Which is the best site for cricket betting in India?

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The domestic cricket season is almost upon us, and international events are slowly beginning to resume. So you should not only be eager to enjoy the matches but also to enjoy the excitement of your favorite team on the field.

You are also sure to start getting your engines ready to search for the best cricket betting sites in India. And while we have various in particular, we will first tell you how to identify the best bookies. So let’s begin!

First, check reputation, legality, and security 

These are three key points to getting the first steps right. The site must be legal with an international license to operate as an online gambling operator. It must implement security protocols that guarantee the protection of your data. 

And one point that many do not investigate is reputation. It is certain that not everyone will be happy with their experience at the online betting site. But let’s face it, if there are more negative comments than positive ones, then the site is not trustworthy enough for you to bet there. 

Second, make sure it’s open to Indians 

It may sound strange, but it is something you need to be sure of. There are some sites that do not block access to their site to people they do not provide services to. 

In other words, if India is not listed when you register, don’t use tricks to register! It is not worth it as you may break their rules and therefore get banned and lose your earnings. 

Another aspect that may help you identify if the site accepts Indian players has to do with the payment methods. If they accept rupees and local payment methods, then you can rest assured! The site accepts Indian players. 

Third, take into account the betting markets and odds

You know the site is legal and safe. You also know that it accepts players from India. Now comes the interesting part, see what betting markets are available and the odds on them. 

Depending on your betting strategy, you will need to see what cricket events are available, as well as whether bets can be placed on pre-match, live, or both. 

It is also interesting to see if there is a predictions section for certain cricket events. This way you can make sure that the site really is focused on cricket betting. 

Here, we have to digress and mention Betway and Fun88. Both sites publish their predictions even before the players’ auction – and that’s fantastic! It helps you to think about your betting strategy considering the odds they offer. 

Fourth, ensure that it’s cross-platform 

By cross-platform, we mean that it is accessible from a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

It is true that the Best Indian online betting sites are already optimized for mobile devices with a responsive website. That is to say, adapted to all screens. 

But what really makes them stand out is the availability of native applications for Android, iOS, and even Windows and Linux. 

These apps must not only be stable, lightweight, and secure. They must also offer special features such as exclusive bonuses, different and improved markets, and more lucrative odds. 

Fifth, take a look at its bonuses and other offers. 

It is true that online gambling sites differ from physical gambling sites in large part because of the bonuses they offer. But don’t be fooled, there are several points to cover here. 

The first is the variety of offers. Sometimes they just offer a welcome package and that’s it. There are no other benefits for signing up, no loyalty clubs, or anything else. So make sure the site has a variety of offers. 

The second thing has to do with the terms and conditions of use. Make sure it has a generous expiry date so you can use the bonus comfortably. Also check that it has a low wagering requirement, that you can use it on a wide range of markets, and that it is not restrictive in its use. 

The third point has to do with the frequency with which they run promotions. Sometimes bonuses are static, i.e. they are claimed once and no regular bonuses are released. This means that you will soon run out of offers to enjoy. 

So the site should periodically launch new offers that you can take advantage of. 

What are the best cricket betting sites in India for us? 

We have already told you how to spot a legit casino in India. We’ve told you all the key points to detect when the online gambling site is a good one. But we want to give you our personal selection of sites that are worth a look for this new cricket season: 


In our opinion, if not the best, it is one of the best cricket betting sites available today. Not only is it a worldwide sponsor of the sport, but it has the most extensive coverage of both domestic and international cricket events. 

The best part is that they accept rupees as well as other currencies and even cryptocurrencies. They bring out monthly offers. And if that’s not enough, you can place live or pre-match bets and enjoy HD streaming of the match. 


It is our second choice because of one thing: their site is not available in Hindi. Otherwise, it would also share the first place with Fun88 when it comes to the best cricket betting sites. 

And in case you get bored and start wondering if you need luck or skills to win roulette, you’re in luck! Because Betway also has a giant casino where you can enjoy that game, as well as others such as blackjack, poker, slots, and even Teen Patti! 


Our third choice is because it is available in Hindi and has interesting cricket markets and odds. But its interface may be complicated or outdated for some. 


You don’t need tips to choose the best IPL betting app, our recommendation is to go for LeoVegas. 

And if it’s such a good site, why is it in the fourth quarter? Because their website is not available in Hindi. Also, if you are a user who only uses the computer for betting, you won’t find as much fun as on their online betting app. 

Spin Sports 

Last but not least we would like to recommend one of the Spin Palace sites. Spin Sports, from the same owners as Spin Casino, is an interesting online gambling site, with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. 

It has an app for Android and iOS. Pre-match and live betting is available. However, it lacks live streaming of events. They only have interactive tables that are updated in real-time. This can be a plus for bettors who just need the data to place their bets.