Best online casino bonus & offers in 2021

Best Online Casino Bonus

Fellow gaming enthusiasts, when you choose your perfect online casino, your number one goal would be to find the best and most friendly online casino bonuses.

And of course, there are some offers that are better than those in some other casinos. Luckily, we know what casinos have the best bonuses imaginable.

We will get you all the information about those online casinos. Also, you’re going to find out what are casino bonuses, how to get them, the types of bonuses, and many intriguing facts regarding bonuses. 

So, in order to find out some extra information about casino bonuses, keep reading this review very carefully! Without delay, let’s begin! Want to play now? See below the best casino bonuses of the industry!


Independent Spin Casino Indian Review 2021
₹100,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 2-3
Days Win Rate: 97.15%
800+ Web Mobile Games

Online JackpotCity Casino With Reviews 2021
₹160,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 2-3 Days
Win Rate: 97.26%
450+ Real Games

Betway casino Review and guide

Payout Speed: 1-2 Days
Win Rate: 97.55%
Support 24/7

Royal Panda Casino Reviews 2021
₹10,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 1-2 Days
Win Rate: 97.59%
Best Deposit Methods

Lucky Days Casino Reviews 2021 For Real Money

Payout Speed: 3
Days Win Rate: 96.71%
Live Dealer games

Yeti Casino Review 2021 With Playing Tips
₹24,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 4
Win Rate: 96.43%
Safe Banking

LeoVegas Casino Review for 2021

Payout Speed: 2 Days
Win Rate: 97.45%
Live Dealer games

Omnia Casino Review 2021 With Playing Tips
₹30,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 3 Days
Win Rate: 97.54%
Good Support

22bet Online Casino Indian Reviews 2021
₹25,000 Bonus

Payout Speed: 2-3 Days
Win Rate: 96.35%
Loved by Indians

What is an online casino bonus?

An online casino bonus is a free incentive that aims at enticing and convincing players to a particular gaming site. Every bonus at every online casino has its terms and conditions, and some just have better terms than those of competitors.

In general, the vast majority of online casino promotions are optional, which is great because you’re not obliged to take the offer.

You’re presented with a certain number of conditions that go with your free cash, and you have the opportunity to leave out some of the promotions.

A few of those conditions can state that you can’t withdraw any money before you invest some money on casino games.  

In fact, a vast majority of online casinos will give you the opportunity to claim your bonus, and then you can opt-out of the promotion. You can get anything from a 100% match-up bonus to hundreds of free spins you can use on online slots.  

If you come across a new online casino that looks to be eligible to meet your gaming needs, it is best that you first check its promotions and bonus terms.

It is also highly recommended you play at an online casino that will give you the chance to play many games for free. 

How can you get a casino bonus?

It’s pretty easy, and you earn an online casino bonus, you get some free money. Basically, every casino has casino deposit bonuses and a possible 100% match-up welcome bonus, and you can acquire them by making an account at an online casino’s website. You can get a bonus in a situation where the casino supports gaming in your country.

In order to get a bonus, a couple of rules must be respected. For instance, only one player in a household will have the liberty to acquire bonuses.

Using a VPN to hide your identity can result in the cancellation of your gaming account, so it is very important to play by the book.

To get a bonus, you have to be able to meet the casino’s criteria for acquiring a certain bonus. 

Types of online casino bonuses 

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Right now, you will get more familiar with the various types of bonuses you could find in an online casino website.

Welcome bonus

This bonus is the first bonus with which players get at an online casino. If a certain online casino wants to increase its player database, this bonus has to be interesting and enticing to the gambling admirers.

Every casino offers this bonus to the players who have made an account on their website. In the welcome bonus package, you have the chance to get some match-up bonuses, a particular number of free spins, or you can get both, which is also an option.

When a gambling aficionado signs-up and makes his initial deposit, he can claim this incredible bonus.  

Almost all the time, when it comes to these welcome bonuses, players get a 100% match-up bonus. That means if you deposit a particular sum of money, you’re going to get double.

With this, your chance of winning big with a jackpot will increase significantly. For example, you just made an account at an online casino that offers you a 100% match-up bonus of up to a max of 10,000 rupees.

This means that if you make a 10,000 rupees deposit, you will be rewarded with 10,000 more rupees. This is a great deal!

There are also online casinos that will give you a 400% match-up welcome bonus. But it can also be lower than 100%. Also, watch out for the wagering requirement when you search for the ideal welcome bonus. 

And you know what’s even better? All the casinos we recommend offer welcome bonuses! Both for casino and sports betting.

And if a bonus to match your first deposit isn’t enough, some even reward you for your second, third and even fourth deposit, and even give you FREE spins and FREE bets!

No deposit casino bonus

The no deposit bonuses are available in minimal online casinos. Once you make an account, you will get this bonus. To acquire this bonus is not to make any deposits whatsoever.  

No Deposit Casino Bonus

With the help of surely one of the best online casino bonuses, you have the liberty to place bets with no money! With that being said, you can test the demo version, and then you can come to a decision if that casino is really the best for you.

To claim this bonus, you have to make an account. Also, if you want to claim the bonus, you have to meet the wagering requirement. Right now, there are quite many no deposit casinos that have this bonus as an offer. 

Monthly and reload bonus

There are many more exciting offers to come, and this is definitely one of the best online casino bonuses. Some online casinos have monthly as well as reload bonuses as one of their promotions.

In common situations, these bonuses come with a welcome bonus. To enjoy this offer as much as you can, you have to be a VIP member.

To become a part of the casinos VIP elite club, you have to play the games on a regular basis. Once you become a VIP member, you can enjoy some special reload bonuses as one of the many perks.

