Evolution Casino Hold’em Playing Guide

The braze of Evolution Casino Hold’em gaming is growing at lightning speed. By the look of things, its jackpot may soon be the biggest you will see in top-rated sites like Betway and Spin Casino. Currently, Casino Hold’em has a progressive Jumbo 7 jackpot that rewards not only the overall winner but also other punters in the game. And as luck would have it, its full prize keeps ballooning every time there is a winner.

Much has been said about the unlikelihood of winning a Casino Hold’em game, which is often false. Similarly, a majority of sites are providing worthless information about how to play the game. Luckily, you are not on any of such platforms. Here, we will give you well researched and structured facts and figures that will make you become a pro Evolution Casino Hold’em player. So, as you jump deeper into this writing, we would also want you to sign up with any of the gaming brands below and use them to place your next wager on Hold’em game.

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How to Play Evolution Casino Hold’em

Evolution Casino Hold’em is a version of the Evolution Texas Hold’em. Players stake against the house instead of each other. Surprisingly, the game has no limit to how many gamblers can wager simultaneously at any given time. 

The goal of the game is you beat the dealer’s hand. You can achieve that by getting the best possible five-card hand. This will include forming a combination of your two cards and five others from the table. 

How to Play Evolution Casino Hold’em

Similarly, you can add a Bonus bet to your stake to boost your possible winnings. The Bonus bet is part of side bets available in the Casino Hold’em game and pays out if you get a pair of Aces or higher. But again, at the start of every gaming session, all players at the table MUST stake on the Ante bet. Then, a dealer deals out two cards facing up to all punters at the table and the other two to him or herself. Afterward, three additional cards are dealt on the middle of the table facing up. The extra cards are often called community cards, and any player can use them to form their winning combination of five cards hand. 

After the dealing of cards, players must evaluate their hand and decide on whether to Fold or Call. Basically, folding means giving up on your Ante bet hence lose, while Calling indicates that you want to continue with the game. Players who call will then proceed to play and place the Call bet.

Notably, deciding on whether to continue with the game has a time limit. So more so, you will see Traffic lights indicators on your gaming interface that ought to direct you. If you fail to decide quickly enough, you end up having to wait for the next wagering session. 

At the start of the Call bet, the dealer deals out two additional cards, the Turn, and the River. Then, each player will try to form the winning hand from the five cards on the table and the two on the hand. 

Rules For Evolution Casino Hold’em

  • The casino game takes place with one standard 52-card deck, excluding the Jokers.
  • At the end of every gaming round, cards must be shuffled.
  • A player who wagers on the Bonus bet but folds loses both wagers unconditionally. 
  • Any player failing to declare a stand (Fold or Call) loses his or her bet automatically. 
  • The dealer only qualifies for the game if he has a pair of 4s or higher.
  • Players get back their Call bet if the dealer gets a lower hand than the winner does in the Ante bet.
  • If the dealer gets the highest hand, all players lose both the Ante bet and Call bet.

Possible Outcomes in Evolution Casino Hold’em

Possible Outcomes in Evolution Casino Hold’em

The winner of the Call bet gets a payout of 1 to 1. In the event of a tie between a player and the dealer, the game results in a push, meaning that no one loses or wins. Therefore, all players receive back their bets. On the other side though, the next highest hand to what both parties have can be used to break the tie (Kicker). 

Let’s look at the winning hands from the highest to the lowest:

Royal Flush: This requires you to get a suit of the Ace, King, Queen, Jake, and 10.

Straight Flush: This rewards if you have a suit of five cards in sequence, e.g. 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10 all Diamonds

Four of a Kind: This is you have all four cards of the same value and any other, e.g. A, A, A, A, and King. However, the fifth card also determines the strength of the hand, where a player with ten as the fifth card will win against that with a 1 or 2. 

Full House: This rewards if you get a hand with three identical cards and another matching 2. Nevertheless, a player with the three higher-ranking cards wins against the others. So more so, if you get 10, 10, 10, 2, 2, and your opponent gets 8, 8, 8, 10, 10, you win.

Flush: This requires you have all the five cards be in the same suit. The sequence doesn’t matter, but the highest suit wins the game. In the event of a tie, the second or third highest suit determines the winner.

Straight: This pays out the highest hand of five cards with at least two different suits in sequence, e.g. a straight of 6 Club, 7 Club, 8 Heart, 9 Heart, and 10 Heart wins against that of 4 Club, 5 Club, 6 Heart, 7 Heart, and 8 Heart. The suit cannot break a tie.

Three of a Kind: This rewards with the highest three cards of the same value and two others that aren’t necessarily similar. If there is a tie, the Kicker comes in to determine the winner.

Two Pairs: This requires you have the highest two separate pairs of different ranks and a fifth card not in any of the pairs, e.g. A, A king, King, and 10. The Kicker chips in case of a tie. 

Pair: This pays out the highest hand of two cards of the same value, regardless of the rank, and three different cards not similar to the other two. 

Recommendable Platforms to Play Evolution Casino Hold’em

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is one of the best gaming sites and operates under the UK Gambling Commission license. You can use it to play Casino Hold’em on the desktop or mobile interface. If you sign up today, the site will reward you with a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees that matches your first deposit. Remember, depositing cash is free, and you will be able to load funds into your gaming wallet using e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and wire bank transfer. In the same degree, you will get second and third bonuses for deposits above 750 rupees or $10. Click here to play with Leo Vegas!

Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino is another platform you can use to play Hold’em games. It again runs under the Curacao Jurisdiction license and offers new gamers a welcome bonus of up to 25,000 rupees. The site has an excellent loyalty program and reloads bonuses of 25%, 50%, and 75% for the second, third, and fourth deposits. The wagering requirements for freebies are friendly not forgetting you can transact cash through Cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, wire bank transfer, and credit and debit cards. Click here to play with Bodog Casino!

Royal Panda

Royal Panda offers first-time punters a 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees that matches the first deposit after sign up. Depositing cash on the site is free. Every week, punters have a chance to get a 50% discount on their deposit of up to 11,000 rupees. Still, they get loyalty points for every 750 rupees they spend, which is redeemable. As for transacting cash, the site supports using e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and wire bank transfer. Withdrawals take minutes to process unless it is a significant amount. Click here to play with Royal Panda!

22 Bet

22 Bet has an excellent mobile app that is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It again supports transacting cash with over 150 e-wallet methods, credit and debit cards, wire bank transfer, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The site furnishes new punters a 100% welcome bonus of up to 25,000 rupees on their first deposit upon signup. It again has a 7500 rupees ($100) weekly promotion. Besides, you can get assistance 24/7 on the site via email. Click here to Play with 22 Bet!

Side Bet in Evolution Casino Hold’em

The Jumbo 7 Jackpot Bet

This side bet allows punters to win a portion of the progressive jackpot. And considering that a progressive jackpot accumulates wagers from different players, winning it requires you to get a 7 Card Straight Flush. This will involve forming the highest combination from your two cards and the five on the playing table. The share you get out of the progressive jackpot is determined by the size of your bets.

Additionally, you will get an extra prize if you get a personal best of Straight or better but lose the overall reward. The house edge at the Jumbo 7 Jackpot bet stands at around 81.64%. If you get 6 Card Straight Flush, the payout becomes 5000 to 1. On the downside though, in this bet, players DO NOT receive back their Ante bet at the end of the game.

Payouts for the Bets

Ante Bet

The Ante bet rewards when a player has a higher hand than the dealer does. So much so, its house edge is often high and stands at about 97.84. The Royal Flush is the highest winning combination and pays out 100 to 1. Straight Flush follows at 20 to 1, then Four of a Kind at 10 to 1. Additionally, the Full House rewards 3 to 1, while Flush, 2 to 1, and lastly the Straight at 1 to 1.

Bonus Bet

The Bonus bet has a relatively low house edge that is around 93.74%. This is perhaps because it is an additional wager to the Ante bet and it is paid out whether you lose or win against the dealer. Nevertheless, its Royal Flush pays 100 to 1, the Straight Flush 50 to 1, the Four of a Kind 40 to 1, the Full House 30 to 1, the Flush 20 to 1, and the Straight 7 to 10.

Evolution Casino Hold’em Terms

  1. Ante bet: This is the initial stake, separate to the player’s main (blind Wager). Notably, the Ante bet requires placing it at the start of the game or before the dealing of any cards.
  2. Blind bet: This is the second wager that is equal to the ante bet. It is placed after the dealing of Ante bet cards to the players who Call. NOTE, it is separate and twice the ante bet.
  3. Burn: This is removing the top card from the deck and placing it on the discard rack without revealing it to the other players.
  4. Stub: This is the stack of cards that remains after the dealing cards in a round of play.
  5. Suit: This refers to any of the four categories of cards; club, diamond, heart, or spade.
  6. Poker Hand: This is the highest-ranking five-card hand that results from two player’s cards and three community cards.
  7. Bonus wager: This is a bet placed after dealing the first two cards to each player and dealer. Before the dealer reveals their cards, it is also possible to put it before or after the flop, prior to the final two community cards.
  8. Community cards: They are any of the additional cards dealt face up in the table. They come as either Turn (fourth card) or River (fifth card) and may be used by the player or dealer together with two of their other cards to make the best five-card poker hand.
  9. Flop: This means the first three cards in the area of the table where community cards occupy.
  10. Fold: This refers to a player giving up from the round of play by discarding his or her two cards (Ante bet).
  11. Round of play: This refers to a complete cycle of game where all players are dealt a hand, folded or wagered on it, and have had the wages paid or collected.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the truth is that the game is transparent. This is so since its developer ‘Evolution Gaming Company” is audited and licensed by reputable bodies.
Frankly, anyone can win the game as long as he or she takes time to analyze cards during the Ante bet. In addition to that, you need to master the winning combination before betting.
A majority of Evolution games have free versions that help players practice how to wager. Therefore, you can play Hold’em for free, but you will not win real cash while at it.


Well, that’s all you need to play Evolution Casino Hold’em. As it is, you now have a decent understanding of how to wager on it. Did you create your gaming account at the start of this piece? If not, it’s time you sign up with one of our recommended sites. After you do that, deposit a significant amount of cash and claim your welcome bonus. It will come in handy to help you stake more wagers and possibly win the jackpot. Good luck and play responsibly!


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