Evolution French roulette gold gameplay

Evolution French roulette gold is a thrilling table game from the famous gaming developers, Evolution Gaming.

The game’s design consists of a well-structured backdrop with an exciting soundtrack. According to its appearance, Evolution French roulette gold is a transformation of the classic wheel game with a live dealer twist.

Currently, the game is one of the best rewarding gameplays in India. Still, it blends modern sensibilities and classic routines perfectly.

And when you play at any of our suggested casino brands, you will enjoy a flawless wagering experience and cash bonuses to help you win real cash. In the same vein, you will interact with outstanding hosts every step of the game.

Now, we want to help you understand the Evolution French roulette gold game. Regardless of your mastery in Evolution games, you will be better placed to stake and possibly win, while still having fun.

So more so, we will strive to make every detail digestible for you. In the meantime, we have other top brands below that provide Evolution French roulette gold. Join any of them as you read on!

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Evolution French roulette gold layout

To help you fully understand the game, we will explain every technical detail, aspect and special features. Let’s get started!

Gaming interface

The Evolution French roulette gold game takes place on a wheel that has black and red slots. On the other hand, there will be a table, with numbers similar to those on the wheel.

The slots are numbered from 0 to 36. There is also a ball that the dealer throws in the wheel once a player makes a prediction.

Video quality

Jumping off, the French roulette gold game has one of the best video quality you will ever see in online casinos. Players can access the game perfectly even when they have the slowest internet connection ever.

Thanks to the game’s framework, gamers can manually select between high, medium, and low video quality depending on how fast or slow their internet connection works.

At the same time, even if you don’t choose the quality you want, the software automatically detects connection speeds and makes adjustments accordingly.

On the other hand, the game comes with multiple camera views you can use to monitor wagering sessions. Ideally, the cameras are mounted in different angles facing the playing table.

But in spite of that, Evolution French roulette gold is a wee bit dissimilar from Immersive Roulette, but the views you get are satisfactory nonetheless.

Notably, you can choose from two specific camera angles that include the wheel, table, and dealer in the overall view. That is good enough to ensure you don’t miss any happenings in the game.

Playing room design

To a great extent, the live dealer room has an attractive overall aesthetic with elegant gold and red palette. Apart from that, the studio is clearly inspired by a French Art Nouveau design.

In fact, this is just one of the best rooms Evolution Gaming has come up with, considering a game like Evolution Caribbean Stud Poker also has an outstanding playing room.

Remarkably, the table boasts of a large betting area where players can place their bets comfortably. All of the vital options are well labeled and can be found easily.

As it is, gamers enjoy a thrilling interface in the game similar to what is available at the top-of-the-range brick and mortar casinos.


Evolution French roulette gold game comes with a wide array of options you can use to set up the gaming interface. As it is, you can tweak the soundtrack, as well as other aspects, to suit your preference. And if you experience any kind of lag or a choppy video feed, you can adjust the settings.

But again, you must note that Evolution French roulette gold has a slightly different table layout to its competitors. For example, French expressions such as impair (odd), pair (even), passe (high), and manque (low) are oftenpresent in the English version.

All in all, the live dealer version of Evolution French roulette gold contains the live chat feature that helps gamers to chat with the dealer.

This means you can ask the overseer questions and get answers in real-time when playing in any of our recommended online live casinos and get a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees!

Types of bets

Part of helping you understand the Evolution French roulette gold game and how it works, includes explaining the types of bets you can place. So here they are:

Announced bets

Announced betsThese bets contain a bunch of wagering options you will find on a French roulette gold table.

The most common one is neighbors of zero (Voisins Du Zero), which is when the prediction covers zero and seven numbers from twenty-two to twenty-five on either side of the roulette wheel.

Another announced bet is 1/3 of the wheel (Le Tiers Du Cylindre), which is when a prediction is on the wheel’s opposite side but covering twelve numbers from twenty-two to thirty-three.

Neighbor bets

Neighbor bets

This is another type of bet that’s commonly found on most roulette tables out there.

It involves placing a wager on a 5-number stake, which has been covered by a specific number as well as two other neighboring numbers on either side. So more so, to place a neighbor bet, you need to stay on the racetrack.

Ideally, this is one of the most lucrative and most straightforward types of wager on the French roulette game since it also contains inside and outside bets you can stake.

Inside bets

Inside bets

These bets involve foretelling the outcomes in the form of numbers. Possible predictions include a straight that requires you to predict one number.

There is also the trio that requires you to pick three correct digits, including zero. Then, there is the split, which you wager on two adjacent numbers.

Outside bets

Outside bet

These wagers require you to stake on sections rather than on numbers. For example, if you choose the odd or even, you are merely foretelling an even or odd.

If you bet on red or black, you predict the winning color. If it’s on dozens, you should wager on one out of the three dozens on the table.

Game rules

French Roulette Gold wheel uses the “La Partage” rule, which is arguably an excellent choice by Evolution Gaming.

When a gamer predicts an even bet and the balls land in the zero pocket, half of the stake gets returned to the player. This is arguably the best and most generous rule you will miss in a majority of other roulette tables

Surprisingly, the La Partage rule aims at offering punters higher chances to win the game. As it is, it dwindles losing possibilities like in loads of other games, which take all the stake if you fail to predict correctly.

For instance, if you bet on an odd or even number, or color but lose, fifty percent of the bet goes to the dealer, then you receive the other fifty.

How to wager in Evolution French roulette gold?