Casino like JeetPlay or Royal Panda offer such promotions. In the case of JeetPlay, after signing up with our affiliate link, all you have to do is deposit on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week to receive your reload bonus.

With Royal Panda it’s even easier! Just sign up using the button on the table, and after your welcome bonus, every deposit you make will get a small 5% reload bonus!

Multiple casino deposit bonus

This promotional offer has to be one of the best bonuses that any casino can give to any gaming devotee. This bonus will you the maximum possible amount for the money you’ve deposited.

You could claim this offer for three deposits in a row, which sure sounds very impressive. Some online casinos are going to get you free cash until your fifth deposit. Imagine that!

Free spins bonus

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonuses are possibly the favorite among the hard-core gaming admirers.

The best thing is that you can use them on probably the most popular gaming category- online slot machines.

There are quite many types of free spins bonuses, such as welcome free spins and extra free spins.  

Percentage casino deposit bonus

This offer is intended to catch the attention of players. As a reward, you get a particular percentage of your initial deposit at the casino. Your prize money is added to your bankroll in a matter of hours. 

Periodic bonus

You have the chance to get one of the best online casino bonuses on holidays like Christmas or Black Friday, and also on some specific days in the month.

You will be presented with special conditions that will state how and when can you earn that bonus. An example would be that there’s a tournament on the 21st day of the month, and you can only win the tournament on that particular day.

Some online casinos can give incentives to women. For example, from 6 pm to 8 pm, women who like to gamble can get a wide array of bonuses.

These are the strategies that online casinos often use to encourage women to play at online casinos. This also goes for men. There are days that only men can get certain bonuses.

Referral bonus

This is a special type of bonus that is used in online casinos. You will get a bonus if you manage to convince your friend to sign up at the online casino website and starts to play some casino games.

That friend of yours has to enter a particular link, and then it has to sign-up and make his initial deposit at that certain online casino.

You will definitely get a bonus if your friend becomes a member of the casino. The scale of the bonus solely depends on how much money did your friend spend to make the initial deposit. 

Loyalty program

Among the best online casino bonuses is surely the loyalty program. When you start to play with money, and you won your welcome bonus, you have a real chance to get into a loyalty program of any online casino out there.

There are two options: the casino will automatically inform you that you’ve become a part of the program, or it will send you an invitation to become a member of the elite program.

Every rupee that you’ve invested in a casino game will get you a point at your casino. When you acquire the right amount of those points, you have the freedom to exchange them for items such as tablets, smartphones, or for cash. You can also get free spins and lots of other great benefits.  


Sticky bonus

One of the bonuses with which you have the liberty to play games, but you can’t withdraw any funds, is the sticky bonus.

The only way that you can get your funds is to meet a wagering requirement. You can only withdraw your money if you have an amount of money that is higher than the first amount. The online casinos that give out this bonus are highly popular among gaming enthusiasts. 

Free casino games with bonuses 

Does it feel good when you get a surprise you didn’t expect, and it turns out to be a fantastic one? Sure it does! With free casino games with bonuses, pleasant surprises happen regularly.

A bonus game happens during the time you play the game, and if you get the right combo, you will be rewarded with a bonus round. Players can trigger certain features at free games with bonuses if they meet the requirements. So, in order to know how these games work, keep your focus, and read.

How to play free casino games with bonuses?

Most gaming sites offer players a chance to play online casinos with freebies and bonus rounds. With some games, it is easy to land a winning combo at any time, while in others you can get some extra money.

Free games will give you a variety of perks, such as multipliers and free spins. As for the graphics of these games, some come in HD, and some are made in 3D.

Right now, you will be presented with some special combos you would have to land in order to get scatters and some other icons of high importance. 

  • The mini-game – this is game within the game that will get you some additional rewards if you win, of course. For instance, you have to jump and hit a rock. 
  • The Right Path– with this bonus round, you have to make sure your character completes an exit to a labyrinth, for example, by picking the right path that will take him to the exit.

How to activate bonuses in slots?

Landing three scatter icons is going to help you significantly to get the bonus round in a free slot game. Additional rounds in online slot machines are just a free way to get some cash.

Here are some of the best online casino bonuses you could get in slots:

  • Free spins – The reels are going to spin for a couple of times, for free.
  • Re-spin – The reels will spin one more time.
  • Pick-em – You will see the prizes, and you have to pick one of the multiple ones.
  • Instant win – This one is easy; land a certain symbol and you’ll get a win.

Popular casino games with bonuses

  • Cleopatra – Get a glimpse of incredible Ancient Egypt with this game. Here you can win bonuses like scatter symbols, free spins, etc.
  • Wheel of Fortune – Inspired by the famous TV show, this game has many interesting features such as wilds, scatters, and the Wheel of Fortune bonus feature, which really makes the game so popular.
  • Flaming Hot – This is a classic fruit machine with lots of interesting features like free spins, scatters, and the Autoplay mode. With that mode, the reels will spin on its own until you stop them. This game has one of the best online casino bonuses you could ever imagine.

Our final thoughts

Bonuses and promotions are an online gambler’s dream. Being able to play with free money and even multiply the money you deposit is not a dream, it is a reality that some of the best casinos fulfil.

And while you have to be attentive and read the terms and conditions of each offer, they are certainly a prize worth taking advantage of if it is feasible to use it in your gaming strategy.

So, now that you know the types of bonuses and the best online casinos in India for this year, all that’s left for you to do is sign up for one and enjoy the offers that await you.

Just be clear that we cannot be held responsible for your actions or decisions. Our mission goes as far as providing you with information that can be useful and help you make up your mind, but it is your money and your data that are at stake.


Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here