How to withdraw money from Betway casino

How to withdraw money from Betway casino is now easier and safer than ever before. On the flip side though, you must abide by the wagering terms and meet them to enjoy your withdrawals. Luckily, the Play through requirements are nothing to worry about, provided you play regularly.

That aside, Betway casino gives its customers generous incentives to use risk-free. On the other hand, gamblers enjoy 7 days to wager bonuses 50 times before withdrawing winnings. Thank heavens, registering at the site takes less than 2 minutes. You only need to provide your phone number, date of birth, and a valid identification number. Afterward, your details undergo verification to the afore of you depositing cash and playing. [broker_link broker=”betway” anchor=”Tap here to sign up at Betway casino now” landing=”aff_link”]

Now, we believe you want to learn the snippets to withdraw cash at Betway casino securely. But first, before you scroll to read on, check other decent and safe gaming platforms to play at in the alternative of Betway casino. Please consider signing up right off.

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How to cash out your winning amount from Betway casino?

After winning and attaining the Playthrough requirements, the next exciting bit is to cash out your prize. However, you must do a few things right to breeze through the process. Below is how you should always withdraw winnings at Betway casino: 

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Account’ icon at the top right corner after logging into your account. Doing so will open a page housing the ‘Withdraw Funds’ tab.
  • Step 2: Press the tab to open the withdrawal interface. Here, you will see all the channels you can use, but you should only choose one. Therefore, click your ideal option to move to the next phase. 
  • Step 3: Now, the withdrawing interface will appear, depending on the method you select. Ideally, it will show the transaction fees you will be charged and the time you will have to wait before accessing the cash. At the same time, it will include the cash balance in your account and the minimum amount you can cash out. Luckily, Indians can withdraw from 1000 rupees upwards. 
  • Step 4: Provide the necessary details based on the method you want to employ. For example, if you withdraw via bank transfer, you should key your name and the financial institution. Again, you should select your country’s name, city, types of account, and code before submitting the details. 
  • Step 5: After a while, you will get a notification via SMS and another on your gaming account to confirm the process was successful. You will have to wait for two to five days to receive the cash into your account. However, as you become a regular gambler and transact often, you will start accessing the money sooner. 

What withdrawal methods are accepted in Betway Casinos?

How to withdraw money from Betway casino

Betway casino only supports top-rated withdrawal channels in India. More so, your funds will always be safe regardless of the option you opt to use. Below are some of the most ideal you can utilize: 

  • PayPal: This digital payment option adheres to international security standards and can receive huge sums of cash at once, provided the account is verified. Surprisingly, it does not subject gamblers to a minimum limit but remember you can only withdraw at least 1000 rupees from Betway. 
  • Visa: This option has friendly charges for withdrawals and is accepted globally. It supports massive cashouts and the Indian currency, the rupee. On the other hand, it is secure to use and demands gamblers to provide a CVC number and name before withdrawing at online casinos. The details must coincide with those present at the gaming account for a withdrawal to be successful. 
  • Trustly: Trustly is convenient and swift to process transactions. It utilizes the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process and a systematic MFA prompt. On the same note, the platform is free to use, but some charges may kick in, especially when withdrawing a large amount of cash.   
  • Mastercard: Mastercard (swipe card) can be used to withdraw winnings at casinos. It is secure and allows cashing out vast sums of cash, amounting to 1,000,000 rupees daily. Nevertheless, the withdrawal threshold can be lower, depending on the card’s issuer.  This card can also be utilized for online shopping after withdrawing from gambling sites. 

Is withdrawing money from Betway casino safe?

Withdrawals are channeled through the payment method adopted during depositing. In the same vein, banking details must coincide with those used to sign up for the gambling account. If the Betway casino detects suspicious transactions, it demands the account holder to verify their identity within four weeks before permitting the cashout. And if the needed information isn’t provided, the account is locked and the balance forfeited. 

Similarly, a gambler must always provide a PIN before withdrawing cash. They may also need to provide additional documents such as a passport, driving license, national ID, tax remittance document, or a copy of a recent utility bill. All that aims to ensure withdrawals are safe and are being initiated by the original account holder.   

Betway casino Withdrawal policy 

Betway casino withdrawal policy complies with international gambling laws. Notably, the site collects all the data deemed necessary to prove ownership of a gaming account. New gamblers are also obliged to accept the use of their credentials for purposes of promotions, marketing, or training by Betway. 

However, Betway has no right to give out gamblers’ details to third parties unless there is a fraud incident or account control purposes. But again, it may do so under legal provisions or governing authority if necessary. 

That said, a gambler’s credentials must match those on the withdrawal channel adopted. Otherwise, if the details differ, the account will be suspended right off the bat and only be activated after fulfilling the verification process. Nevertheless, a gambler can update their payment details by contacting the site’s customer support team. 

On the other hand, a gambler cannot withdraw cash via another gambler’s account on the site. Still, funds in the gaming wallet do not earn interest whatsoever. Taxation on the transactions is subject to the applicable laws set by the government and financial institutions involved. 

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You now can cash out at Betway casino comfortably and securely, provided you heed the information on this writing. Conversely, we wish to let you know that the payment methods mentioned above aren’t part of Betway and can seize to appear on the site. More so, Betway has the right to adopt and dismiss any transaction option it wishes. Therefore, we always recommend you first confirm the presence of a channel before using it, especially if you are a new gambler. That aside, if you haven’t used Betway to wager, now is the time to join and enjoy its incentives. Tap here to become a member at [broker_link broker=”betway” anchor=”Betway casino” landing=”aff_link”] and claim your welcome bonus after loading cash.