  • Starting out, you have to be aware of the betting options and playing screen. The playing screen has chips from 1-100.
  • So more so, your betting process starts by you choosing one out of the 7 chip values available. After that, you need to place it anywhere you deem fit on the table.
  • Natheless, you’ll find several buttons on the table that ought to help you place your bet effectively. Assuming you enter a wrong bet, you can use the undo option to go back, or the repeat prompt to double your stake.
  • On the right-hand corner, you will see the Announced bets and Neighbor bet features. Still, on the left side, you will find the dozenoddred, and low bets.
  • The fascinating aspect of the Evolution French roulette gold game is you can wager with as little as 150 rupees in LeoVegas Casino.
  • Thus, click on the bet you wish, and if you are a first-time player in the site, ensure you utilize the welcome bonus that goes up to 25,000 rupees.
  • On the other hand, you can change camera angles using the options available. You will need to keep a close eye on the timer to avoid being locked out of the game when wagering time runs out.
  • As is the case, there will be traffic lights that ought to direct you. Therefore, if you see the GREEN color, you should start to set your wager.
  • Then, when it turns to YELLOW, you should finalize your wagering process since the betting time will be almost over.
  • Finally, when you see a RED color, that will be an indication that you can no longer stake, but you can wait for the next round of the game.
  • Evolution French roulette gold comes with a stats database that contains the previous 500 numbers. Ensure you check the last drawn figures on the screen before you decide on which one to bet on.
  • Besides from all that, both cold and hot number stats are also readily accessible to the player. This type of information will usually help you pick which color or number to place your wager. All in all, the maximum wager on the game goes up to 3,777,500 rupees.

Reliable platforms to play Evolution French roulette gold game

All the casinos listed above have Evolution French roulette gold in their games catalogue. But we want to give you a brief outline of the best casinos that have this game to make it easier for you to choose one and start playing.



LeoVegas offers 10,000 rupees as the welcome bonus but that will depend on a gamer’s first deposit. 750 rupees is the minimum amount of cash you can deposit.

Loading cash into the site’s gaming wallets is free. In the same degree, all live casino games have a wagering requirement of 40 times and lasts for 14 days. You can transact cash using e-wallets or direct bank transfer while in India.

Fun88 Casino

Fun88 Casino

Fun88 allows a 40 times wagering requirement for its games. New gamers receive 10% cashback bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% deposit bonus for casino games.

It also provides 130% deposit bonus for sport bettin. Luckily, depositing cash in the site’s wallets is free using e-wallets and wire bank transfer. Again, gamers can wager with Bitcoin and still win cash rewards.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino

Betway Casino offers 60,000 rupees as the welcome bonus but in three phases of depositing cash. It again outlines wagering 50 times with freebies to qualify for withdrawing winnings.

750 rupees is the minimum amount of cash a gamer can deposit. Fortunately, Indians enjoy free and fast depositing of cash and can get assistance around the clock from the site’s customer support team.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Royal Panda permits 35 times as the wagering requirement for all bonuses. The freebies last 90 days before expiring. On the other hand, new gamers get up to 10,000 rupees as a welcome bonus. And as luck would have its way, depositing cash is free and the least amount of funds you can add to a gaming wallet is 1,000 rupees or USD $15.



22bet supports wagering with cryptocurrencies and over 180 banking methods. It again allows free depositing of cash, and gamers get up to 25,000 rupees as the welcome bonus.

Yet, the amount of cash you get will be a 100% match of what you deposit. Luckily, the site supports the Hindi language and you will be getting up to 7,500 rupees weekly for loading cash to your gaming wallet.

How to deposit and withdraw cash?

Currently, there are three ideal ways you can use to transact cash in and out of your gaming account. The first one is wire bank transfer. Here, you need to buy a voucher from your banking provider if you are depositing. The other one is using credit and debit cards. Notably, this will involve the VISA and MasterCard. So much so, you should link your card to the gaming account for a smooth transacting process.

Last but definitely not the least is by utilizing e-wallets. Presently, there are loads of e-wallets available, but not all operate in India. Thus, to be on the safe side, use Paytm, GPay, Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller, Trustly, MuchBetter, AstroPay, Paysafecard or Neosurf. Withal, it is wise you first confirm with the platform you use to wager on the proper methods acceptable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, it’s possible to play the game for free. But again, you cannot win real cash while at it. You MUST create a gaming account in a site like Leo Vegas and deposit money first.

Of course, French Roulette Gold is available not only on desktop but also on mobile and tablet browsers. 

Surprisingly, the house edge of this game stands at around 1.35%. Notably, that is a reasonable figure you will not find in other roulette variations. 

The maximum betting limit stands at 50,000 wagers. On the lower end, you can predict at least 2 times. 

As long as you wager in a site like Betway Casino or 22 Bet, you should not worry about a thing. Those brands utilize Random Number Generators (RNG) and undergo regular auditing to ensure every outcome is genuine and fair. 

Summing up, you now know all there is to mobile roulette. In fact, you are in a better position to choose and play effectively than loads of other gamblers. The meaty part is you can play different roulette versions for free using your phone. But first, you need a gaming account if at all you want to make money. Therefore, our recommendation is you sign up with our platform of the month or any other brand on this page to get the welcome bonus and other benefits. Roulette is easy to wager, and winning chances are immense. Why not try your luck now?


Evolution French roulette gold accommodates both beginners as well as professional gamblers. Regardless of your budget, wagering on the game can bring in massive winnings in a matter of minutes. And considering the minimum wagering limit is dirt low, you have no reason not to play. The information in this writing has everything you will ever need to wager and have fun.

Now, the remaining bit is for you to put it into action. So, if you still don’t have a gaming account, pick any of our recommended casino sites and sign-up! After that, deposit a reasonable amount of cash and claim your bonus. It will come in handy to help you stake more and possibly win.