Is roulette all luck or require skills?

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We would like to say that the simple answer is either yes or no. But there is a lot behind it. While some may think it’s just luck, when it comes to online roulette, there are variants that could make the answer come down to it being just luck, or it’s just skill. 

To begin, then, we find it necessary to talk about the two main versions of online roulette and ask ourselves the question. 

Is online roulette just luck? 

All legit casino games at online betting sites, including roulette, feature an RNG system, which influences the RTP and volatility of the game. 

So what is RNG? It is the random number generator system. This system ensures that all outcomes are completely random and with that, you might think that online roulette games are all about luck. 

In our opinion, online roulette games are 90% luck and 10% skill. Is there really skill involved when one does not control the possible outcome? Of course there is! 

Because if you don’t have a good betting system in place where you can control your bankroll, payouts and types of bets, then you could very easily break the bank. 

Now, if you have a good betting system that controls the income and expenses. And you focus on the outside bets (which are more possible but mean less profit) then it is possible to win. So, this shows that there is some skill, even if it is very little, but it is necessary. 

Is online live roulette luck or skills? 

At online roulette casinos, it is possible to find this variant with a live dealer. And although there are virtual roulette wheels involved in this variant, in particular and to answer the question, we will focus on those variants where the dealer is the one who spins the wheel. 

Here, as the roulette wheel is not altered in any way, luck is reduced to 10% – 15% depending on the variant and winning skills to 85% – 90%. 

Really? That much? Of course it is! Because it’s not the RNG we’re talking about, but really your skills in trying to predict the future event of where the ball will land when it stops bouncing on the wheel. 

And why is there such a small difference of 5%? Because it depends on the variant you play. Since in American roulette, as well as in mini roulette, the house has a greater advantage to win. But in other variants such as European roulette and French roulette, the house advantage is much smaller.

What skills are needed to win at online live roulette? 

They are not innate skills, so you will be able to learn them in a very short time, regardless of your level of experience playing roulette. The skills are as follows:

First, choose the most reputable online betting sites. For this you can rely on blogs that do reviews and opinion matrices. You can also do your own research including RTP, available variants, providers, payment methods, legality, security and available apps. 

Secondly, learn to know the game, the house edge in that variant, the rules, the types of bets and the odds for each of them. This will help you put together a reliable betting strategy. 

Third, implement betting systems. The best known are the Reverse Martingale, La Martingale, Constant, Fibonacci and Oscar’s Grind. This will help you keep track of winnings and losses in every gambling session. 

Fourth, learn the skills of online betting. What do we mean by this? Learn to trust your intuition to know when to bet, when to fold and when to fold. There is no manual or way to learn this, other than by practising frequently to develop this skill. 

Believe it or not, expert players and professionals who make a living from it have achieved their success through this skill. At first you may have your disappointments, but as you practice and improve, you will master it completely and make the right decisions most of the time. 

Yet, our advice is to try the demo versions of the games. It is true that as they are free versions, you will be playing against an RNG system to try to win. But even so, you will be able to develop your betting intuition, as well as get to know the game, improve your guessing skills and most importantly: all this will be without risking your money. 

Fifth, take advantage of the best cricket betting bonuses, as well as bonuses for playing roulette. Why are we talking about cricket bonuses? Because often these bonuses come with casino bonuses so that you can also enjoy roulette games. 

Just be careful! You should read the terms and conditions of each promotion you want to claim! Because there are important details beyond the amount of the bonus that can mean that instead of winning, you could end up losing everything. 

Two of these terms include the wagering requirement, which is the number of times you must reinvest the bonus in order to release the winnings. The other term is the expiry date. This should be a generous one so that you can use the bonus at your leisure to meet the wagering requirement within the allowed period. 

Finally, learn how to use the best IPL betting app for Android and iOS. Why is that? Because often you won’t be able to use a large computer or tablet to enjoy the game. 

And believe it or not, the online betting experience is pretty much the same on both desktop and mobile devices. The only difference, obviously, is the size of the screen. 

In addition, you might find different roulette games, betting markets with improved odds and even mobile-only bonuses and offers. 

However, consider downloading safe and secure online casino gambling apps. And that is also verified to be a good experience. 

In this regard, we may be able to recommend some of them:

  • LeoVegas is the best of all, you can bet and play online. In addition, it has received several awards for excellence. 
  • Betway, excellent option to play online roulette and live roulette, as well as to place IPL bets. 
  • Fun88, the number one choice if you are looking for a site to play roulette variants in both English and Hindi. They also accept rupees and bitcoin as payment options. 
  • JeetPlay. This app is only available for Android, but it’s a great option if you want to play roulette on a new site focused exclusively on Indian players.
  • 22bet. App available for Android and iOS, in both English and Hindi, as well as around twenty other languages. Different types of roulette can be enjoyed live with a real dealer, and also online against a computer.