How to withdraw money from online casinos

Do you want to withdraw money from online casinos while in India? Well, an excellent transacting channel can easily be identified by checking its speed, security, and reliability.

Of course, countless technological changes and an increase in the number of financial institutions make it feasible to withdraw cash at online casinos. But again, it is still a significant challenge for gamblers to identify the niftiest ways to go about cashing out. 

Now, as the list of withdrawal channels, both offline and online, continue to creep up and spread globally, you must be utterly keen and know how to use them at online casinos. As a result, this article wants to loop you into the dynamics of making error-free and quick withdrawals.

You must heed the information you read to avoid glitches and enjoy smooth transactions. Check below some gaming brands with top-shelf security features and easy withdrawal steps. Sign up as you scroll down. 

Disclaimer: Although we try to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information, we are not associated with any payment/withdrawal method. This means one thing: the only way to know if an option is available is to create an account and check the deposit and withdrawal options in the casino’s cashier.

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How to make a quick withdrawal at Indian online casinos?

As Indian online casinos advance their cashout systems, understanding the transaction steps is paramount. Before commencing a withdrawal, ensure you satisfactorily abide by the verification requirements.

Achieving that will pave the way for smooth transactions. Vitals such as your age, name, and email address must be genuine. That said, next is how to quickly initiate a withdrawal from your gaming account at Indian casinos:  

Step 1: login and go to the withdrawal section

Log in with your password and head to the cashier section. While there, click on the withdraw icon to kick off the withdrawal process right off the bat.

But again, confirm how much cash you have and decide how much you wish to cash out. Ideally, you can withdraw everything, but a decent approach is you leave some money for your next wagering adventure. 

Step 2: enter the amount you want to cash out

Most gaming casinos will allow you to choose the amount of cash you want to withdraw. However, always remember there is a minimum allowable withdrawal limit for each site you use.

More so, if you enter a less amount, the site’s system will produce a colored phrase, signifying your withdrawal is less than what is required.

In the same breath, there are sites with maximum withdrawal caps. Therefore, ensure you understand the limits and terms before entering the amount you want to transact. 

Step 3: confirm the transaction

Confirm your figures. Afterward, choose your preferred withdrawal currency type, which in this case, it should be rupees.

Be it as it may, you can pick other legal tenders if you want. But remember, using other currencies besides the rupee may kick in some charges when converting your cash later. Consequently, it is wise sticking to what is the legally-accepted tender in India. 

Step 4: pick the withdrawal method

Cherry-pick your ideal withdrawal channel. To a nicety, you can settle on a wire bank transfer, an e-wallet, or a card. If you go the bank way, the money will reach you via your bank account.

If you opt for cards, you can receive funds through VISA, MasterCard, or Astropay Card. As for the e-wallets, you can withdraw to digital wallets such as Skrill, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Neteller, Maestro, Earthport, Neosurf, Paysafecard, among others. 

In the same vein, you can decide to use cryptocurrencies if their option is available. Surprisingly, their value has been ballooning over the past months.

It would be a decent idea you also take the opportunity to boost the worth of your winnings. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can go for include BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Step 5: confirm the withdrawal!

After choosing the withdrawal gateway, click the “submit” or “okay” button. You may then be prompted to confirm the transaction through a notification you receive, directing you to verify via email or SMS.

Do accordingly, and you will be done with the withdrawal process. Notably, the verification process will aim to affirm you are the one authorizing the cashout.

From there, you should wait for the site’s administration to process your money and move it to your account. The remitting will take between 24 hours and 5 days, depending on the financial institution and online casino you use. 

Quick withdrawal tips

Frankly, there are a few tips that can help you safeguard your withdrawals. Below are some of them:

  1. Log into your account from secure devices and WIFI connections to safeguard your information and funds from fraud.
  2. Regularly check the status of your transactions’ history to confirm it is you who authorized them. 
  3. Contact customer support in case you experience an overly long waiting time.
  4. Always crosscheck the figures and channel of the transaction to avoid making wrong choices. 
  5. Reverse any unauthorized cash-out transaction.
  6. Change the login details and notify the site’s administrators if you notice a security breach.
  7. Always follow the casino’s instructions whenever withdrawing your winnings.

Best withdrawal options at online casinos

As seen above, there must be a receiving financial institution for the funds cashed out after a successful wager. Most online casinos accept an extensive list of transaction options you can use.

And while they may differ in several aspects, all the channels equally serve to hold your cash after a withdrawal. Here are some of the best commonly and repeatedly used choices in the market. 


This is an international money transfer solution accepted across many online casinos. The popularity of this option comes from its affordability, convenience, and being accepted globally.

Moreover, this channel bears high levels of safety features, accompanied by swiftness in transactions. With MasterCard, expect no limitation in the amount of cash that can be held or transacted while cashing out from online casinos.

