How do I claim a no deposit bonus in India?

Bonuses are one of the incentives that make online casinos special. And in many cases, they are a key part of determining whether or not you decide to keep playing.

And while there are a wide variety of bonuses out there, the most attractive and desirable are the no deposit bonuses. 

These promotions are not that common, so it’s likely that if you’re a newbie and you come across one, you’ll feel hesitant about claiming the offer.

But that’s where we come in! Today, we’re not only going to give you a list of casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. We’ll also take you through a step-by-step explanation of how to claim this prize and some of the details you need to know. 

If you’re ready and excited, let’s get started, but first, remember to sign-up at any of the casinos in the list of popular gambling sites in India, using our affiliate link!

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What you need to know before claiming a no deposit bonus while in India?

No deposit bonuses are the most attractive as they are free prizes just for your presence on a gambling site. 

Yet, all that glitters is not gold, and no deposit bonuses are no exception. In this regard, you should know that all prizes given to you by a casino online, whether free or not, are subject to specific terms and conditions for their use and enjoyment.

This means that you will not be free to use them as you please. Still, this doesn’t mean that it is a bad prize and that you should not accept it, but that you should read the offer and if it suits you, accept it.

In the same breath, there are several key aspects to check:

  • The first thing is what the offer is for. There are free spins for slots, free bets for buying a ticket to bet on a sport. And free bonuses, these are the rarest and are small cash bonuses for betting on any online casino game. 
  • Next, check how many times you can use the no deposit bonus. Often, for free spins it is between 5 to 100. For free bets, it is one time, and for free bonuses it depends on the casino.
  • The third thing is how long you have to use the no deposit bonus. It can be from 24 hours to 8 days. 
  • And the last thing is the wagering requirement. This is the amount you have to reinvest the bonus to be able to withdraw the winnings. For example, if the wagering requirement is x10, and the bonus is ₹100, this means that you must reinvest ₹1,000 to release your winnings. And what’s more, you must do so within the time allowed.

Steps to claim a no deposit bonus

Now that you know what you need to keep in mind to claim a bonus, the key moment has arrived: claiming them! The steps are as easy as ABC, and we’ve got them for you below:

Step 1: find and register at a reputable casino that offer no deposit bonuses

First things come first, and that’s searching for casinos with sign-up bonus.  And while the search can be tedious, we have narrowed down the options for you by presenting you with casinos that are excellent and some of them offer this no deposit bonus promotion.

When you get it, it’s time to register! And to do that, you need to click on the join casino button and then fill in the form with all the details requested. 

Make sure your details are real, as you will need to verify your identity in the future by sending documents such as PAN card and bank statements.

Step 2: verify you account 

After you upload the form, you should receive an account opening confirmation email from the casino to your email address.

This is one of the most important steps as it will let the casino know that you are interested in your account. So go to your inbox, look for the email, open it and click on the link in it! 

You will be redirected to your online casino profile dashboard and you will only need to go to step 3.

Step 3: claim you no deposit bonus!

The key moment has arrived. Go to the promotions section, or go to your profile notifications.

Locate “no deposit bonus” or “sign-up bonus”, click on it, read the terms, accept them by ticking the box and press the “Claim” button.

Within seconds you will see a confirmation message and the value of the bonus loaded into your account! And that’s it! You can now use the no deposit bonus according to the terms of the prize!

Final tips for claiming no deposit bonuses

As you can see, claiming a no deposit bonus is easier than you thought. Of course, there are slight variations to the process but in general, they all boil down to clicking the claim button and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

In case you’re wondering how to deposit cash at online casinos to meet the wagering requirement, you can browse our blog to read that guide and get a full understanding of the process.

In closing, we want to encourage you to play responsibly, and whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, no deposit bonuses are one of those rare rewards that are worth accepting almost every time!