomes. At least one win pays -1 and has over 12 billion possible combinations.

Best Side Bet City casinos accepting Indian players

Numerous sites claim to offer side bets all over India. But not all of them guarantee a grade A customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our selfless research and trials, we narrowed down to five top-rated Indian casinos that will offer you a memorable betting experience. Let’s get the details below.

If you’re looking for a legit site with numerous mind-blowing bonuses and different payment options, your search ends here. With a 100% welcome offer of up to 60,000 rupees, you will have all the liberty to place side bets effortlessly. You only need a minimum deposit of 200 rupees to get started. Play Now

The site offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. You can easily claim the gift by clicking the “Claim the exclusive casino bonus” button after signing up. And if you experience any problem getting the bonus, there’s a team of highly qualified professionals who will gladly help you 24/7. Play Now

LeoVegas casino offers 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees to its new clients. This means that if you deposit an initial amount of ₹10,000, you get an additional ₹10,000 on top. Yet, you need to wager the bonus 15x before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. To qualify for the giveaway, you simply need to sign-up. Play Now

Fun88 is a trusted online betting platform. It offers 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games. It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sports betting. Remember, you have to make an initial deposit to claim the welcome bonus. Play Now

If you’re looking for a casino with generous bonuses & different payment and withdrawal options, 22bet has got your cover. Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio to offer different markets, including sports, casinos, virtual games, lottery, and more. Play Now

Side Bet City FAQs

Not really, Betting on all options is like being the Jack of all trades and the master of none. Unless you’ve made huge winnings on the previous bets, the odds are that you’ll lose your money. Stick to one option at a time and give it your best shot.

Regrettably, yes. Only the new players are eligible to receive a welcome bonus in most of the sites. However, the existing players get numerous high-end promotions in all our recommended sites as well as reasonably cheap transaction costs.

YES. The basic rule, of course, is that you have to be 18 years or over to gamble. Aside from that, only one dealer moderates the game, there are 52-card decks, the poker value of all the seven cards dealt determines the 7-card hand outcome. The best way to understand all the rules is you visit the terms and conditions section of the site you pick for playing side bets.

Casinos are businesses like any other. And to create an edge over their competitors, they have to come up with fair ways to award bonuses. That way, more gamers flock to play hence growing the site’s clientele.

Final verdict

So there you have it, folks. Side Bet City is a perfect addition to the already glamorous Evolution Gaming‘s selection. For newbies looking to sharpen their skills in a fast-paced, simple, and economical way, here’s your chance to shine.

To be honest, wagering on side bets requires no prior experience and has straightforward rules. In any case, everything is computer-generated.

We highly recommend this game to any Indian looking to make additional rupees to supplement the regular income streams.

Now it’s your turn! You can’t afford to miss the massive bonuses, promotions, and huge winnings that are in store for you. Take the next step and sign-up today to begin your journey of successful and responsible gambling. Cheers!