But MasterCard has two major drawbacks:

  • The first is that due to MasterCard’s own regulations, many casinos have been unable to send withdrawals to the cards. This has led to its removal as a withdrawal option.
  • Secondly, assuming the method is still available, you should check with your card issuing bank to see if it is possible to receive money from online casinos. This is because in some cases, banks take winnings from casinos as a bad source of income and simply refuse the transaction.


This money transfer method is known for offering safe and reliable payments in over 200 countries. The card facilitates transparent transactions in online casinos electronically.

Nevertheless, all VISA cards aren’t the same, despite the mother-company being one. Therefore, the terms and conditions, such as the minimum transaction limits, may vary based on the card issuer. 

Visa Electron, Visa credit and Visa debit are some of the most common options for receiving your winnings from online casino games.

But Visa prepaid cards, Visa gift cards and some corporate Visa cards are not eligible to withdraw your casino winnings.


This is a fast-growing payment method in the form of a computer file. More so, gamblers can use it to receive winnings from gaming sites. Each transaction you make will be recorded in a blockchain.

From there, you can mine more bitcoins after completing blocks of verified transactions. The best part is that numerous online casinos have introduced bitcoin as an alternative withdrawal option to help gamblers cash out large cash sums. Still, players enjoy instant withdrawals without having to worry about security breaches. 


This is a digital wallet that has been in the market for decades. It is simple to use and supports over 40 currencies. As luck would have it, Skrill is available in India and over 120 other countries.

After gamblers use it to withdraw cash from a gaming site, they can send it to their respective bank account effortlessly.

The platform also has a secure mobile app you can utilize to easily track transactions. And if you become a VIP member of the financial institution, you can withdraw up to €3000 or the equivalent in rupees. 


This option works similar to Skrill and is massively accepted among online casino players. Apart from being fast, it offers substantially low fees for withdrawals, making it a favored choice for many gamblers.

On the other hand, the platform features no minimum or maximum cashing out requirements. Surprisingly, you can use Neteller wallet to shop in global e-commerce outlets such as Amazon. 

And the best part is that Neteller can be connected to other wallets such as Skrill or PaySafe. Or it can even connect directly to your bank account for withdrawals and use Neteller as an intermediary between you and the casino.

How much can you withdraw from online casinos?

After playing casino games and winning, the next big question is how much you can withdraw. Well, frankly, there are a few aspects to factor in before you can access your rewards. 

Firstly, the terms and conditions of the brand you use to wager are crucial to determining how much you can cash out in a single transaction. More so, some gaming sites may stipulate you can’t surpass a certain amount of cash due to security concerns.

On the other hand, the receiving financial institution may have limitations as well. On those two accounts, you need to confirm with both firms to know what is viable. 

Secondly, most casinos, e-wallets, cards, and banks subject gamblers to some withdrawal fees. And while the charges may be lenient sometimes, you should analyze and understand them right off. In fact, you should do that before signing up to play or, better yet, before initiating a transaction.

But again, some brands allow free withdrawals on specific days such as public holidays. Therefore, do a background check right off to know how much you should expect to part with after cashing out. 

Thirdly, there is the aspect of government taxation on online gaming rewards. Notably, all earnings from gambling activities are subject to a government tax of about 30%. However, the amount you part with depends on the games you win.

Luckily, you shouldn’t worry yourself much; there is no direct oversight of how much you win or the tax you should pay, especially when gambling at offshore sites. 

How to transfer money at Indian casinos?

Indian casinos have some of the most conducive and safest methods of making funds transfers. Here’s how to go about making problem-free deposits and withdrawals.

First, log in to your gaming account through a secure internet connection. Make headway to the cashier and confirm the amount of cash available in your gaming wallet.

Then, follow the steps mentioned earlier in this writing to the end. Note that the cash’s remitting time to your financial institution differs from one company to the next. 

Once cash reaches your e-wallet, you can then transfer it to your card or bank account. On the other hand, if you withdraw to your bank account, VISA, or MasterCard directly, you can cash it out at the respective ATM and spend it how you deem best. However, don’t always withdraw all the cash in your gaming account since you may want to wager again. 


Contrary to what many gamblers think, cashing out at an online casino is fast and easy, as you can tell from this read. The crux of the matter is to remember the regulations guiding the process.

That aside, it is also utterly important to note that our site has no ties or related to any of the payment methods mentioned above.

The financial institutions’ terms and conditions for supporting withdrawals at online casinos often change, and you may see a banking option today and miss it tomorrow.

Therefore, before you authorize or utilize a payment option, ensure it is viable. Otherwise, you may encounter problems at the end of authorizing your transaction.

Now, if you have no gaming account, we tell you that the best casinos can be found in the table of casinos in India that we have left you in this article. On any of those sites, you will have plenty of opportunities to earn money and use the withdrawal method that suits you best.